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ROBERT KIYOSAKI – Rich Dad, Poor Dad – How To Invest In Yourself – Part 1/2 | London Real

ROBERT KIYOSAKI – Rich Dad, Poor Dad – How To Invest In Yourself – Part 1/2 | London Real

You’re fulfilling your true purpose if you commit your life to the highest advantage of I Wrote Rich, Dad Poor Dad because I’m serving a mission to serve my fellow human being Because the school system will never teach you about money. They teach people to be poor Poor people say I can’t afford it. I can’t do that. I don’t have time because this is an escape The reason their pores haven’t failed. It’s that fear mentality. You play it safe and you don’t introduce new risks into your life We’re going to change what we teach our kids. We introduce a real different mindset How can I afford it? How can I do that a question opens a mind a statement closes the mic? One of the greatest ways to acquire great wealth is playing Monopoly in real life So my game financially is business number one second is real estate and that’s why I pay no taxes My success comes from spirituality not finance every time I failed it was like hey, what have I learned? I grow from it We have a mission to do You do not belong to you you belong to the universe What does God want done that I might be able to lend a hand at doing I? Don’t think God likes people being poor They say that the human race is doomed That we have lost touch with our true nature That the media has corrupted us and that the planet has the future. I Disagree I believe that humanity is full of hope and that our salvation Lies within each one of us My name is Brian rose in my job is to listen the oldest method of learning known to man Each week I seek out individuals that are changing the world people who are living and thinking in a different way their stories will challenge your beliefs make you question your choices and perhaps inspire you to change I never planned on doing any of this, but now I can’t stop Join me on this mission and make humanity something we can all be proud of I Am super excited to share this conversation with Robert Kiyosaki I first had the chance to speak with him over five years ago Before we had any of the studio and now I got to go to Phoenix, Arizona to speak with this legend He’s the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Which is the number one selling personal finance book of all time over 30 million copies and Robert has been there and done that He started companies built real estate empires and taught people how to have a rich mentality and that’s the thing about Robert He had two dads when he was a kid one was his natural dad one was his best friend’s dad and one had a poor mentality and one had a rich mentality a poor person says How can I afford that the rich person actually goes out and says what can I do? To make this a great investment. And so that’s what I love about Robert He always looks at things in a great perspective we had a great talk about his career his wife his time in Vietnam and what it’s like to really Understand business today, and I know you’re going to love it But what I was really excited to do was help him launch America’s first weekly cash flow summit And this is a brand new way of making money as a former Wall Street banker I was super excited to share this type of investment strategy with the public for the very first time you see this is something we used to do in the banking industry all the Time and of course as host of the event I was able to secure exclusive rights to offer you a space to the summit But this will not be available for very long So if you want to see what I was doing with Robert in, Arizona click on the link below or go to London real TV forward slash cash flow and Secure your spot and I will see you on the inside for the summit London real doesn’t stop when the conversation ends. You see, that’s when we get started Because everything begins with a thought And then comes the action The London real Academy is our global transformation platform here. We bring together thousands of students from over 75 countries Whether you want to build a profitable business from your passion or learn to speak to inspire or broadcast yourself with your very own podcast or accelerate your life to become a High-performance person. We have the online accountability course and personal mentoring program that will make your dream a reality Join us and we’ll take your life to the next level together Our next accelerate of course is starting soon This is London real I am Brian rose My guest today is Robert Kiyosaki the entrepreneur educator and investor best known as the author of Rich, Dad Poor Dad The number one personal finance book of all time you’ve challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world Think about money and you become a passionate and outspoken advocate for financial education. I’m here on location with you in Scottsdale, Arizona Robert welcome back to London real well, thank you. I enjoyed our last interview. That was fantastic It’s been a great day here and yesterday as well spending time with you yesterday was one of the highlights of my life So it was fantastic well It was you and me and Jim Rickards and why was that the highlight of your life? What was Happening that day that made you feel that way Well, you ever seen a kid, you know Like they’re playing football or bass whatever the sport is and they they go on to the field They meet their hero, you know, this may be like meeting David Beckham or you know, somebody like that Well to me Jim records and knowing me Prinze and a lot of the people I run around with now. We’re my heroes I mean there were the guys on the field And I said, you know god they’re so smart. They’re insiders into this world. And so To actually be sitting next to Jim and working on projects together and I’m going why am I here? So that would be like, you know, David Beckham and I playing soccer together. I mean it’s not supposed to be possible yeah, so hanging out with Jim records and no me and you and it’s like it’s Not supposed to be it’s impossible, but dreams do come true Because you always thought you were the outsider and now you’re hanging out with the quote-unquote insiders and you’re agreeing on everything with them correct, correct and a Lot of people get financial advice from outsiders if you know maybe a financial planner or a stockbroker or a real estate broker But they’re not on the inside of the deal And one of the reasons I like being an entrepreneur and being a real estate guy Because I’m always trading from the inside. I know the deal. I’m part of the deal. I am the deal, you know But the average person who buys like stocks bonds mutual funds ETFs and saves money. They’re Outsiders They have no idea what’s going on between them and the real world of in sight So Jim records and Nomi Prins they were you know, Jim was with the CIA long-term capital management The Pentagon and then the inside and what’s going on with money? Nomi Prins was with Salomon and Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs They’re insiders and I was his local guy on the outside trying to figure out what are those guys doing? You know, how are the someone’s like list of Wizard doing you know? How is it wasn’t pulling these handles and all this and we’re all outside jumping around doing as they tell us, you know You should save money. Okay, I’ll save money. You should buy stocks. Okay, I’ll buy stocks. You should put somebody in but no cab. I Said there’s a wizard in there. I know who that was or it is and so Jim and these guys are as close to the Wizard as I could get How does a nine-year-old kid in Hawaii a poor kid get to this point? Yeah Well, I was a poor by most people standards But I came from a family with a poor attitude if you know what I mean Because rich poor middle-class poverty starts with a fundamental attitude So I was in Hawaii as nine years old, my father was a head of education, you know, PhD Very smart man, good guy. And for some reason we moved across town and I went to a school with rich kids So this is a little town called Hilo, Hawaii You know, that’s not on the map anywhere, but it is it’s a sugar plantation town so when I was nine years old I moved to this rich kids school and Suddenly I realized I was poor because it’s relative. You know, as I said, it’s all relative and My classmates were mostly white guys. And that was one of the few Asians in the class and These guys their fathers on the banks. They owned the plantations, you know, the car dealerships. They owned the meatpacking company they owned the ranches and I’m going How come my dad doesn’t own that So I’m raising my hand when I was nine years old talking to my knight my fourth grade teacher I said, you know, what am I gon learn about money? And she was this woman who should have retired fifty years earlier. She was so sick and tired of kids by this time She says the love of money is the root of all evil And I said, what am I in Sunday school? This was Punk a little nine-year-old kid And she says we don’t teach money at school. I said why not? And she couldn’t ask him and she got very flustered just to sit down take your seat and Then I got curious and so why don’t we learn about money? She go ask your father. He’s that he’s my boss My father was the head of education PhD all that stuff I go home and ask him said why don’t we learn about money in school? And he looked at me says because the government doesn’t let us teach that subject the Government tells us what we can teach and what we can’t teach and I thought that was strange I said but Are we going to school to learn about money? He says no Your job is to get a job. I said but you get a job to earn money He goes, no, you’re supposed to just get a job. No, no, no, no, no This is the purpose of a job to earn money. He goes you’re correct. I said so why don’t I just learn about money I can skip the job part You know and he got flustered and he said look and my father was for Japanese, very tall six foot four And I’m imposing man good guy, but he says well learn about money Why don’t you ask your best friend’s father about money? I? Said why that’s Mike. So I asked him he says because Mike’s father is an entrepreneur And I said what I’m what are you he says, I’m an employee. I’m a government employee. I meant Oh What’s the difference? This is the difference as an entrepreneur must know about money or then they’re no longer entrepreneurs And it says an employee doesn’t have to know anything about money because the government will take care of my company will take care of So I’m kidding. I’m all confused But I took my dad’s advice and I trundle over to Mike’s father’s office and knocked on his door and I said hey I’m here. Nine years old teach me about money He says beat it kid, you know, but that’s when the story fridge Ted Poor Dad started and finally through persistence my rich dad sorry teaching me about money on one condition and that Condition was he would never pay me He says the moment I pay you you think like an employee. He says that’s the trap entrepreneurs work for free And now I’m nine years old. My head’s going cracking in half He says you never want to paycheck you understand that kid Said okay. I got it And he says well, how do I make money? He says that’s what entrepreneurs figure out It’s like just like there’s a cat, you know, which just comes first a cat where the you know You kept chasing its tail I said, so how do I learn about money? So he would just break out. I Monopoly game board So I would work for free I pick up cigarette butts and you hotels and restaurants that I would clean and do Menial tasks and as I got older I started getting into office work and marketing and accounting and I was an apprentice basically But I was working for free And he would teach me about money but the way he taught me about money was playing Monopoly and Ice finally one day I got upset I said well when you gonna teach me about money, he says what do you think we’re doing? We’re playing Monopoly he goes no, no, no what I think we’re doing We’re playing Monopoly says, what do you think we’re doing so I don’t know I’m teaching about money and then that’s why I you know, you have one green house, you know, he says There’s many formulas for great success in money There’s thousands of them but one of the best ones found on the game of Monopoly still as today for green houses one red hotel Said what he says one of the greatest ways Acquire great wealth is playing Monopoly in real life for green houses one red hotel Well, is that all there is he goes, that’s it And he says what do you think I’m doing and I went I don’t know So then he took me out. He showed me his greenhouses and Ten years later when I was 19 I was now in school in New York and I come back to Hawaii and rich debt had bought the biggest piece of land smack dab in the middle of Waikiki Beach And when you go to Waikiki Beach today, you’ll see the Hyatt Regency Hotel That was his hotel just like the game of Monopoly just like the game of Monopoly Acquired assets and they became bigger assets. He just kept What’s called an assemblage because that property wasn’t that big at that time so he had to buy out all the small guys Cuz when he was a little dirt water little town so he’d buy out this shop owner and buy that shop owner And it took him a while, but he finally assembled this large piece of property and then he then he and Hyatt Put up this giant hotel. Mm-hmm, you know, I guess and it just sold for 800 million dollars So that’s how I learned about money And that’s because he refused he refused to accept a paycheck. He says the moment you accept the paycheck your brain goes dead You know, he just bought you just got paid he says as long as you’re hungry, you’ll think and He was a great great teacher So today when people ask me what I do they vent they know me as author of Rich, Dad Poor Dad I just say I play Monopoly so I own green houses I own big hotels on oil wells golf courses businesses. I’m just playing Monopoly That’s all I do You know I real issen to your book on the flight over from London and I hadn’t listened to it in maybe six years and the first time I read Rich, Dad Poor Dad I thought it was a book about money. But when I when I listened to it a couple days ago, I Saw it differently I saw it as a book about fear about self-knowledge about mindset Because you’re just describing these people and they’re there in this world that they don’t want to acknowledge that they’re in It’s almost a prison in their own mind, right? Is that what you were trying to get across when you wrote that book? well, I don’t know what I was trying to get across just The real the fact of the matter was I created this board game called cash flow. Yeah, and I couldn’t sell the board game So I had to write a brochure and the brochure. I wrote was Rich Dad Poor Dad. So cash flow came out in 1996 and Money, I mean Rich Dad Poor Dad came out in 97 So the real fact the matter is cash flow is about accounting Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book on accounting income statement balance sheet statement of cash flow But if you’ve ever taken accounting courses, there is no more course more boring than accounting So to have Rich Dad Poor Dad be a book on accounting and be the number one personal finance book of all times that said something and it sold the cash flow game and today there’s thousands of cash flow clubs all over the world and The mission statement was people teaching people you can bypass that school system because the school system will never teach you about money The school system is designed to teach you to be an employee Which is important or a doctor or a lawyer a specialist but never about money So once I got old enough and I’d are retired and I was rich and I was fairly well-off It was kind of a social conscience. I said I have to share what I know. So that’s why and it took until 1996 for the cash flow board game to come out because I could see this crash coming which came on 1998 and then Rich Dad Poor Dad came in 97 and The story goes every publisher turned me down They said you don’t know what you’re talking about because I said savers were losers your house is not an asset and the rich don’t work for money and so the publishers are like my dad academics superstars, you know, they’re a students in school and So they turned the book down and it took Going by self-published route, you know a lot of network marketing companies picked up the book like Amway and Those guys and they picked up the book to help recruit because it’s about financial independence They’re about the same thing. I am and that Oprah called in 2000 and then the next time on Oprah and I went from obscurity to world-famous in overnight success in 2000 and the book has been on the New York Times bestsellers for seven years until The New York Times took it off They said I’ve been on too long But as you know, I mean most people in publishing or journalism, they’re on the other side of the coin of capitalism, you know So they don’t like guys who make money and that’s like my poor debt site So that’s kind of the story and you know, I play I play Monopoly in real life I Don’t need a job. I don’t have a retirement don’t need a retirement I don’t want the government to take care of me, but I felt a social responsibility to teach And that’s what my rich dad did for me And you said the book is about accounting and it is an amazing book on accounting because it makes it understandable I took accounting to the business school, and I know what you mean It’s Bar. It’s boring but it is also a book about your own fears And I think that’s why it resonates with people right? You’re telling them things. They know is true They know when they look in the mirror, they’re not making the correct choices. They’re not being disciplined They’re doing the wrong thing and they know they’re unhappy in in fear their whole lives waiting for the next paycheck and it’s understandable, you know, I Will have fear to be truth. We’ll have fear it’s just how you deal with it and You know Einstein said imagination Is more important than knowledge But knowledge Empowers imagination and what most people lack is real? business knowledge Like accounting, you know, like debt like taxes you got to know that stuff, but they don’t teach it in school to anybody So and then when people ask me, how did your rich dad learn? This when your poor dad a pH they didn’t and the answer is very simply my rich dad wasn’t kind my best friend’s father His father died when he was 13 So his sore rich dad had this family business at 13 to run So here the drop out of school, which was his blessing you know, there’s blessings and You know sometimes the blessing doesn’t look like a blessing but it turned out to be a blessing and Then his teachers became his bookkeeper his accountant his attorney his banker his real estate agents So he has what I call real teachers not these fake teachers in school You see most teachers in school They’re out of ethics. They teach subjects. They don’t they themselves don’t practice You know, I have the same problem in my MBA program I got into arguments with the marketing teacher because the guy didn’t have a business then I got into arguments with a accounting teacher because the accounting teacher didn’t know accounting I Knew more about accounting at him because I actually worked in Bookkeeping in my rich dad’s companies and so I’m not an accountant, but I understand accounting So that was the end of my School years because I understand what a faked he a fake teacher is somebody who just wants a job and they’ll teach anything You know, they teach how to shine shoes he paid on more money But they really don’t know what they’re teaching. For example my calculus teachers house that went to military school in New York and I Asked the teacher I said, you know, I’m in my third year of calculus now it was called it was called strength of materials. I Said am I ever gonna use the stuff he goes? No You know said, why do you teach it just as I get paid so do you ever use it he goes no And that’s why you know, I you have to do in life one of the things I suggested people you got to find a real teacher versus a fake teacher and A fake teacher if somebody doesn’t do what they teach And a real teacher is doing what they teach every day some of my accountants My attorney is there in it every single day. That’s how I learned cuz every day I’m solving problems in my business So I have I have accountants and attorneys and bankers and all these people on speed dial Because I’m I’m solving problems with my team. Hmm Huh? That’s how I got smart. That’s a that’s what how are we doing? 21 years later since this book was published There’s more information out there than ever. We’ve got the YouTube. We got Internet everything our people that are educated about money know They’re worse off. I mean, you know, I have a my lord Rich Dad radio show and tomorrow. I’m interviewing These team of I think they’re educational psychiatrists and they’re if the book is their book is called coddling of the American mind is How they’re making how our school systems are making our students weaker? So in school they have this thing is called doubt trigger II effects So you can’t as a teacher. You can’t say anything that might upset the student They don’t want anything that might jar their point of view So if I went into school, I’d be thrown out Because I threatened them I would you know, and to me isn’t school about opening your eyes and mines new ideas But that’s now out of the system So everybody’s gonna be PC, you know politically right now and it’s killing us It’s killing the brains of our kids are going backwards, but in their minds they’re more Enlightenment it might be but if I know if I didn’t have ideas that shook me I wouldn’t learn anything new But now these trigger if trigger mechanisms, you know like that. They don’t let you have peanuts anymore You know so that they found out if you you take peanuts away from a child their Propensity to have peanut allergies goes up So you get out Charlie so you can’t have peanuts so 17% we’ll find out they’re allergic to peanuts but if you gave kids peanuts Only three percent would be allergic to peanuts and that’s kind of the metaphor the book you starts with He says we’re actually making our students weaker in school. Yeah You did a corporate retreat here about a week ago You do it every year for the last 21 years Rich, Dad Poor, Dad or Rich Dad headquarters And you bring all your people together And you said you started talking about something new that you didn’t always have as a theme of your retreats. What was that? Well this year and we’ve been putting it back into the business was My success comes from spirituality not finance and What happened was when my wife and I started rich dad back in? 1996 actually we left the spirituality out and then the corporate types came in, you know, they MBAs and the Accountants and attorneys and they tried to make it into a business And I said no We’re just a bunch of married men who are kind of like Robin Hood and his gang Are you Robin Hood on the rich and giving to the poor? No? No, I don’t believe I don’t believe in giving to the but you’re giving knowledge to the poor. Yes That’s a very big difference. You see people say well, why don’t you give the poor money? So the only problem with that is just creates more poor people There’s a man of fish he fishes for the day or eats for the day. Yeah, you give a man a fish You got a lot of people want more fish, you know well you teach them to fish but you are the Robin Hood of knowledge because I see you giving this knowledge out and That I do the rich people cringe and say don’t tell them that Rob. Yes. Yes Yes, don’t tell people but the what, you know people poor But you know, unfortunately the poor as was in the Bible. I’m not real religious The poor will always be amongst us because it starts up here. Right? It’s that fear mentality It’s it’s in their words, you know, and the words become flesh. God not really religious. I flunked out of Sunday School also But when they say I can’t afford it or I can’t do that They go down they become what they say And I made so many people I don’t I can’t afford it. You think I’m made of money You’re not used to say that your mom used to say that my dad dad My PhD daddy says what do you think? I am made of money? I can’t afford that and my Rich Dad would say That’s why he’s poor Poor people say I can’t afford it. I can’t do that. I don’t have time because this is escape It’s an escape. You know, I mean, it’s easier to say I can’t afford it. Oh I come too tired Well, I can’t go to the gym you Know when you could go to the gym, but no I can’t Sure this I’m just too lazy to go Did you and you play it safe and you don’t introduce new risks into your life and so I have job security, right? And you’re rich dad used to say what instead of I can’t afford it. How can I afford it? How can I do that? You know, what would it take or why should I do that? He says that a question opens a mind a statement closes the mind see when you say I can’t afford it Your mind shuts down. You become what you say You know like I struggle with weight all the time, you’re telling me that you were on a vegan diet and all that Yeah, you know I go on a vegan diet three times a year It’s one of the most miserable thing in the whole world, but I have the discipline to do it for 21 days And then I’m back to picking out again, you know But the thing is is that we become creatures of our own habits And until we break the habit. We don’t change So I have I have I have my retreats twice a year three days people come from all over the world We study together and this time went back to spirituality Most people would they can’t believe what they’re hearing from Robert? Sake that Rich Dad Poor Dad is it should be a Ridge ”’l about spirituality because they think it’s all about the money Did not yeah. Hey You know people say well money is not that important to me then If money is not that important to you money is not important to you I mean they you know, I mean I don’t care about my the money doesn’t care about you You know it the word does become flesh or I’ll never be rich or the favorite one is the rich are greedy It’s the poor that are greedy You know if you think about it because to be a rich you have to give something you know yet I have to produce books and games and I Purchase real estate I provide housing Provide jobs and all that. That’s why I’m rich, but greedy people produce nothing. Oh, No is the Richard are greedy and I’m going hey sports fans, you know, you point a finger forward three up raining backwards And so as we know there’s a big attitude problem against the rich today I had a guest on my show recently and said he said poor people are selfish Hit a lot of people below the belt and he said no think about it these these people are selfish They’re always complaining about their problems. They’re always focused on their own issues. Yeah you agree with that Well the way you get rich you solve other people’s problems Right. That’s how you create value. Yeah, right. Yeah, if you know if you could cure cancer today, you’d be a trillionaire Yes, a trillionaire. No, I’m just too busy to work on that. I think I’ll play golf instead. Yeah Tell me about how you bring spirituality back into a company a corporation or Rich Dad Well because it’s a business I can’t force anybody to do anything But we study spiritual books that the last book we study was the power of now by Oh Holly doing lle And before that we you know, we we studied those types of book. We also study finance books But then I encouraged meditation and this process called clearing you know taille talks about we have pain bodies in our You know, it’s like maybe our father did something to you 50 years ago. Well, that pain is still there And meditation doesn’t get to it. So there are people with the precision. It’s like a laser guided to go in there and remove the mental emotional pain So there are processes who can do that. So at our events, we have these processors and they’re made available To people now do every was there by participant? No Right. Yeah a little faith. It doesn’t work, right Yeah, and I I was trained as an engineer and science told me that none of this stuff works But when I meditate and I practice yoga and I do these things I do find pain leaving my body So again, I have to ask myself am I stuck in that poor dad mindset of believing everything? Everyone tells me and now I’m making some own just some decisions for myself. Yeah Well when people ask you know, like how did I get on Oprah? How did I write a book with Donald Trump now president? I say not that I’ve been tossing him. He’s much hated good man, though. I want to talk about him. But anyway How could I done that? Well, it wasn’t my brain It was you know Oprah had to be on the program because she’s concerned also Trump and I wrote the book together because we both had rich debts and we both are advocates for financial education And a lot of people just hate him because he’s rich or he’s obnoxious. He is obnoxious. I trying to give it that But we didn’t get together for about money because we both had rich dads who taught us how to make money Our schools don’t teach that our schools teach almost the exact opposite of that So anyway, how does a guy like me a little kid with no money and it wasn’t I was poor. We’re a very middle class you know, I think my father was making about 20,000 a year And when I graduated from school from college, I was making a hundred twenty thousand a year six times the amount he made that was twenty one years old and He goes, how’d you do that? I said I didn’t go to the same school you went to You used your mind in a different way now is I just followed my heart. Okay I went to school to be a ship’s officer to sail so I sailed all over the world and and Back and this is the six days if you sailed into the war zone Vietnam Which I did you got double to pay and no taxes. So that’s how I was making 120,000 a year and I come back. My father is still making 20,000 a year. I’m making 120 K and he can’t understand it because he’s a poor man in mind and in Seoul, you know, he says You’ve become like all those rich guys, and I said just because I have money You know, I’m in the war zone. I’m doing this But it violated all the core values She the reason you know, as you had was a said Lipton on Bruce Lipton or Meister’s Lipton. Yeah, he says poverty has passed on it’s taught in your families and middle classes taught in families and I was really I was really happy that you know, he endorsed Rich, Dad Poor Dad on your program because he says I Was taught by a rich man and so the people right now who are sitting at home who are struggling financially or worried about money or Unhappy they may be making a lot of money but unhappy with what they’re doing It was probably taught to you You know, your super-ego was taught get a job work hard or you’ll never be rich or the rich or evil or whatever Until you change your mindset your money won’t help you Right, and we see that with people that win the lottery people that make more money. They still have the same problem, right? Because they have that poor man’s soul, right if you’re poor you’ll always be poor that’s really hard for people to understand that fast just like most pro athletes, you know, they make millions of dollars and what 65% are bankrupt five years later. It’s because it comes from poor families Now you tell them that they get very angry at you not it’s the rich fault, you know As you guys ripped me off and government ripped me off But unfortunately what mr. Lipton was saying It’s passed down genetically That’s the frightening thing So what mr. Lipson was saying what Trump and I are saying and you know a Gym records and Nomi Prins and all we’re saying we got to change what we teach our kids I try to change that. You know that soul that DNA and introduce a real different mindset. Yeah Well, if they’ve got to teach them, you know as Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge Yeah, but you got to have the basic knowledge of taxes debt Financial statements and all that if you don’t want to learn it, I can’t help Said my poor dad never wanted to learn what my rich dad was teaching You wrote books for Trump because you both were passionate about teaching this knowledge you both had rich dads that open your minds are at The possibilities and again, it’s almost like an investor’s mentality How can I afford this you’re thinking about everything in life is an investment invested of time of money, you know It’s an amazing mindset to have What was that process writing books with Donald Trump? Not one book, but two books, right? And what did you learn from him? It is a man before he even became president. Well, there’s no to Donald Trump’s What I mean by that is what you see on TV is who what what he is. He will not be ass you You know how a lot of politicians have two sides Trump is one side is the one that’s president at that moment So the thing I appreciate about him. I always knew where I stood I Didn’t have to guess You tell you up front, right? Jim Rickards just said he said I know that guy. He’s a kid that grew up in Queens Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, he’s a tough guy. Yeah, very tough and Queens was not too far from where I went to school in New York. Okay. Those guys are tough. You’re tough, too Yeah, we grew up tough, you know? but a Lot of people that’s offensive That’s a new thing about in school triggering. You know, you you can’t offend me in any way can’t scare me. Don’t give me peanuts Okay, you know and we’re getting weaker in a week here in a week my opinion Yeah, I heard this from a lot of men in your generation you and Trump and say the political correctness is killing us Yeah, it’s killing us. Yeah You know and I was like can we tease each other all the time and all that? You can’t say anything anymore? You can’t tease anybody because I’ll sue you you know, I’m afraid You know in my position, I’m never alone with a woman by myself Because I can get sued that fast Does that make sense? Yeah. Yeah, and I you know, I know fool around at all. I love my wife and married 33 years But today you’re accused of anything. You’re guilty It’s something sick in our society. Well this change in the next 50 years. It has to right Well One of my best teachers was R Buckminster Fuller and created a geodesic dome and all that and he was kind of a guy that Straightened me out spiritually And he always talked about one of the he talked about generalized principles and these are principles that are always true No exceptions So if you drop a stone on the water, the ripple always goes out this way. It’s called precession He says there’s no exception. You can’t drop a stone on the water and there’s no ripple it always a ripple So no matter what we do all those case of creating ripples that’s called precession Ephemeralization is there I built if you do more with less So you look at our cellphone now, it has more horsepower than the Sperry computer 50 years ago You know that’s doing more with less. So humans are getting more and more powerful. We have more power to us Unfortunately, we’re not evolved as human beings you Know it’s as horrifying. We’re more antagonizing more anti-social, you know, social media is antisocial you know, I don’t even get on to thing personally, you know, I have I’m very controlled at what we say not like Trump, but Because it’s so antisocial today. People are so antagonistic That’s the danger part. So the reason I’m speaking on spirituality. We got to evolve You know, it means meditation. It means yoga means praying means going to church whatever it takes, but you got to get back to Calm and peace and meditation. What do you make of all this fighting that’s going on? You know, I’m I don’t live in America anymore, but everyone tells me it’s it’s hard it’s hard It’s hard going to a dinner party because arguments break out right there’s fights everywhere. We’re fighting with each other. We’re fighting with the environment How does this pull you out? And how do you view that? Well, that’s what I was getting at so fuller talk about the generalized principles one generalized principle is emergence through emergency so when you look at the word Emergency, the base word is emerge and what fuller says the only way humans evolve Is via emergency? crisis crisis big ones coming It’s gonna be as we all know our banks have ripped us off Immensely there’s just a bunch of crooks. I know how they can live with themselves But you know the bankers rip off trillions, they get bonus in billions. Nobody goes to jail That’s the sickness of our society. So that’s why Trump and I write about financial education. It’s almost like self defense It’s almost like taking judo Against our own government and our own banking systems and Wall Street So that’s why we’re here with yunjeong records and know me. It’s kind of self defense be teaching people What schools will not teach us I? Spoke to you yesterday and asked about the next three weeks. You’re traveling all around the world and I said Robert Why are you traveling so much and you said because I need to let people know that this crash is coming and that these problems are out there you feel You feel like you have a mission to let people know about this It’s it’s a sense of that. Yes, and You know, why is why do I have you know, I have bad luck – I’ve had financial crash And so I’ve had people stab me in the back But they’re all good because I grow from it. That’s spirituality You know people who are afraid of making mistakes like they teach in school. They don’t ever grow Because spirituality is as good and there’s Beth there’s right, and there’s wrong there’s up and there’s down Most people don’t want to be right all I want to be positive Well, you can’t have that that’s not reality your first two businesses The the wallet business was up and then failed and your next one was up and failed But you would have never gotten here without a don’t quote unquote bad events. Yeah, should we stop using that word bad? Every time I failed it was like goodness. Okay, what have I learned and The average person the reason their pores haven’t failed You know they play it’s all safe They haven’t made any mistakes like they taught in school That means they don’t learn anything. That’s why the school systems actually fundamentally corrupt. It’s anti-education don’t make mistakes and don’t ask for help and If I didn’t ask for help I have my accountants my attorneys my bank run all that You know I go into business like a rugby team You know boom boom and we kick butt But the average guy is standing there. Oh, I’m an A student I’m going to do this all on myself and I kind of a bunch of rugby players run you over you go Well, they’re not playing fair You know what, you’re not you’re playing stupid. You should have a team you have accountants attorneys and bankers and all that stuff But that’s not a game I want to play I said then don’t play the game, you know, the game of business is played with accountants attorneys bankers Hate to say it politicians You know, you gotta know the game And you got to play it hard Yeah And you know as I’ll say to you is that I love England because my favourite game is rugby And I had the benefits in the 70s of playing twice with black Heath And that was I going to you know Almost going to heaven to be in England playing rugby and then going to Twickenham You know for the World Cup And that I was in Australia – what’s Jonny Wilkinson sir, Jonny Wilkinson? Beat the Aussies and the most powerful rugby game ever played. I believe it was England versus Ossie and They went the two overtimes And talked about the spirit of the players coming out there were guys falling down the field not because they’re retired They were cramping up. They couldn’t go anymore Then Wilkinson in which I forgive him for takes that field, you know But that’s the game a lot of people row by the sit in the stands Then be in the game. That’s why you like rugby Because they’re on the field and a competitor competing They’re going head to head that’s raw rut rugby is a team sport. But so is soccer the rules are different You know when I went out for soccer, so we mean I can’t hit anybody I think I’ll stay with rugby and other people are golfers they play by themselves. And so everybody’s different So what I say to young people is you find your game so my game financially is business number one Second is real estate. And that’s why I pay no taxes. That’s why Trump pays no taxes Legally is a combination of business and real estate that gives us an unfair advantage over employees Because they don’t know what to do It was an article in The New York Times on the front page about a week or two ago and is about Jared Kushner Right, so Trump’s son-in-law and I same article. Yeah and pick it up. Yeah, I read it and it was all about how Depreciation and yeah, I didn’t pay any taxes and his network for growing and everyone’s arms were up Look, this guy is not paying taxes. Yeah, and this is the New York Times okay, so You know considered a front-runner in the news showing us how bad this was? that this entrepreneur who grew his net worth by like three times or four times over the last three or four years and I and I thought of you What does that tell us? What do you see when you see that article? Well, the New York Times article is an employee mindset and they have no financial education Somebody said Kushner has a loophole called depreciation I go you idiot It’s illegal. It’s not a loophole Depreciation is what the government wants us to do

100 thoughts on “ROBERT KIYOSAKI – Rich Dad, Poor Dad – How To Invest In Yourself – Part 1/2 | London Real

  1. If everyone had real estate, would they just rent to each other? For an owner to make rent, don't there have to be tenants?..buy my book and let me give you a tip to how you too can make money,… just write a book. If this rich guy is so concerned about the poor, then why does he want the poor's money?

  2. The problem isnt to be middleclass or not beeing rich, many are Happy that way,the problem is the rich take all from the others so they end up poor.

  3. Questions open the mind, statements close the mind.

    I’m listening to this with my 8 year old son. He loves monopoly, he’s understanding what you two are talking about.

    We talked about how to build hotels.

    “Buy land. Build 4 green houses. Make money on 4. Build a hotel”.

    I have tears in my eyes….

    “What would it be like to own a multi-national corporation”?!

    Let’s find out, kid. Let’s find out.

    He knows I’ve been working on funding such a venture. $40M invested, $2Billion in 5 years at 65% market penetration. Projections. Bottom-up not too down.

    As we work on that….we play monopoly.

  4. can't believe I just found out about Robert. School is definitely not for me… I hope his book will help me find what I'm looking for.

  5. I'm almost 40. I agree with everything you're saying about our children not being taught the most fundamental and essential part of life and that is money. I've said that since around 2001. Granted I was 21 by then and had my own thoughts. I've never read Rich Dad Poor Dad I've heard it is an excellent book. I'm buying that we're like our parents. I know families from all walks of life, well maybe not Billionaires or One Thousand Million in real Math. I wish 10k went to 1 mil. I do believe it is ingrained within most of us. I agree this acting like all of our kids are Dustin Hoffman character in Rain Man is ridiculous. Mr. Kiyosaki, I agree there are to many people who just expect to get handed money and if you don't give it to them it's an ordeal. But not all people who are poor or middle class think this way. I'm not an idiot. My choices and my actions and lack of action has put me where I am. And although I'm 40 I'm learning now the things you're speaking of. Sadly my mom was an accountant and even she was against risking money. But she did later like I am. No one has ever taken me and she was taken from me 7 yrs ago. I've also been rich and I've been poor and you're absolutely right Its a mind set. To me that's the only tragedy is if you don't feel like you don't want to be tied to things anymore, belongings etc. Want to build a tiny home and live and travel and try to leave a little more in the piggy bank away from the bankers. Living simply and low cost. I've done both and frankly I look around and all I see is overpriced, out of country made crap. Way to much money spent on plastic junk. I'm tired. I left my sons mom in part because she always was bagging on more successful people. And I would tell her they're successful because they get up everyday and do something for yrs and are willing to work. As my Grandfather had who lived in the same area and actually held a lot of that property in the 1960's and 1970's. The only tragedy of not having money is when unnecessary evils enter your life. Like you said you can't be in a room alone with a woman, which I too am faithful to mine. The real tragedy not having money is allows for people like jealous or angry people to tell lies about you as a parent and have your children separated living in foster care because you don't have money you can try to brainstorm around that all day. They split up my son and daughter who were 7 and a half and almost 2. The States people saw it for what it was and told me that they would recommend that I get the kids back. We all go in and the Lady Guardian at Litem said they and the AAG were recommending my kids come home right away. The Judge lost her shit and went nuts. I had 6 Character Witnesses, my sons karate teacher, the vice principle at the school, friends, family. The judge ordered they change their recommendation, to termination of my rights and of the mothers. Which weren't reliable but I was my son was a very gifted athlete who's been in 12 home over 7 yrs. Meanwhile I've been in 1 home. Who would he been better off with? I'm a no BS dad. But I love my children. But I was going to fight it thinking I could change the Judges mind. All that got me was her ignoring my son's testimony as well as his principle's who stated "He wished half the parents over his 40 yrs in education were half as concerned with their children's doing. Once that was ignored I knew I was fighting a probable losing battle but I went on, persevered. We go in to talk with the assistant attorney general and they're telling me it doesn't matter if I won my children, Which the Judge has made clear I would they reminded me, that they were investigating some concern of sexual abuse of my son. They know I didn't do it and know I'm not the type to do it so they'll make sure the prosecutor knows I would sexually abuse my own son and it's not you if it's happening. Also if you don't sign will take your kids now and if you have them in the future those children will also be taken. That's why you need money and my friend has the recording of the completer blackmail.Beyond extreme circumstances like this some people just like a little different lifestyle than being super maga rich.

  6. I have read Rich Dad Poor Dad in 2009 and I was introduced to a world that I didn't know. What he teaches there should be taught in schools OR if you have kids teach them about money so they do not end up having money problems when they grow up.

  7. But wait isn’t he filling our thoughts with fantasies about a “secret” in his BOOK!!!.. eye opening ideas just to trying to get you intrigued to buy his book…. don’t live in the middle class.

  8. Greetings. Great interview. ❤️

    I would like to comment on Mr kiyosaki statement about meditation not able to help reach certain depths for clearing pain.

    Just a simple reminder.

    The Kingdom of Heaven is within the individual. 🕊️

    Although having the assistance of experienced mentorship can help greatly.

    One does not require the assistance of another in order to meld with one's higher-self. 🕊️

    In love and light.
    Namaste. 💜

  9. Robert Kiyosaki is absolutely one of the main people I look up to. He is such a great teacher and I have learned so much from him.

  10. I wouldn't go by his method. His program is outrageously and unnecessarily expensive. If you want to learn real estate investing at a low cost and get just as much value for your money go with Billy Vaghn's Real estate program.

  11. But there is one BUT in here: he is advocating never to take a paycheck –> is a sailor who is making 120K a year……………………

  12. So, if I'm poor I will always be poor……..I'm dedicated to change it! My grand parents have not been poor but abundant, ,so, I inherited their mentality from early age. Unfortunately my parents had extremely poor mentality. Both these views are present in my subconscious mind and I'm working on the limiting one. Please, give tips how to change it!!!!

  13. I think it is better to entrust the creation and managing of your investment portfolio to professionals, or to create your portfolio exactly like professionals, to follow a large whale like a small fish. This is the right and the best way I'm sure. IMHO

  14. Hilo is beautiful…people were so kind spent sometime there …husband and brother worked in construction there …people were just given back their lands in surrounding area. Dont quote me on that but Definately a beautiful area of the big island.

  15. This is not a secret, even people in my small village in China know about it. A successful entrepreneur always earns much more than a person just employed, but as an entrepreneur, you have to take much higher risk. High risk high return!

  16. This guy is loaded with knowledge about how to get rich and stay rich, but his the most poorest person because he doesn't know Christ.

  17. I learned so much if you accept a paycheck you become an an employee or for short a slave but if you want to be an entrepreneur you have to work without getting paid, you work to learned about the environment and how to make money once you knew all those sort of things you become a wise man you're no longer easy to be tricked
    And once you have expert it you manage your own business yourself without any hesitation make a used of what you learned for sorry for my English.

  18. Legally pays no taxes??? Interesting/clever. Money buys top lawyers to avoid paying what you should…. such a capitalist mindset – very sad!

  19. I think we would be better as a society if we all had mentors in the fields that we wished to work in, instead of going to school paying for classes that we don't need… everyone would learn what they need to know and not go into debt to get it.

  20. Four green houses and i red hotel meaning anything u want to get into start small and once u have experience and knowledge about it then go big, example is richh dad buying all the small businesses and later demolished it and put one big hotel…

  21. 37:13. "You Can't offend me, can't scare me, oh & dont give me peanuts"

    Lmao😂 best sum up of future generations of pushovers

  22. The funny thing is they're getting richer by "teaching" us how to get rich. Some of the things he said makes sense. Use that in life. Being structure to your everyday life

  23. You're gonna be poor unless you buy my book. I wanted to help people…to buy my book. Really? This guy. Smh.
    how about actionable advice? I mean aside from buying your book. 😆
    back to watching dave ramsey i guess.

  24. I bought the book, well i remembered that I had a gift card, from months ago …and I had 15 euros on it….so I got the book for free 😀 cost me 9 euros total:D delivered tomorrow 11-9-2019 😀 cant wait!!!

  25. Media, banks, school wants you to be poor. They dont like that million of people are awakening and leaving the school system. Look at this guy, Dominick macvey…etc

  26. Have to disagree with part of his statement around the 29:40ish mark about the rich having to give something. Being born into generational wealth isn’t working hard. At that point you’re just paying others to make you money unless you actively manage the businesses yourself. There are plenty of rich folks out there who ride the coats tails or their parents and don’t put in any work to deserve the money other than being the right soul born into that body

  27. says the poor give nothing back, yet you work yourself into a early grave just so the Government can take a huge chunk of money from ur paycheck, how can u give when the government is too busy taking. the Government is the greedy ones.

  28. You can make money through forex trading, you just an expert who has a good technique or strategy, monitors the market from time to time. I have been trading with Mr Edward Thompson for some months now. And he has proven to be a professional. You can mail him for your trading assistance if you are interested <<[email protected]>>

  29. I have a cash flow of 20k weekly do a million dollars plus every year and live week to week I'm learning from this got my score to 609

  30. I do have a lot of respect for much of what Robert is saying. I dalso shudder slightly at the idea that building a huge hotel on Waikiki beach is a good idea at all. I remember a few years ago, visiting a lovely unspoiled beach in Thailand. The only thing on it was palm trees and sand and admittedly a wooden shack, selling refreshments. Now it's covered in hotels and the beach has been utterly ruined.

    That's the downside of this kind of thing unfortunately, and I do think that people like rich dad are in a position of considerable responsibility. Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD. So my challenge to those of you who find all of this inspiring is to by all means move forward and progress but always question the ethics of what you're doing. The consequences of your actions may affect millions of other people yet to be born. This has happend so much now that the trend must be reversed if future generations are to have a natural, beautiful world to enjoy.

  31. Law of the jungle? Not sure if this mindset/business model works for 7 billion people. I recommend Dan Carlin 'Suffer the Children', a gentler world is better for everyone, compared to the horrors of the past feudal dark age system.

  32. I wish Mr. Kiyosaki well, but there is a lot to be suspect around his motivations. His dads are not real people, he went bankrupt in 2018, he likely has made most of his money selling books, course and appearing as a "Guru" to others.

    He's not entirely wrong (the system is not optimized to create millions of millionaires) , but he's not entirely transparent either.

  33. I’m curious on what he would say about trump in private. I bet it would be mostly positive. This is so cool of him to do🙌🏼

  34. Kiyosaki wrote 2 books with Trump, as he’s quick to mention to anyone who talks to him, fine.

    Mr Kiyosaki,

    Are all of the women accusing Trump of rape and sexual harassment lying?
    Are Trump’s immigrant detention centers where children are kept in cages in any way reminiscent of Japanese detention camps?
    Or is all this behavior and policy justified because you guys wrote a book together??

  35. Robert Kiyosaki says to use debt to create wealth. He advocates for financial education in schools and real teachers teaching. So, why does he huff at the mention of Money Mutuals, stocks and bonds? Not everyone can create wealth from debt right away. This is what teachers would teach if financial education becomes apart of the curriculum. Robert stated "Teachers can only teach what the government allows", so why blame teachers? Why not build his own school? Why not go to Capitol Hill and advocate for financial education? Help find funding for it. Develop curriculum standards. Well. I guess I'll never know.

  36. Those were misinterpreted words. Rich dad asks how can i and questions to do that. The poor dad says they cant, if they aren't able up front to do something. Rich dad is an entrepreneur, poor dad is an employee.


  38. It is the "comfort zone" which conspires against the universe to create the poor.
    Step out of the comfort zone so that the universe can bring opportunities to you. You then only need accept the opportunities and utilize them.

    People may create a business to make money, but once the business is created it has a purpose. – The purpose of every business is to provide solutions to your customers that help solve their problems.

  39. Good interview. It is interesting that he admits struggling in the area of weight loss. It seems that everyone is strong in certain areas. One person may be strong in money matters, but weak in areas of food… or strong in relationships, but weak in money matters. We all have something to learn from each other and something to give one another. It's ironic though that he mentions having employees in light of everything else he talks about. As far as the comment about not giving to the poor, I get the point, but the Bible never teaches "not" to give to the poor. Ever. In fact, it is replete in both the Old and New Testament with verses about how to treat the poor and to give to the poor. Period. Also, when referring to "the Word became flesh…" (John 1), it's referring to Jesus Christ, not just the power of words. Scripture does however reference the power of our words in Proverbs and elsewhere. Good to be clear on these things before quoting scripture out of context. Critical thinking is so important.

  40. I realised that this thinking till I made it worked at a young age but I got myself overworked and tired when I had my 5th and 6th child and ran my own business then had to emigrate because South Africa was going to the dogs. Long story short I was tired

  41. I always told my ex husband that the reason he doesn’t make money is because he was not interested in caring for his family but married me for my ability to make money but I was also a dedicated mother and I was tired with 6 children and a child for a husband

  42. This I know from teaching 6 children to eat spinach, swim, ride bikes and kick balls. It teaches you how humans think. I also taught my children how to dunk a basketball with their backs to the goal over the head

  43. In 10/05/2019 next month i open my Burger on uber eats and delivery. And next we will have our store it's because our family is poor and they not Believe on our project. They will see when i buy my Ferrari and 1 billion house. I will come after 10/05 to tel you if my business work. 99% they will work because we have the best Burgers in town, best quality and best price, same as McDonalds

  44. I am just curious…If those rich people…they will to teach us, why we need to spend thousands of $ on theyr courses ? I am ok with books, also with a correct price for a course, but… 1000-5000$ for a course ? It's just an example.

  45. For some us, our passion leads to pursuits in science, math, music, or engineering, not in building empires and making money. We find ourselves lucky to make a decent living doing the things that we love, but according to this video we would be labeled as employees with A POOR MINDSET. Following this line of thought, I guess Einstein would have also been categorized as having a poor mindset. WHAT ARROGANCE!

  46. Teachers and baby boomers have been trying to indoctrinate me for the last 20+ years. I listened to them for a while but for the last 12 years I've been trying to do my own thing. I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad several years ago and have been trying to put into practice what I learned. But its hard when your surrounded by so many sheep. Thanks.

  47. y’all are bullshitting too much. you act as if you can’t buy a property without money as if he NEVER had to get paid to buy something and he just magically acquired these properties. Saying he never took a paycheck is bullshit. Unless he was born rich which makes your advice to a poor man useless. You all just sit around and talk in mazes under the guise you want to help someone but never give them the fundemental answer: HOW DO YOU GET MONEY TO START WITHOUT A PAYCHECK? Stop bullshitting, i’m not buying your book.

  48. Interviewer: Now that we've got Youtube and the internet, are people more educated about money?

    Me: I KNOW NOTHING! buys his book

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