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Review: Hero Wars – False advertising with endorphin rushes

Review: Hero Wars – False advertising with endorphin rushes

hello everybody I was originally going to script something here but decided it was better to actually record this unscripted as a small introduction what this is you can see it assess here worse than the title and probably something else it’s a review it’s a review of a mobile game and I have played a lot of them recently and I’ve had a epiphany Matt all right I’d like to review this as well I spend a lot of hours in them it was going to be a shorter format but we’ll see if there’s action sticks but they consider them as a mini review source but yeah the first game I’m gonna review is one that I put a lot of hours in into the past couple of months okay call yours also to clarify this is not by any means a main focus on the channel these mobile games reduce are more of an in-between between other game reviews you just wanted to clarify that so that you don’t think that I’m gonna focus or heartedly on cell phone game reviews for the time being it’s uh in between things short a video format can appeal and not why script will be as good perhaps also this is the first one so the script might be a bit difficult to find our way that works well for the format but clarifying that again so enjoy the video my beginning with this game let’s start with how I found this game to begin with with advertisements on Facebook and Instagram where the game was advertised as a puzzle game where you need to either save someone at the same time as getting them to the prize by removing structures holding a guava water or the gold prize as I felt it looks fun I downloaded it and to my surprise the game was nothing like the advertisements this game is an automatic RPG I used to play these games as flash games when I had nothing better to do as a teenager and that I left a general disdain in my mouth for that type of a game if they run on limited stamina thus heating your progression having to wait until I can continue playing usually to go to person playing into spending real money so they can continue playing right away another thing coming with mobile games that are free to play if they often have false advertisements meaning they rarely show what the game is really about or they show things not included in game anyhow I kept on playing and it stuck with me and Here I am a few months later still playing the game so let’s go through what you can do in the game and if it’s worth playing gameplay there’s a lot of things you can do in the game and most of it is locked in the beginning and unlocks at certain team levels with the last thing and looking at team level 70 the game features a campaign that had a story until you got the fifth character then the story was completely dropped in the campaign you play different levels and if you beat each level with all characters you get three stars have three stars in a level and you can use a rate ticket to beat the level instantly this game has a lot of grinding and microtransaction that helps you move up faster but don’t bother with that as previously said the game is stamina based at each stage cost a set amount of stamina to play and never run out of stamina in the beginning the game does have various other heals to unlock by either playing the campaign or by opening I rolled chest which you can open once each day for free or spend the game’s premium currency which is diamonds which of course you can buy with real money diamonds are generally easy to come by so that is not an issue if you have a habit of saving them the hero collecting is my favorite part about the game and there are plenty of interesting and unique characters you can collect all have one special skill that can use in battle when the meter is full you can either manually use it or let the game automatically use it something to note is that this game runs and rewards and a lot of them you simply get by playing the game at the beginning it’s an endorphin rush as you can get rewards for completing daily quests side quests and even special bonuses like daily bonuses and special event bonuses which are either constant or time limited the game has PvP in two forms the arena in which you have a team of five and fight against other opponents and the Grand Arena which is the last thing you unlock out of all the game modes the Grand Arena you make a three teams and battle against other players have a high enough ranking and you get rewards each day the game also has various shops with various different currencies these can only be earned to my knowledge with the exception of the blessing points which you can buy with real money in the airships Valkyrie favor the airship you can send your teams on expeditions to collect things you need in order to after it artifacts which give you a chance to act with temporary stat bonuses in the battles you can also get them by opening artifact chests by using keys which you get up to for each day for completely cost within the airship then there is a tower which you can climb for goodies such as gold coins tower coins and random equipment items which are needed to upgrade your here is two new ranks the tower set each day but if you play the next day you can skip half the one battles from the previous day and play in a day and you have to start from the beginning the tower gets harder with each day so you might not make it as far each day then finally there’s one more thing you can do and that is joining a guild also joining the guild can summon Titans which they used in a dungeon that functions like the tower in that it resets itself each day but lets you start from previous floors by being second floors ahead then they are finally the guild wars we can battle against other guilds and fight your way to victory earning medals which you can spend in the guild shop only accessible in the guild section of the game finally you can watch ads to gain bonuses and tickets to spend in the shop like rate tickets or more energy note that the a adds or 18 plus some times so it’s not very suitable for children a short segment for the music in the game the music is as generic as it can be and the sound effects a stock sound effects which sounds a bit off what I mean by that is that the sound effect seems to be a bit late from what’s happening on the screen also some of the sound effects doesn’t really seem to fit the actual animation conclusion something to note with free-to-play mobile games or that they usually have micro transactions and they often built in a way to encourage you to spend money on them a lot of them are predatory in nature but not all of them and I feel this game is not one of them well it does have micro transactions it never really in your face about it with the exception of two expeditions being locked behind a paywall and character missions can only be played three times each day on another note this game is online only so you have to be connected to the Internet in order to play it the game does have special offers that come up but they only take up a very small part of the screen ironically though they do have fake discounts claimed they are for a limb at the time which is not really the case but this camp shown is the actual price well this game is pretty basic and had a lot of fun with it and that is mostly due to the heroes and the fact that they are all unique with unique character skills it’s also the fact that you can mix and match them the way you like it as well as start bringing them to make them stronger which I find fun the game is very grind you though but you can’t get very far in it by not spending any money and it whatsoever so that it’s decent enough the game did give me an endorphin kick at the beginning but it wore off quickly and I stuck to the game because it was great way to spend some time when I had nothing better to do or had to entertain myself to some way also by playing the game alone my cellphone tend to heat up a lot and that is playing the game on a samsung galaxy s7 edge would I recommend this game to anyone though not really as there are better mobile games out there there are more fun than here Wars this well that said I hope you enjoyed this short review as you wait for the next big one hello everybody thank you much watching this a rare view in the shorter format special thanks to my two patreon Pledger Sycamore media and my $5 pleasure Patrick Peterson and his name of course is down there so let me know if you enjoyed this short format review or shorter format type review as I previously mentioned in the intro is that this is a shorter segment and in between kind of style video in between my bigger stuff next up probably will be linked to the post don’t guarantee it but might be otherwise because it’ll become part of the fraud squad by subscribing today hit that Bell icon so you are notified about my uploads press those good-old stamps up as they help immensely type down a comment down below let me know what you thought about the review and your thoughts about the bed in the game within itself there was something else I was going to say but I think I forgot about it so I think this might be mirrored actually press the frog up here maybe this and mirror the front mind whenever a frog symbol is press it to subscribe oh yeah now remember join the disk or the links in the description we need more of you in the community it’s a nice small community it’s not super active at the moment I try to be there as much as I possibly can and people respond when they are the time but the spread frog must play a list down here a lot of video up here so bye for now take care buddy

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  1. This video is dumb but hey it was fun to make. Hope to see you down here and let me know what you thought by leaving a comment. Thanks for watching and have a nice day! 🙂

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