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REVEALED: How I Spent $9 And Made $727.70 With Shopify Facebook Ads – (Dropshipping)

REVEALED: How I Spent $9 And Made $727.70 With Shopify Facebook Ads – (Dropshipping)

so how did it turn nine dollars into
over $700 let me show you what’s popping people it’s your boy the Beast of ECOM
and I am back with another video dropping nothing but you already know value
bombs if this is the first time ever watching one of my videos then you’ve
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videos if it isn’t then it’s nice to see you again of course if you get some
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stay up to date with all of my latest content so recently I posted a story on
my Instagram showing how ad set had over 80 bro ass now a lot of people asked if
people want to learn how exactly I was doing it the obviously the response was
how yeah so I thought why not just put out a video showing you how I’m actually
doing this strategy q4 is officially here it’s cold as hell in the UK hence
you’re probably gonna see me wearing a lot of jumpers and looking a little bit
homeless but yeah we’re working hard and of course is still in the works if you
are on the wait list make sure you click the link down below but let’s jump
straight into this video I’ll show you how I’m doing a strategy because I’ve
been doing it every single campaign when I have something that’s working and time
and time again I’m getting fantastic results so make sure you stay to the end
watch all of the video and most importantly if you get some value then
make sure you implement what you learn today so let’s jump straight into the
computer and let’s get straight on with it
okay so let’s jump straight into this video I’ll show you guys well first and
foremost the proof it’s all well and good saying you’ve made X amount of
money but if it’s all about the proof in the pudding so this is the campaign and
you can see here at the top one here a TC did not perch which is you know makes
goes without saying Add to Cart and did not purchase and you can see here we’re
getting sales for one dollar fifty which is you know absolutely crazy yes this is
of course retargeting you know it’s the only pretty much way you’re gonna get
very hi hi hi bro asked campaigns you know
you kind of view 10 X 15 X 30 X and obviously of course we’ve got here 81 X
so let me just refresh the screen just so you can see numbers are exactly the
same so this should load it here we go so you can see here what we’re getting
is a fantastic click-through rate of 6% so of course a click-through rate a high
click-through rate means you get a low cost per click and you can see what
we’ve got here CPM is $16 which again it’s high in
terms of high ish in terms of you know CPMs in some people’s eyes but at the
end of the day all that matters at the end of the day ok all these other
indicators are fantastic but you know at the end of the day row us and cost per
purchase is the main indicators so you can see here exactly the same race as
eight-point err 80 1.22 so we spent 896 so close to $9 and generated over $700
so how how will we actually doing this and of course I’ll set up a few other
things in this actual campaign using view content did not add to cart and
then 95 percent viewed the video but didn’t view the product page so how is
he I’m actually doing this and how is it am I able to generate these results and
you know over and over again the same strategy is just falling into place and
the reason why I feel that this is because a lot of people when they do
retargeting they then do conversion campaigns so they do the conversion
campaign and they set up an ad set to you know ad set within the main campaign
and obviously do your view content you know did not add to cart or add to cart
did not purchase not also while I’m good but that’s wasn’t what I was doing here
so what I’ve recently been doing I’ve been doing it for a while now fair few
months and time and time again it’s always working he’s setting up traffic
campaigns so the campaigns are used now for retargeting are
traffic campaigns now a lot of people out there either you know like I
mentioned even do website conversion campaigns or sometimes they test out a
reach campaign as well so you know trying to get as much reach as possible
with the offer that you’ve got going on but um after split testing you know all
of these ones from a website conversion campaign to traffic campaigns to reach
campaigns I’m finding that traffic campaigns are blowing everything cows
out of the water especially on ad to car and did not
purchase now the reason why I’m moving towards more of using traffic campaigns
is because when you set up a retargeting campaign for just you know for
retargeting you’re gonna remember Facebook what they’re doing is they’re
gonna show it back down to the people who are more likely to convert which
sometimes isn’t always the case you know you limits the pool when you run in you
know website conversion campaigns because it’s showing it to the buyers
that Facebook have put into their buckets essentially but with traffic
campaigns what we’re doing is we just drive in traffic that is it we’re just
driving traffic regardless of their bucket regardless of if they’re buyers
if they Add to Cart whatever it may be and you got to remember that these
people have added the product to their car so they’re essentially
you know they’re they’re warm audiences they’ve shown a buying intent now that
is obviously fantastic because I find in that you know when you do this on the
Add to Cart purchase it just always seems to you know get robots which is
absolutely crazy now for you to view content and Add to
Cart I’ll switch this one off because what I’m finding is that website
conversion campaigns work better for you know view content to Add to Cart and of
course on the ninety five percent viewed and did not view the products but when
it comes to active car and did not purchase traffic campaigns just seem to
be for some reason you know the best now like I said some people do use reach
campaigns but you know again they just don’t seem to be that what I seem to get
all the time is I get a lot of reach to get a click-through rate
like that but know that everyone just seems to be a tie kicker okay I get
loads at the cars but no one actually purchases but what I’m doing with this
Add to Cart and traffic campaign is I’m optimizing for link clicks not landing
page views which i think is the default which it sets itself to and not
conversions or anything like that I’m literally just sitting for link clicks
and what I want Facebook to do is go out you know remember these people have
shown buying intent and I just want them back to the website
I want them absolutely I just want I don’t care you know what Bukit they’re
in I swung back to the website so they can see the offer that I’m putting out
there now in terms of the offers you know to get these people obviously to
convert with a retargeting campaign you need to make sure that you’ll put in in
make sure that you’re out front and adver is you know it has some sort of
offer these people haven’t purchased they haven’t gone through the you know
they’ve added it to their cart they’ve got to maybe the initiate checkout stage
but they haven’t purchased for a particular reason now this could be you
know there’s too much shipping on there there’s you know the the price wasn’t
right at the time they just didn’t want to pay or for some reason the doorbell
might have rang and they just had to fly out the door there and then we don’t
know what that reason is however what I’m finding is is that when I put a
significant discount in there for the people who have added to cart and not
purchased then they seem to convert a lot better so with this one I believe
arm work I think I’m giving people about this is a high ticket products of course
but I’m sinking giving people off about even 15 to 20 percent or something like
that so you know what I do Add to Cart to purchase retargeting I
give people a minimum of 10% always a minimum off for 10% obviously you want
to work out to see how much you can actually afford to give off you know if
you can’t afford to give off 10% then you know of course it makes no sense
giving off 10% but I personally like to give off at least a minimum of 10% for
people who have Add to Cart and didn’t purchase you know just to push them over
the edge and actually get them to purchase the product you know this is
literally the the time range on this is people who
just 180 days you know and you can take this a little bit further as well if you
wanted to I haven’t right about now you know so you can do people who have shown
you three days seven days ten days but this is literally just everyone because
it’s a fairly new campaign you know I just want people in through the door to
see my offer and to make the purchase so make sure that you setting up traffic
campaigns and give it a go you know for people who are adding to car and
purchase and you know I’m seeing these same results over and over again in
multiple different niches multiple different products every time I see
something that is dying to work I’ll always set up a traffic campaign and
optimize for link clicks and you know my offer is always at least a minimum of
10% to get them through the process so so yeah that is how I’m generating these
results and I hope you go out and give it a go give traffic campaigns ago for
your retargeting and yet most definitely let me know the sort of results that you
get so as usual I hope you got some value from this video if you did make
sure you like comment and of course smash that subscribe button be sure to
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and you don’t miss a single one we go in every single day I think we’re
probably close to 12,000 subscribers now so become a part of the notification
team and the subscriber and never miss out on a value bomb again so as you can
see using traffic campaigns for retargeting campaigns works absolutely
fantastic definitely for you know you Add to Cart and people who haven’t
purchased it’s just working absolutely crazy for me right about now of course
if you like this video you’re gonna absolutely love the course so if you
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daily basis again the link for that will be down below is 100% free hit me up on
Instagram drop me a line drop me a DM drop me a follow and of course we can
try and connect on there so that is it for
video and I’ll be back with another one’s open si but you already know very
bombs take care and I’ll see you there

45 thoughts on “REVEALED: How I Spent $9 And Made $727.70 With Shopify Facebook Ads – (Dropshipping)

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    Just a couple of quick question around your ad creatives and offers:

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    Nice one bro.

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