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Ronald Says YES to Karina for 24 HOURS!

Ronald Says YES to Karina for 24 HOURS!

Hey guys, it’s Karina from Sis vs Bro. And today I’m making Ronald say yes to me for 24 hours! No! Why? I have loads of things planned for you to do. All right?
Planned? So you have like, a piece of paper and you write down, okay, so what is Ronald gonna do for me today? Yes! (laughs) So first thing I want you to do is clean my room, ’cause I didn’t make my bed this morning so I need you to do that. So you did that on purpose? (laughs) Yeah! Just so I can do it? Okay fine, you know what? Fine, fine. All right! Go make my bed while I just sit here and relax on the couch. Why? Okay guys, so this is the way to Karina’s dirty room which apparently, I have to clean. Okay, hopefully it’s not that dirty. Okay, she just wants me to make her bed. I’m not gonna listen to that ’cause she didn’t say to clean that up. I’m gonna make her bed ’cause she on purposely did not make it this morning. Let’s do it. I’m not the best at this, so she might be disappointed. Oh, she just threw all this on the floor! Okay. (hitting pillow) (hitting pillow) (hitting pillow) (hitting pillow) (upbeat playful music) Okay, now her big bear. And, there you go. Okay, emoji right here. And a frog. Why does she have a frog? I don’t know, okay. Maybe in front of her emoji, like that. Okay guys, so the bed is made. Hopefully Karina doesn’t torture me again! What is that? Hopefully she doesn’t ask me to clean that! Karina, your room is finished. Or, your bed is finished. Okay, well, I’m pretty hungry, can you make some lunch? Aren’t you gonna go check it? No, that’s fine. (video game jumping) Maybe I should check it. No, no, no, no, no! Okay, I’m gonna have to see what you did because I don’t trust you. You left one of my shirts on the floor. It was always there. I asked you to clean up my room. Okay. I just made your bed, that’s all. Okay, not bad. Not bad? I bet you cannot do better! Actually I bet you can. I can, but you know what, it’s fine, so. Yes! Now I need you to make me some lunch ’cause I’m pretty hungry right now. I don’t know how to cook! Just make a sandwich. With what? Hummus, avocado, tomato, lettuce, and cucumber. Why do I do these things? Okay guys, so we are in the kitchen and I forgot what Karina wants for her sandwich. Ronald, I want a sandwich with hummus, cucumber, avocado, tomato, and lettuce. Okay, avocado, tomato, lettuce, hummus, and cucumber. Why do I do these things? So guys, Karina wanted a sandwich. I have a bun here now let’s put it in the hot stove. No! No! What? I put it like all the way to the end of it! Why did you do that? ‘Cause I didn’t want it, okay, I need. How are you supposed to get it out? Pray for my hands. (pounding heart beat) (victory trumpeting) Yes, yes! (oven slamming shut) So guys, the bread is cooking, and now, what do you want on your sandwich? Ronald, I said,
I want hummus, avocado. Wait, wait, wait, let me guess. Okay, hummus, avocado, tomato, lettuce, and cucumber. Yes! You see, I have memory. And also add salt. Don’t forget salt. Salt! Okay guys, so welcome to Ronald’s not-so-professional cooking show. I’m just gonna use a cut board to make it more professional. Okay, so first we need a cut board to make Karina’s sandwich. And then we need all our ingredients. But first we need our bread! This won’t be too hard. There we go, we have a crusty bread. Okay, don’t drop it. (oven slamming shut) (screaming) (beeping) (bread crunching) Is that what we do? (laughs) So the next step will be hummus. Okay, we’re doing work. Okay, what do we need next? Avocado would be nice, right? Ronald, hurry up, you’re taking a long time.
Calm down! I’m hungry! This is a professional show, okay, don’t hurry me. Avocado is finished. Just the finishing touch, there. Uh, small slices. You know what, I might like this. I’m bad at it, but I like it. Small slices. Okay, yes. Okay. Okay, how are we exactly gonna do this? Like the full slice? Oh, yeah! Ronald’s cooking show has gotten an upgrade! (Ronald squeals) So guys, the second last step, the lettuce. (peaceful piano music) There we go! And the last step guys is the salt, don’t forget the salt. You see, I remember things. Okay. (salt grinding) So guys, welcome to the magical land of Not-Ronald’s-Slime, Ronald’s Sandwich. (laughs) Now unfortunately, I don’t get to eat. Okay, Karina, you’re not gonna like this, but it still tastes good, so I feel good about myself. Okay. Dinner is served. Lunch.
Lunch, whatever. Lunch is served. Okay, thank you. All right, I’m gonna try this. So guys, so far this challenge is going really well, ’cause Ronald already cleaned my room and made me lunch, so I’m gonna try the sandwich that Ronald made. (bite crunching) Yes, it’s good, it’s good! Yes, you’re dreaming, yes! Not enough hummus. I put lots of hummus! No, you didn’t! Okay, maybe you bit in the un-hummus spot. I don’t know. Can you get me some water, I’m pretty thirsty. Yes. There you go, missy. Do you like it? Mm hmm. Yes, yes! It’s just water! No, I thought you meant the sandwich. Yeah, that was fine. I’m done, Ronald. Could you put my plate away? No, fine. Please help me! (peaceful calm music) Ronald, I think it’s time for my foot massage. (dramatic music) What, are you kidding me? I don’t want to do a foot massage! Ronald, you have to say yes! Fine. Eww. Eww, Karina, your socks are off, eww! Obviously, Ronald, you’re massaging my feet, not my socks.
Okay, I’m gonna start. (laughs) What are you doing? You have to massage my feet, not my toes. But your toes are safer. The feet’s right there. (squealing) Ah, it’s yellow. What? Guys, I’m washing my hands right after this. You’re not even massaging, you’re tapping. I’m pushing, okay. (beeping) Karina, what do you want now? We’re in the same house, you know. Karina, why are you calling me? What do you need this time? I didn’t want to get up and get you, so can you do my laundry? (whimpering) Fine! My laundry is in my bathroom. Oh no. Okay, so I have to wash it. I’ve never done the laundry before. Okay, so what do I do. So I just take this to the laundry room? Mm hmm, then turn on the washing machine. Okay, so I am in the torture we call the laundry room, and now it’s time to do Karina’s laundry. Oh no. So let’s open up the washer and let’s, sniff test. (sniffing) Eww! Go back, go into that laundry machine. I’m not even smelling the other ones. So guys, clothes are in. I have no clue how to work this machine, so I’m just gonna go. Ronald, I’m kinda hungry. Can you get me some kinda snack? (groaning) Fine! But you have to make sure that I like it, ’cause if I don’t like it, you’re gonna have to go back and get another one. Don’t worry, I’ll get you something you really like. Okay. (mischievous piano music) Okay, what does Karina like? Apples, I’ll get her an apple. (mischievous piano music) There’s your snack. Apple? Not an apple. You like apples! Yeah, but I don’t want to eat something healthy now. (sighing) What do you want? I don’t know, something that is not so healthy. Okay. Okay, so she doesn’t want an apple. What else does she want, or what she wants? (mischievous piano music) Uh, (mischievous piano music) how about Pringles? How about that? Okay, here’s your Pringles. Pringles? I don’t really want Pringles. Are you kidding me? Just tell me what you want! I don’t really want something salty, I kinda want something sweet. Okay, you’re so picky. Guys, let’s pray that she’s gonna like these. Okay, the moment of truth. (pounding heart beat) Okay, do you like this? Crossing fingers. Oh, this is exactly what I wanted! Chocolate covered berries. Why didn’t you just tell me that then? I didn’t know we had these! Oh my goodness. Okay, at least you have it and I can go bye-bye. Okay. Wait, Ronald! What do you want this time? Uh, can you put the toothpaste on my tooth brush? What? (farting) Did you fart? (laughing) Yeah. Okay, at least this is like, easy, I guess. Karina you could just do it yourself, you know, you don’t have to call me. But today you have to say yes, so I thought, why not? Okay, here you go. Thank you, Ronald. And now, I’m gonna leave. And make sure you don’t fart in my room ever again! I will, don’t worry. (electric humming) So guys, that was the end of the day, so that means Ronald is finally free. Yay, oh yeah! And make sure to comment down below and Instagram, if Karina has to say yes to me for 24 hours. Wait, no, no, no, no, no, don’t do that! I really don’t want to say yes to Ronald for 24 hours. But make sure you do ’cause our Instagram is right here. No, it’s here.
Now it’s there. No, oh no, it’s right there. Oh no, it’s everywhere! So try to catch it before it flies away! We hope you (mumbles). Slap down that body and whip, see you all next time, good bye! (light peppy music)

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