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Revealing Our First Ever Eyeliner: Life Liner | كحل لايف لاينر الجديد من هدى بيوتي

Revealing Our First Ever Eyeliner: Life Liner | كحل لايف لاينر الجديد من هدى بيوتي

my eyelids lifted it is bold it is fierce I am strong and this is just liner the only difference here is liner [Music] hey beautiful people today I want to tell you guys about something really really special really important to me it’s something that I have been obsessed with since I was 14 we’re launching an eyeliner I believe that liner lifts the eyes and makes the eyes bigger it literally is one of the most powerful things for your eyes when we were asked to do an eyeliner I always said no no we’re never doing an eyeliner they’re amazing eyeliners out there we could never do an eyeliner until it’s gonna be different in some way and I’m really proud to show you guys our newest I will tell you guys it is the blackest the maddest the most long-lasting eyeliner 40 hour wear is what we tested and what we have been able to prove I personally think you could wear it for longer recommend it but it is super waterproof sweat proof smudge proof fucking lifeproof it’s everything I wanted it to look like the black hole of the universe wasn’t a perfect line on your eyes and in order to do that my team and I worked so hard and we really realized that a brush tip was the best way to get something that was super super black which makes it definitely an intermediate liner we are working on an easier liner but right now we want to come out with something that was just so dense I’m gonna tell you guys a little about the packaging it was designed in the shape of a diamond because I was like having a moment about gems and diamonds obviously you guys know this we have precious stones no I like to say like everyone is a gem everyone’s a diamond so it’s like it’s something that’s really really special it has two sides to it and it has one side that is like this beautiful liquid that is super super black sweeper intense and then it has another side that is a pencil side and my girls tested us they tested it in Bikram yoga they tested it in the desert and they tested it everywhere in be like hundred percent humidity levels of Dubai and it stayed so the color shade is called a very vanta you guys google vanta vanta is a color that was newly released and basically it means like the blackest black of the universe that actually absorbs light liner make sure I so sexy for a couple of reasons first of all make sure eyes look bigger it lists your it’s like people do not realize the importance of lifting your eyes a lot of times who pay attention to the top lashline but they don’t pay attention the bottom lashline and if we have very round eyelids on the bottom sometimes it can work but many times it can make you look more tired it can definitely age you so you guys can click on the link down below on I shape so we got a lot of information there on how to maximize according to your eye shape so I was sitting on my team yesterday and we were trying to figure out what is the easiest way it’s a ply liner and honestly you really do want to have a line there to kind of tell you where you should be applying your liner so grab a post-it I really recommend using a handheld mirror you can use a mirror that stands but honestly handheld mirror will you get really close in there so you want to grab the post-it and you want to kind of pay attention to your bottom lash line you want to go about one third in this third of the post-it and the last half of my eye should kind of be aligned together so it should be about right here I’m gonna go ahead and tilt it all the way up and I want this line to basically match where my waterline is and then I’m going to basically go all the way up to my temple right here I’m gonna grab the liquid side you’re gonna take a deep breath don’t breathe while you’re doing this and you’re just gonna start applying a line next to the postive and I’m gonna do this kind of messy so I’m just like literally painting because I want to show you guys how easy this is so you can see what I did was I rested my finger here and I kind of applied it against that so we’re gonna go ahead we’re gonna remove the post-it hopefully didn’t move too much because I have so much makeup on and have a pretty nice neat line it’s not perfect yet and that’s fine we’re gonna make it perfect now now when you’re using liquid you should not breathe you should hold your breath you shouldn’t talk you should play classical music if you need to any classical music it’s okay and so now I’m gonna grab the pencil side and I’m gonna use this to kind of go ahead and I’m kind of just going on top of that liner the liquid liner and I’m just connecting it to my lip I’m gonna finish this by drawing into the eye following the line that I originally created also if you’re struggling a little bit what you can do too is you can take a pretty stiff angled brush and all you need to do is basically just like kind of brush the liner against it the pencil side and then you can use that to kind of draw into the inner corner right here so I’m going to go ahead and I’m use this to blend in this inner corner and i’m going to tightline the eyes this is so important to me I feel like people who don’t fight like their eyes you can kind of like see the liner and then you can also see their lid and that does not look good I don’t like that at all so I’m just gonna quickly grab the liner and the pencil side and I’m gonna look down I mean why do my eyes like I just saw a ghost and I’m gonna look down I don’t like to waterline the whole eye because we do have tear troughs here that actually are necessary to make sure that your eyes are really nice and hydrated so you want to make sure that you only tight line at the middle where your iris is that’s really all you want and you can see just with like the small amount of liner my eyelids lifted it is bold it is fierce I am strong and this is just liner the only difference here is liner nothing else I like to apply way more liner than this so I’ll go ahead and apply more liner the way I like to wear it but this is a really good basic way this liner looks coming everyone I always use my pinky on my face I almost like twist my arms like a yoga pose like an OG I totally have a breathing exercise when I’m caught when I’m flying Leonor – you have to breathe like a turtle you want to take very slow breaths in for 4 [Music] Alfred so much more calm no shaky Mickey so I’m gonna go ahead and finish this line I’m gonna get really in there I’m leaning forward it’s a serious business I’m gonna breathe time is not a lash lift up his another I lift and I’m obsessed with this new trend now it’s definitely inspired by the Middle East and a lot of bloggers are doing it and to be honest most liners you cannot do it with this liners like one of the only liners I think you can’t do it with where you take a little bit of a corner here you draw in like a little triangle here so it’s very like so crazy fact her head which was something that was originated in the Middle East people still wear today so a lot of people who are like Bedouins a lot people who actually in the desert they use a sticky liner which actually looks really attractive on men and women and it keeps the sand out of their eyes so liner has been such a big part of our history it’s insane you can literally see the difference here we got something here which looks really beautiful really nice really pulled really lifted and then you got this over here which doesn’t look as lifted and as awake it definitely looks a little bit more round which is OK but you tend to kind of want eyes are a little bit more snatched and you know you definitely get that snatched cat eye appearance here for the liner so I’m gonna go ahead and do the other side with my classical music back on [Music] I love this shit really – okay alright we’re done so we finished the liner on both eyes and as you can see my eyes definitely look a little bit more fierce I don’t actually apply any liner on the bottom line it’s just because I really do like to lift the eyes and depending on the shape of your waterline on the bottom it can definitely emphasize your eye shape so you want to make sure it’s something you didn’t want to enhance or you want to play up in different ways like a more lifted I’m this liner is long lasting you are not gonna be able to remove it with normal on my stool or water or any of those things you’re gonna want either oil makeup remover or we created a bomb that is so good it’s really incredible we developed it with some amazing alabs in Japan and it is the best thing we’ve ever used for makeup remover it’s so creamy it’s just a really nice texture and it’s just so gentle when you’re moving makeup but it’s so effective as well so it’s really just incredible I’m gonna show you guys another very special product that we are also launching that I am so excited about because this is like for me something very personal it’s something that I’m super super passionate about these are the hoodie lashes I could literally wear these for the rest of my life this is the absolute most amazing fluffy dramatic but also soft and sexy empowering style lashes I have ever seen I’m obsessive and hoody was my nickname in high school it’s what people who are really close to me call me I’m just gonna go ahead and just show you without gluing it it’s just I’ve even glued it properly I’m gonna glue it for you guys right now but it’s so fluffy so I’m gonna go ahead and apply this lash now and I’m not going to close to the end because I like to lift here’s a quick tip in case you guys missed our Marielle video if you want your eyes to be lifted don’t go too far out to the corner you want to push this upwards and that will make your eye look really lifted a good cat liner in these lashes are literally like perfection like the best combination okay guys so I got my lashes on I got my liner on remember this is definitely an intense liner so it’s for the liner lovers it’s launching September 12 so I can’t leave forget to try it I hope you guys of it and I can’t wait to see your looks all over social media and hopefully repost them love you guys you

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