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[REVEAL] How Facebook Adverts Really Work And Why YOU Keep Failing And Losing Money! (MUST WATCH)

[REVEAL] How Facebook Adverts Really Work And Why YOU Keep Failing And Losing Money! (MUST WATCH)

Hey everyone and welcome to shop for dropshipping lifestyle. My name is Ricky Hayes and in today’s video We’re going into what you should not be doing when you’re doing your Facebook ads Okay, so this one is more an informational video and Things that you are not necessary a lot of myths That I’m sort of seeing that I wanted to tackle again Of things that you should and shouldn’t be doing Okay, and I’ve just decided to start on this screen because I love dogs if any of you follow me. I’m a huge dog lover Just follow me on instagram. You’ll see that I love dogs very much but first before we get into my aunt manager Oh My Chem yeah Let me start with Don’t wait Let me start with Again, the whole PPE thing that’s sort of being brought up again. No Don’t do PPE Just on okay. I know for a fact that Market is much better than me. Let’s be honest. There’s a million people better than me. And that’s good that means someone for me to actually chase after and learn from but Don’t do PPE. Okay a number of these people have been doing PPE I have admitted themselves in their various YouTube and various posts and things like that that I may follow that On their old at accounts PPE actually worked quite well with the testing phase because Manning is for testing But now then you add accounts they are finding that website purchase We’re talking version purchase is working better And that’s because Facebook has updated the algorithm a lot of these PPE counts at accounts were relevant when that was a Year ago a lots changed Facebook like anything is getting smarter. The back end is getting smarter The front end is getting spinal – of course, but as a whole its they’re updating the algorithm They’re finding more correlations and the me regards that benefits us as a result facebook are forcing people down for specific parts of your Specific objective. Okay, one of the days where you can run a PPE campaign really expect it to do Well, it’s gonna die very rare very rare Is it actually going to do well and I know it’s meant to be an indicator, but just don’t do it Okay website put website conversion purchase. I actually in my humble opinion not that I’m very humbled think that Add to Cart and view content conversion window output conversion pixels To optimize for is not really even necessary They should be there as purely for things for making custom audiences and look-alikes You know you get if you do Google marketing, you’ll see that pretty much it says what do you want you want to purchase? Okay, cool That’s what we’re gonna get you Simple as that because that’s what we want. We want purchase and So why don’t we just tell Facebook from the beginning? Okay You know You’ll hear everywhere about this and I just again I’ve always stuck with the simplicity I get asked this all the time I don’t do that to cat. I don’t do view content. Yes, you do get lower CPM. Yes, you do get lower CPCs Yes, that does mean you can potentially hit them with more retargeting However, I don’t want to qualify my traffic and as much as Facebook Let’s be honest is a pain. They update things. They screw people over many businesses die overnight because of various things Obviously their it day is not their intention. They want money. Okay, and they’re going to be more and more forcing us down that line of they want our money and so they’re going to To get it. Okay. So the other thing that I’ve noticed facebook have been doing a lot more updates a lot more updates recently so they’re again the whole PPE thing further to this is and I have accidentally Got it and it’s this the shittest thing I personally So budget Optimization on a campaign basically campaign budget optimization will distribute your budget across the ad set. So think of it like as an Ad set with multiple ad creatives in it. It’s going to favor one That’s doing the best now in theory that does mean you have more automation the reality is This would work. Well something like on Google I’m personally learning a lot more about Google. I love the idea of it. I still have a long way to go But this type of stuff works well on do because that’s what sort of people looking for. Where is on Facebook That I’ve come to learn. This is plenty of third-party tools like choir I Kind of remember half of them remember the badge but what they do is they help with the automation of your ads to optimize and scan I’m not a fan of this now. You might think what Ricky you love automation I do. I love it. When I am certain that I’m going to get the result that I want so if I’m using mini chat if I’m using Facebook from using my Shopify apps if I’m using Any, you know anything to make fun of whatever the hell I want to be confident in it, okay I’m not confident in Facebook Ads in the sense of I don’t trust it if you do as I say there’s updates going in that changed the game that mean that you Continually have to monitor it and it is time consuming. I spend hours a day my ads manager And it is a pain. Hello. I know it’s necessary. So I prefer that control Facebook can be random again a lot of sales. I attributed Which fucking me over right now? sales, I’m tributed and You know just ridiculously high CP ohms and you know, I Understand want to get Facebook more than they need now my understanding is well budget optimization doesn’t work with a lot of third-party tool and actually It actually adds in another factor and with Facebook ads I don’t like to use a third-party tool for that I just I just don’t feel comfortable again. I like to try and keep Unless I absolutely have to I do love integration I try and keep control, you know, like I want control control gives results and you know Like it’s like if you get some digital marketing agency to do it, you don’t actually know if they’re good is just getting off This midget but don’t turn on budget optimization. It is a pain in the ass What it also means is when you make an sets underneath it that they’re going to get the budget optimization So like it’s gonna have minimum spend maximum spin. It’s going to distribute it. It’s meant to work But again, you can do the exact same by literally control D, which is if you don’t know what that is That’s duplicate in Facebook Ads manager And I swear to God If you don’t know how to do the ctrl D or any of these simple shortcuts or just clicking the duplicate button and choosing the amount of time you’re Wasting a lot of time if you’re an ads manager and you’re a facebook marketing expert which it should be what you’re aiming for it was just natural and Learn to just use what’s there Facebook does provide a lot of good stuff, but it’s this stuff That just is not useful. So don’t do that. Do not split test in my opinion I have tried it only a couple of times again. I just don’t get the results basically It’s just compare the performance of your ad sets. You can test the creative placement and you can do that only yourself Anyway, so like all that is is meant to just be Taking that one step away from you But again, if you use like naming conventions, I’m horrible This is something I need to improve, you know, a proper naming convention of you can campaign which should be easy Of course because just a campaign them and they give you ad sets meaningful name and you ad creative and meaningful now Obviously you’re gonna be choking. So there’s going to be stuff lost in translation But if you when you ask but testing try and keep the stuff That makes sense. You know, if you’re like doing 25 to 65 plus and Australia Canada New Zealand and the other countries I’ve got enough, you know, it stays the same UK UK cool got there Just make sure if you find that In the United States that that’s where you’re getting your traffic and the best conversion rate Just duplicate that and just take out the other one So, you know, it’s us at face value and this should do that in there. So just ignore those two Okay These are things that have been there for a bit but they’re I just want to alert people because I have been asked this quite a bit recently and They’re just tools that are there Realistically, they have no benefit now another one. I have seen a lot Because I am trying to build a marketing agency very very slow and that’s something that I plan to do is Speaking of businesses that a lot of businesses right believe it or not They don’t know what an ant’s manager is they just think did you know how on the Facebook page did promote you? sorry markets to to say promote this listing right and You promote it it’s completely useless. It’s a PPE campaign and people think it works Well now somehow for brands and I have seen this that it does actually work well now that’s because they build a brand of over a hundred thousand likes on their page and they are in the fashion niche and They’ve already got that Diwali devoted following that a fashion well and it just works and whether they’re doing it wrong They could be making so much more money. They don’t even actually run remarketing, which is phenomenal Any who don’t do that? Okay, that’s another thing do not do that. Make sure you have your adventure next moving on. Let’s make this Nah, I’m good at typing gibberish And I made a mistake there it shows traffic The good thing is you can you know, once you’ve seen draft you can easily change it. All right So again, don’t turn on budget optimize this further to this in the actual ad set Facebook have made some changes to the conversion window now again, let’s just choose purchase than an Exercise so Facebook actually now have Not sure if any of you have actually seen it But they some of you have it I have it on one of my at accounts Value based Convert optimization for head delivery. I Don’t know many people actually have it I don’t know why I have it and so many Isles don’t those people have spent millions that don’t have it I don’t know. Why do you know what if that is if you do get it try it. So it actually does work well value based I’ve no idea what the criteria to give these so I know it’s kind of useless to many of you but Conversions obviously optimize and this is another thing I sort of think it anyway But is conversions optimizes for you know, getting people to convert right? Amazing. Cool. I love that I don’t know how it worked. But thank god someone figured that out However, there is no one called value So basically value is people converting but in a higher row s somehow I have That no fucking clue But there’s another one Where valued now admittedly the conversions still actually worked better for me as a whole but I have split test it and it actually works I buy and I would love to give that all to you as something to try But it’s I don’t know what the criteria is together It literally just has value and it says we’re going to will deliver your ads to the right people and help you get the best Return on adspend is that what says the same as conversions? They’re just slightly different, right? How cool is that days? That must make is cool But it’s are very limited who actually gets it whether or not that special because it’s probably like them maybe a beta still I don’t Know but anyway moving on the other thing that a number of people have asked me That’s something that I’ve been dabbling in a little bit just a try cuz you know, you know I used the theory once you start getting sales 20 percent experimentation 80 percent Just same day in day out right So but I meant is you have your main ads you have your main sales a percent of that is your profit You know that that’s gonna get sales. You know that’s coming in cool cool cool. And then 20% is Fucking go wild, right, you know because the reality is this is again testing testing testing and you got to try new things You know, I’m a stubborn arrogant person and and I don’t like change. In fact, I hate change And I actually struggled with it in so many regards. I don’t know why But I try these things, okay so I again A number of people have said to me and tried it better and it sort of does work sort of doesn’t I? but I stick to the one one day after clicking, right so I’ve tried seven day one day they work much the same tried to stick to one day, but the other thing is This big strategy, right? They don’t dated this if you’re not familiar with bid strategy. Just leave it as lowest-cost That’s what most people are gonna get get the most purchases if you budget and you can actually set a cat I found that cat is Useless I find the big cat is also useless basically if you you know you see Controlling your average cost CPA across the entire ad set so, you know It’s going to spike up and then it’s going to sort of plateau. Basically. It’s going to just stay there It’s the idea, but I find that doesn’t really work. Well Facebook I just let optimize and the cost for a single purchase so, you know, it’s basically I Believe it. I’ve always used the process of two times C 2 and 1/2 times CPI. So your CPI is $12 I’m gonna use a round of figure because my maths 10 dollars It’ll be 25 dollars that you would put their right and same target cost target is manual bidding maintain a stable Average cost per purchase as you raise your budget, okay now if I could get $5 cost per purchases non-stop, this would literally be my Golden ticket to happiness, right? But I thought sure that’s not the case then so what’s going to happen is? Don’t don’t do manual bidding until you’ve sort of confirmed. This does work Occasionally Manual bidding is very random. Right? So what you have to do is again 2.5 times CPA so we’re using $10 to $25 and So you would sit at 25 bucks, but Facebook may not define that so that the same as when your manual bid on Google is it won’t get impressions if it actually Buy it with them define zones enough So then you increase it every I do it every three hours by three dollars we can do every hour by a dot really since I think that this is how I’ve done it and you’ll eventually find That it’ll start spinning. So you increase the $3. It doesn’t work up three hours do it again and and then it’ll actually start spinning and So that’s something you can try but Don’t do that straight away, you know moving on for some other updates I’m just trying to remember Don’t add an instant experience Don’t do that. It’s not very useful at all gonna hide that Again I’ve shown you URL parameters there really isn’t many updates actually and you if you are running Stories this is but I still don’t really run stories I’d rather just actually run an Instagram story creative rather than actually through Facebook I find doesn’t really work. Well, but just don’t enable this instant experience. Okay, it’s it’s not very useful Lastly many of you should be aware As well there and it really has had no impact at all and I just forgot to report her Was in your pixel now, does it have it set up? You should have what’s a cool down first? Those party cookies is on Okay So you can turn it off But it is a change that you sort of need In order to get better marketing data back because what they relates to is a change that Apple of May. Okay, um, but likely, this is something that I’ve recently tried haven’t had amazing results with and I really don’t recommend it. It’s not really that useful is Automatic advanced matching in theory is meant to work. Well and I I Don’t know. There’s no way really split testing can’t split tested pixel really, you know to have the same amount of dial is saying that this and that it’s just I mean I hate you. You actually confirm it but I don’t leave it on like I Don’t find very useful all right, so There’s just no need for it. Okay? But further that’s about everything else in facebook is pretty much the same This is just I wanted to give an update on a few of those things It really isn’t much else that I can think of Also, I would add be very dubious once you get a facebook rep to Not take their word as gospel is a number of people that I speak to You know, they respect them, of course and I do too But don’t take it as gospel. They a lot of them are reading from a script’ They’re not in this day and day. I like that. Okay, so If you are asking me about that my opinion over it is Don’t listen to it they’re usually going to say why don’t you manual bit they’re usually going to Just say make some simple look-alikes No, okay, not really worth it But again on the adverse side Facebook have done some nice little changes. They’ve sort of updated the interface. I like what they’ve done with now the ability to sort of mass change when you have multiple ad sets so you can rather than I mean if she’s sort of Changing it minutely not hugely. But there is a lot of things I still need to improve on. So for instance quadruplicate beers and again, don’t Yes, go ahead. Don’t do the split test don’t use badger optimization and I think because I’m in it and drive wrong That’s probably why But you know one thing that if you want to where the Facebook have done that I kind of like that I find very useful is this I Really want I don’t know do I have that one but I like what they’ve done with this, okay? So, you know if I you can highlight that and go mix values, but let’s say you know you start at starting point and I’m just gonna say yes, I see a UK Interest targeting Oh Blah blah you get the idea, but you see how now it makes different, you know You can do simple little stuff like that. You can change when you’re doing split testing the aging quite easy So once you have a proper to see how I say that it’s important to have a right Adsit name you have the right Adsit Name you can easily create this split test. You can even change the bidding strategy, which is really cool delivery optimization the billing Delivery type I never go accelerated I just know never go accelerated and on that note as well live time budget Sitting at specific times does not work well on Facebook for some reason again Google stuff like that works well But Facebook it just does not But I like what they’ve done there. Okay, so that’s pretty much it I wanted to give an update on that to sort of give you guys an idea Things just to cut out not to worry about it’s just not necessary Keep it simple. Just follow my strategy and you’ll be all good to go Okay, so if you did like today’s video don’t forget to hit the like button don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bar Okay guys now just lastly as an update of course is live in beta if you are interested There is a link down below. I’m actually really excited getting some Amazing feedback people absolutely loving it. And obviously there’s things to improve so The price is obviously going to be going up over time upon full release I have some really big plans in place that are slowly coming – it just takes a long time But aside from that just being so busy with the final quarter in the year That sales are I’m imagining for most of us doing really well Well as many of us as possible and you’re probably seeing an uplift in sales Keep in mind around the 15th – especially for dropshipping Try not to push it past that date. Okay, you’re gonna be really pushing it in most of the first of all countries Australia UK in the US and Canada that they do usually arrive within 10 days. Okay, so that that is just sort of cut off date go 15th 17th max that’s just and even then that’s really Really pushing it because if you’re getting it on the 15 Then and and unless you can fulfill it pretty much the same day to get it shipped out as soon as possible it’s gonna be hard because again companies are obviously gonna be going through a bit of a Dam shifting in terms of how fast I get delivered I mean, they’ll be definitely focusing heavily on as much as possible, but that’s Christmas period people are taking holidays So we got to remember as well that as much as we want those sales We do not want to piss our customers off if you want longevity in your business Make sure to keep that in mind do not go past those dates. I recommend the 15th is your cutoff okay, if that’s what you’re wondering dead 50, that’s when I’ll be scaling the right back to pretty much nearly nothing and just keeping just a bare minimum just to keep the ads going basically and you Know if organic one comes in. That’s fine. But I’d be what I plan to do is just send out a blanket email a Blanket email as well as a messenger update and a text just to say that We are this day if you are buying now past this day You may not receive it pass it because otherwise getting a charge backs again A lot of people mad because Brigance what needs to mean people will be buying for Christmas. Alright? So again, thank you very much guys for watching. I hope you all have a lovely day. Let’s all get some more sales. Take care You

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