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Retargeting is it part of you internet advertising?

Retargeting is it part of you internet advertising?

What is re targeting? Well Meet Sally – Sally wants to buy a couch. She begins by typing couch into her browsers search box. Sally finds stores and website that sell the
types of couches she likes She starts surfing multiple websites During that process she finds your site but,
forgets who you are and never cames back. Because while on your site she got distracted
by her boss, by the kids with a phone call and didn’t remember to write down or bookmark
your site After all how many website do you visit and
never return? I beat it’s a hole bunch. You know 98% of your website visitors will
leave with out converting into a sale. And did you know that it takes 7 touches with
your brand before someone will buy from you. This is why you need to re-target or re-market
to your sites visitors Sally found us — shopped our site — like
what she saw — but she wasn’t ready to buy when she was on our site With re-targeting the next time sally goes
on-line, your site will stay top of mind with by following her around the internet and displaying
Ads about your brand. Sally will eventually be reminded of the your couch and come back
and purchase the couch from you Without re-targeting this purchase would be
lost and your brand never remembered In this competitive world with millions of
website you need to leverage your marketing investment. If you’re getting people to your site with
Search Engine optimization or Pay Per Click or e-mail or a promotion, lets make sure we
stay top of mind and re-market to your shoppers with ads that are targeted and relevant to
what their shopping for. Can wait to get started call us today to learn
more and get a big lift in your marketing efforts by re-targeting to you websites visitors. Webociti we are the experts in building brands
and customer relationships Visit us today www.webociti.com

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