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Ron DeSantis has released an ad indoctrinating his children into Trumpism

Ron DeSantis has released an ad indoctrinating his children into Trumpism

Everyone knows my husband, Ron DeSantis, is
endorsed by President Trump. But he’s also an amazing dad. Ron loves playing with the
kids. – Build the wall! – He reads stories. – Then mister Trump said “You’re fired”. I
love that part. – He’s teaching Madison to talk. – Make America great again. – People say Ron’s all Trump,
but he is so much more. – Big league. So good. – I just thought you
should know.

100 thoughts on “Ron DeSantis has released an ad indoctrinating his children into Trumpism

  1. Cant speak for the rest of the U.S. but thank god Florida did not make mistakes with its senate and governor race!

  2. This is hilarious. I know it’s actually being aired and stuff, but I genuinely think it’s a joke. Funny sells. He won 😂 people are taking this do seriously and I’m laughing so hard at this comment section. Such a meme

  3. Boi, this has more dislikes than likes because everyone knows that the GOP is broken. This actual ad was what the onion's next story was I bet. That is how satire it is.

  4. Desantis is what’s wrong with white people. No group of people does subtle racism like white peeple and Desantis embraces it and his fellow neo nazis. Scum of the earth

  5. So teaching your kids anything in any capacity is indoctrination…
    Thank God you leftists all refuse to have kids. Can't have you morons breeding.

  6. Seeing what happened after the fact is Scarry. Jesus, what happened to America. I'm not having too much hope that this nation is going to able to compete soon, with ads that state "i'm a follower, definitely not a leader" and win the election. I'm Conservative and find this so embarrassing. He couldn't state ONE F***ing thing he is going to deliver and work on for the people of Florida in the ad? What happened to the REAL conservatives, did they all get rounded up to concentration camps and get replaced with Clowns? I'm getting sick of this "two party system", it's only looking like a ride down hill looking at both sides. Can we have some actual people with integrity and knowledge to serve as public servants? Is that too much to ask? Really, this is getting stupid now. I'm gonna start my own party, to hell with it. Democrats and Republicans SUCK NOWADAYS! We have idiots on one side and idiots on the other, trying to out idiot each other and it seems FAILING AT EVERYTHING YOU DO, BUT STILL MANAGE TO MOVE UP IS THE NEW REALITY. Is having a party that respects common sense and truth, while serving the people that voted them not possible anymore? For the assholes in other countries that think the United States is a beacon of world Imperialism can shut the hell up now, because we are heading down hill real fast. Real Empires in the past ran for at least 500 years before anything like a collapse was taking place. Yay, we Americans made a new world record, shortest lived power on Earth, once humanities hope now obviously in decline. I'm not saying this country has always made the best decisions in the past, but we stayed on top of the heap because educated people ran the show, not idiots.

  7. All the morons watching this, not realising it's meant to be funny and over the top. "amerikkka so stupid lol" – the left has become so used to just BANNING comedy, they've forgotten how to recognise it.

  8. I loved this ad. It's quite hilarious. I'm happy he won.
    I love reading Cricket articles on Guardian but this title for the video is unnecessarily exposing your political bias.

  9. Hey leftists the english translation of NAZI is National-Socialist German Workers' Party. You know socialists like Bernie and AOC. Fascism is big govt control of the means of production like the democrats want. In fascism the state is like a body and the body cannot tolerate no dissent. Who are the intolerant ones? You know like your twitter mobs calling for high school kids to be punched in the face and your fascist enforcement wing aka antifa, but no anti that's wrong they are just the brown shirts. You are the fascists. Obama was buddies with Lois Farrakhan and Omar says it's all about the Benjamins. You are horrible anti democratic, racist scum and I am so glad Ron won

  10. How funny how everyone here says that he’s crazy when in reality he’s a pretty good governor I come from a county in Florida where we got rigged and they made fraud on the election for this man and Rick Scott by hiding votes from them and resulted they had even more votes VOTE RED

  11. This is the funniest video of 2018 omg wtf. Does he really think he will win becouse of that video. Even trump voters smacked there faces when seeing that hahahahahahaha and i voted for trump

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