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[REVEALED] Secrets to Successful Facebook Ads | Get More Sales For FREE In 2019 (Live)

[REVEALED] Secrets to Successful Facebook Ads | Get More Sales For FREE In 2019 (Live)

Everyone what’s going on Ricky here from shop for dropshipping lifestyle and in today’s video we’re going into how to make a secondary ed account and Why you should do it. Alright, let’s get straight into it. So how to make a secondary ed account when you Facebook marketing You will by default have a single ad account Facebook business manager will prompt you to make an edit cap You can make a secondary ed account by just going create an ad account. Okay, and you give it the name the currency The time so make sure that’s paired with your store Timezone and you know the the actual business manager and just a name really doesn’t matter now I won’t be able to make one you do I believe have to have spent about $500 to be eligible for a second data camera. That’s just the way Facebook have it just as part of their policy Now more importantly the reason that you make a secondary at account is if you’re getting penalized, okay? And and it’s an indicator to determine if you are being penalized or if you aren’t being penalized And obviously we don’t want to be penalized in another video. I have it set so you can actually look at the Facebook reviews If you have 5,000 likes, but obviously many of us won’t have that many yet So I’ve got me thinking I’ll make a video on that account. What you do is you make the secondary ed account Let’s say it was a cat. Alright what though? Why do you do it to determine if you’ve been penalized? is you go off by the reach so you make two draft ads and one for each ad account and So this is this will be where you add a council show up. Right? So basically, let’s go create an ad I’m gonna create a campaign matter Yes, yes, yes, thank you so because I’ve done this for previous testing crap Yes, yes, thank you so your daily reach, okay So, I’m sorry, I’m gonna remove that So your potential daily reach which is this, okay so if you make two separate at accounts your current one that you’ve been using for your marketing and Another one, then you’ll see and just have everything the exact same in the ad set You don’t need to make that out or anything just make a campaign spend five minutes make them the exact same except different out accounts so, you know us all that shit and Basically if you see a difference, that one is higher than the other Then you know that well the fresh one want to be in penalize because that hasn’t done any marketing yet but the other one may have been penalized and so if you haven’t been penalized the reach should be the same if It had if you have been penalized to some degree, then it will be less so let’s say what it usually is is it depends how heavily and Facebook don’t tell us this this is really bad I think but This is something that I’ve learned is for 70 the 3,000 so it I’ve had it where it was like because the United States for instance was You know five thousand to seven hundred and then the Penalized one was three hundred to four thousand So a big difference in the potential reach of the amount of people and obviously the fewer people you reached And you’re playing the same amount for fewer reach. So it hits your bottom line so by making a simple and account and just testing that and then you’re watching my other video on the face book reviews once you get 5,000 likes and Making sure that you provide an excellent customer experience then in theory your arm and account won’t get penalized, okay? now, I know that many of you the main thing that gets penalized is the shipping but trust me if you use Automation like after ship and the emails and I have a this actually my course then You won’t really get penalized. I discuss a lot of this. Okay, so Because this is becoming the norm Facebook only recently, I think brought in penalizing accounts like they never used to have that where people got Were able to actually get a notification from Facebook because obviously it stores who purchased and then it just sends an automated Survey saying what was their experience with your business? Okay So it’s important that you’re not going to please everyone and obviously Facebook knows this, but it’s important that you’re not Absolutely Because that this is this will put you around business Facebook stealing more expensive to market on anyway And it’s little things like this that make such a big difference. Okay? So I just wanted to provide this video I hope you have liked today’s video quick easy one something you can all test do it right now I guarantee you’re gonna learn something you’ll be absolutely surprised if you haven’t been penalized so awesome. That’s that’s the goal But if you did like today’s video Hit the like button. Don’t forget to subscribe. I will be doing more videos as well as hit the notification bow for updates Alright, and if you do have any questions or comments feedback positive negative doesn’t matter drop them down below Alright, and don’t forget there’s links down below if you’re interested anything else to help you out Alright, so I hope you all have a lovely day. We are in q4 Let’s get these sales rolling Black. Friday is just around the corner. Thank you

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