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RMIT Advertising Pitch Night 2016 | RMIT University

RMIT Advertising Pitch Night 2016 | RMIT University

(light rock, tropical) – So the theme of pitch night 2016 this year was Guns 4 Hire It was 80s Vice, Miami – Pitch night is pretty much the peak of the advertising degree. – So what happens on pitch night is you get to meet a couple of agencies and so you have 10 minute time slots to basically impress them. Show them your portfolio tell them about who you are and what you like to do and also kind of just to socialize and get to know them as well. – It’s not a lot of time but it’s enough time to kind of get a feel for what that person is like what they’re looking to do. And it’s good just to sort of ask them why they want to speak to us as an agency and then also what they
want to sort of achieve. – I’ve been coming to
pitch night for the last probably four or five years. Always a great night. It actually gets better
and better every year. We love coming here and
the talent that comes through every year is phenomenal. I think last year we hired
about a dozen people. – It’s a chance to meet face-to-face a lot of the characters
who are in the industry and really get a chance to
put our work in front of them and find out where we are, moving into the industry next year. – You want everything that you include and everything that you do
to represent who you are as a person and really, you sell yourself to these people so that
hopefully they’ll be interested in giving you a job. – This is my first RMIT pitch night and I can’t believe how fantastic it is. It’s the most brilliant opportunity for you guys to meet the
best people in the business and to pitch yourselves to them. – We love young guns
Isobar, which is 350 people are always looking to bring some real great young talent into the business ‘cuz you guys are the ones
that elevate the agency and bring new ways of thinking and doing. – Doing pitch night has taught me how closely RMIT
Advertising actually works with industry professionals. – The advertising course itself has been a terrific experience. It’s so hands-on and practical and it gives you all of
those great connections with people in the industry. – Yeah, so the RMIT pitch
night is interesting because no other sort of
creative or art school does this kind of thing so there’s some really interesting, good talent coming out of RMIT. – Tonight is really indicatave
of how important a role these industry connections play and what an amazing course it is to actually get real hands-on experience and
a real chance at real work. – Guns 4 Hire stands for we
are the guns in advertising. We deserve a job because of that. – The students tonight have been amazing. A couple in particular have absolutely blown my mind away and some of the top folios I’ve seen in the last few years so yeah, tonight’s been phenomenal and a great testament to the course. (light synth rock)

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