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Revealing My First CONVERTING Instagram Influencer Ad For Shopify Dropshipping!

Revealing My First CONVERTING Instagram Influencer Ad For Shopify Dropshipping!

You guys this is terrible timing there’s a busload of tourists, which I assume are coming from Manila Up on the metal platform tap dancing on the damn platform up there But anyways the show must go on what’s up you guys my name is Jesse Eby if you’re new to this channel welcome I will be putting out weekly content in regards to e-commerce And how you can leave the 9 to 5 gig and even leave the country if you want like I did when I left America with only a backpack and started my business, and I’ve been living my dreams So do me a solid and hit that subscribe button and become a part of the #EEBSTERnation So anyways it’s about 6:30 in the morning here. I just woke up to Almost $600 in my Shopify Due to the time zone difference it was like waking up on Christmas So I want to share with you how I did it so stay tuned for that next Hey guys, so I was going through this video here and in part of it there is Some background noise of the vehicles that were running in the background so apologies for that if you picked up on it But anyways let’s get into this All right, we’re gonna address how I made my first $600 on my shopify ecommerce Store, and I’m going to share with you Instagram ad for influencers that have converted for me. I Want to explain how I understand return on investment, and how you could calculate that here so in order to get your return on investment Calculation you’re gonna need your net profit So to get your net profit It’s your gain from your investment minus the cost of your investment Divided by the cost of your investment So again your gain from investment minus your cost of investment Equals your net profit and you divide your net profit by your cost of investment that gives you your ROI or return on investment So in my case it was 569 dollars and 59 cents Minus three hundred and three dollars those two hundred and seventy three dollars for the cost of the product plus $30 for the Instagram shoutout gave me a net profit of two hundred and Sixty six dollars and 59 cents dividing that by the cost of investment of 303 gave me 0.87 which is 87 percent ROI Now that’s pretty good imagine if we had that ROI on bigger numbers like a hundred thousand dollars our return on Investment would be like 87 thousand dollars Now if you’re aiming for a fifty percent profit margin on Shopify, which you should be you’re gonna have a good ROI most of time I on to The types of Instagram influence your ads that has worked for me the most Now it’s vital for success with Instagram influencer ads in my experience that we’re using video Instead of images I’ve always had a lot more success with video ads then I have images with Instagram influencers and the reason for this is is because Evolutionarily humans are wired to be attracted to movement it stems back to our survival instinct when we are hunting and gathering in the wild Animals were aware that we learn hunted for them and they would freeze in order to camouflage and as soon as they would move humans would spot them and They’d be able to attack and provide food for the family, so you got your Uncle Frank here sitting here and his Tongue and belly shirt staring at two giraffes having sex right here. Okay, you got his daughter who’s completely traumatized look at traumatized Okay, the same thing Evolutionarily humans are wired to be attracted to movement so it’s vital for Instagram influencer ads to use videos instead of images just strictly images if you can People will have success with images sometimes sure but video ads for Instagram influencers Are the best in my experience all right now? Let’s look at if you’re scrolling through Instagram, and you see this First of all you’re seeing you’re seeing the cute cat that’s gonna catch your attention, and then it goes on and you see this light You can see in this video. You could see in this video. How it functions you can see the multiple colors It’s just attractive to the human. Eye when they’re coming when they’re scrolling through and viewing it You’re more likely to purchase this. Item if you see a short video like this now. Let’s compare that to the same The same thing just a cat lamp Or scrolling through Instagram. Are you more likely to buy this probably not? You’re more likely to purchase something when you could see how it functions so video ads I’ve always had a lot more success All right, so I’m going to show you how to use an ad that has already been made and is on YouTube that you can edit down and use for your Instagram influencer ad Alright, so it’s going to come off YouTube make sure you have permission dr. Eagle wants you to have permission to use the YouTube videos Alright, so let’s take for example this cat lap There was a really popular item feel free to use it on your shops if you want We would get permission from these people to use the ad we would just copy the URL I google, YouTube downloader And I like to use this online video converter dot-com and I would paste the URL from the video right here. I’ll change this format to mp4 I Would go to more settings video quality to high-definition and if you wanted to chop out the first certain amount of time that has their branding or The last portion of the video that has their branding you would do it here Convert from say 30 seconds if their branding goes up until 30 seconds convert to Third you know the last 30 seconds of the video if they have branding in the last 30 seconds of the video But for now we’re not gonna worry about that click start The internet in Southeast Asia is pretty slow But living here is also a fraction of the cost So there we have it it converted the YouTube video to mp4 and Allows for us to download here now. Let’s look at the video as you can see here. It’s not square, so it’s not gonna It’s not gonna work for Instagram So what will we will need to do is we’re gonna need to edit the video so that it is Formatted correctly for Instagram and your video editor if you have a video editor if you do not have a video editor I will show you how to do this without a video editor, but for those that do you’ll go to your video editor file new You’d select a custom. This is Final Cut Pro, so it might be slightly different in other Programs this is Final Cut Pro, but you will do a new project go to custom video, and you’ll put in the dimensions 1080 by 1080 Okay, that’s gonna. That’s gonna make it a square video now. I’ve already done that so This show right here Okay the dimensions for this are actually square But you have this black space it doesn’t look too good, so what we’re gonna. Do is we’re gonna duplicate this We’re just gonna command C. Or control C. If you’re on Windows Actually this needs to be over there control-c control-v or command-v Depending on What operating system you’re on okay Then we’re going to take this bottom one and we’re gonna go to the effects and every video editor will have some kind of effects and we’re gonna go to the blur section and We’re gonna select. I don’t know how the hell’d it pronounces Gaussian Gaussian Gaussian blur on your trail we’re gonna take this Gaussian blur and we’re gonna put it over the bottom Copy of this video, okay? So now we have two we have two videos overlapping each other, but here’s what we’re gonna Do we’re gonna take this body cut bottom copy that has the blur on it, and we’re going to go to Transform you’re gonna go to your effects and whatever and whatever software you’re using and go to transform and Stretch it out to take up the darks the dark space so then we got something like this Right so makes it look nice and pulls it all together and draws attention Looks nice and clean, and if you want you could play with you could play with the settings The amount the blur you know you can play with all this But this looks fine to me so we have the square dimensions We have this little section blurred out, and it looks clean. It will look nice on Instagram Bada-bing bada-boom all right, how’s everything for you hotcakes about clear as mud, huh? All right So we were able to edit that to make it look good for Instagram now you can if you’re using a video editor you can cut out all the unneeded portions of the video in the video editor But if you don’t have a video editor you could you could cut out the branding of the ad that you take from YouTube you Could cut it out on the YouTube downloader all right and I’m gonna share with you how to edit the dimensions of The video to create the format that is square so it fits in with Instagram but we’ll get to that in a little bit now look at How much better this looks in comparison to just a regular image when you’re scrolling on Instagram you come across this You get the cat The functionality of the light You got the music It’s all attractive to the human brain this one. It’s a cute little cat lamp, but it just isn’t going to have the impact that The video will have all right guys. I hope all of that is as clear as mud now for those who do not have a video editor, I’ll go ahead and show you how how to change the formatting of an Instagram video online so that It can be square and you can use it On Instagram so you’re gonna take this you’re gonna. Go to cap wing comm slash resize video I Actually, just search convert video to Instagram dimensions online Here we are so online video resizer paste the URL of The ad from YouTube that you want as simple as that Boom, you got it in square formatting Now the main difference the hell out here the main difference is you do not have the blurred effect around the edges But if you don’t have a video editor, and you want to make an Instagram ad this is gonna be better than nothing Okay And it gives you the option right here to download Again, that’s cap wing comm so anyways I hope all of that was as clear as mud be sure to subscribe and I’ll be releasing weekly content as you follow my journey to become a millionaire by 40 questions at all just be sure to leave them in the comments below and Thank you for watching later

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