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Retargeting Facebook Ads For Realtors – ( $1-3 Real Estate Facebook Leads)

Retargeting Facebook Ads For Realtors – ( $1-3 Real Estate Facebook Leads)

Hello real estate agents & brokers, this is Jason Wardrop with our celeb catchy and in this video I’m gonna be breaking down a Facebook ad That you need to be running because you’re gonna be able to generate a lot lower cost per lead as well as a lot higher Quality leads now. I’ve got this little PDF cheat sheet for you guys I’ve got a link down in the description where you guys can just go through and download this this will give you the overall Example as well as just the copy and paste headline call to action news feed text So if you want that check down in the description and in this video I’m gonna break down exactly step by step how to actually set up the Sadd so Unlike a lot of the other YouTube videos you might find on facebook as where they blur out the headline or what that’s actually saying We’re not doing any of that. We’re gonna doubt allow you guys to download Exactly what we’re setting up here I’m going to show you guys exactly how to go into the Facebook Ads manager and get that all set up now. This is a Retargeting app now what retargeting is is basically if somebody’s ever visited your website Or your landing page or they’ve gone to your Facebook page or anything like that? They basically are a lot hotter warmer audience as opposed to somebody that’s never heard of you So now we go through and run ads towards just those people we’re able to see a lot higher quality Leads and a lot lower cost per lead now an example of this if you’ve ever been on Amazon and you search for one Product and you did it buy it then Every time you search on Amazon or you’re going to checking out other blog posts you’ve seen all these ads popping up and they’re about that exact product because they’re just retargeting or Remarketing is basically a synonymous term, right? They’re trying to get you to go back and buy that product or if you bought a certain product they have other Suggested products because they know if you’re interested in this one, you’re more than likely interested in some of these other ones so let’s jump in and actually go through and set this up and show you guys how you can take advantage of a lot of this low-hanging fruit now people already visiting your website People already visiting your landing pages checking out your Facebook page watching your videos or anything like that. So We can get a lot better results with your lead generation now The first part of this is going through and setting up a listing lead ad So if you have a listing or you’re marking a listing of somebody else in your office This is a listing Leeds ad which we’re not going to get to in this video. This is more about Retargeting anyone that’s already seen this ad anyone has already clicked the landing page But if you guys want this exact strategy this exact setup just comment down below and we’ll be able to go through and share Exactly how to set this up for you as well. But what we want to do now with this listing Retargeting ad campaign is go and target anyone that’s maybe liked this post Or they’ve clicked to your landing page or they click to your website But first one reason or another they didn’t actually go through and opt-in So what we want to first do is make sure that we have a landing page set up So if we click on this you can see what this landing page looks like Now if you guys are brand new to the whole landing page versus website scene Basically, you want to use a landing page because a landing page is gonna convert 15 to 25 times more people Actually visiting this landing page as opposed to people visiting your website in tallit so basically If you’ve got a main web site that you’re using and you haven’t really been seeing any leads to come and coming through from that website It’s more than likely because you’re not using the landing page and the reason why is because if you look at I made what your typical website There’s just so many distractions on that website. There’s the call-to-action. There’s all the links There’s though links to the blog post The call-to-action that could give you a call or email you or click out to your social media So there’s so many things that become super confusing whereas with a landing page There’s just one simple clear option right here where they hit schedule your showing Put in their name email and phone and hit submit. And at this point they become a lead in your database right now What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go through and show you guys how simple this is to actually set up So inside the arsalan kg lead generation software And if you guys are not members already to the arsalan kg software I will also add a link to grab a free 7-day trial down the description so you can follow along with this video and try What we’re gonna do is come over here to leadpages And this is basically the simple way to create a landing page to start generating more leads for your business Now you can see we’ve already got a couple of landing pages here We’ve got the email and text marketing follow-ups in place as well We’re gonna click on create another lead page and then from here, you see we’ve got all these different options So listing leads open house seller leads Byerly’s of no listing mortgage leads real estate investing Leadpages all these different landing pages, but for this example, if we come back here to this cheat sheet. This is for a listing leads Retargeting campaign. So we’re just going to choose this listing leads option right here So click choose and this will take us into the website builder Allow us to edit or anything and like the images the text of the videos anything to customize it to you and your business Now the nice thing about this is we’ve already got the headline the sub headline and the call-to-action Already done for you. So you don’t really have to mess with anything. Okay? So now if you want to change out Let’s say the background image because we probably want it to be an image of the actual listing that we’re promoting All we do is just click to edit a section. So we just click right there We come over here to choose new image and if we wanted to change out any of the other pieces on this landing page We can do that as well. We’ll click on choose new image We come over here to my images and you can upload an image from your desktop Now if you’ve already uploaded it and you’ve already saved it like I’ve got a few saved right here let’s say this is the listing that I’m going to go through and Mark it so I’m just going to choose that image and I can edit crop rotate do every we want and then we hit use this image and then just like that It’s super simple to go through and customize it and change it out to this listing that you’re marketing, right? So we’re just gonna hit save right here This is website saved and published And so this took, you know 45 seconds to 60 seconds to go through and set this up We’ve already got this pre-built template for you And the nice thing is is we’ve already got the automated follow-up RV in place so that if a lead opts in there getting this automated follow-up So if you want to go through and check that out You just got to click on these but we’re not gonna go through that on this video but for this landing page We just created you can see the background image view the 36 photos now And if you don’t have 36 photos you can easily change that they click on this they put in their first name email phone hit submit and at this point they become A lead in your CRM which it can sync it with the arsal CRM or if you’ve got another CRM you absolutely love you can Go through and make that happen. So Now at this point we have a landing page where we can send people to to actually generate leads when we’re setting up this retargeting ad right That’s why I went through and did this first because you need a landing page or you need some sort of way To generate leads before you actually set up the Facebook app. Okay, so let’s come over here to the Facebook Ads manager now before we go and set up this new campaign We want to make sure that we are creating the audience of people that we are Retargeting so that when we go through and set the campaign we can choose this audience Now this audience more than likely is going to be a very small audience But it’s a very hot audience because these are people have already missed your landing page your website. This is your Facebook page And so it’s very beneficial and that’s why you can get such a lower cost per lead so if we come over here in the Facebook Ads manager you just click on the search and you type in audiences It pops up right there. We click on this and then from here. We want to create a custom audience now I’ve already created some of these audiences down here. You can see right here. It says all website visitors There’s about 1,900 people on this demo website that I’ve got set up and it’s ready to use Okay So this is the actual audience. I’m gonna go through and choose Once I go into the Facebook ad campaign now really quick if you guys don’t have this all set up already Which I’m guessing you probably don’t all you have to do is come over here to create audience You go down to a custom audience And then from here, you can choose all these different sources of custom audiences so if you have an existing lead database or past clients that you’ve worked with you can click on this customer file option and upload that file so you can Remark it to people that have already been on your leads database or you’ve been a past client You’re looking to get more business coming in from them. But for this example, we’re gonna use the website traffic So this is anyone that has visited your website Visit your landing page We want to be able to go through and know who those people are so we can get them coming back to us So we can retarget and get them coming back so we can generate more leads So we’re gonna click on website traffic And then for this example We’re gonna say all website visitors now if you want to go through and collect all the website visitors data Then what you need to do is you need to first make sure you have your Facebook pixel Set up on your website and all of your landing pages and if you’re unsure on how to do that What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna link a video up here at the top so that you guys can go through and watch that where I break down step by step water Facebook pixel is is basically Facebook’s way of tracking everyone that visits your website and Becomes a lead and it also shows you how to set that up so for this example when we’re creating our audience will say all website visitors who have visited our Website in the last it goes up to 180 days. You can see maximum time However, I don’t usually like to use 180 days because a lot of times if somebody visits my site 180 days ago that’s six months. And so a lot of times as people have already forgotten who you are So I usually like to keep it between the 30 to 60 days range Obviously if you go through with 60 days It’s gonna create a larger audience because there’s more time for people to actually visit your website But if you want a higher quality audience, you probably want to stick to more of a 30 day range So for this one, I’m just gonna say 30 days and then give the audience a name so you could say all website visitors and say last 30 days okay, and then at this point we would create the audience it would come down here and I’m not going to create it because I’ve Already have it created and it’s going to populate right here and at first before it says ready with this little green mark its gonna say Populating which it could take a few hours or even into 24 hours to go through and populate But that doesn’t keep you from going through and creating your ad campaign So what we want to do now is we want to jump over here to the Facebook Ads manager And we’re gonna come over here Let’s just hit refresh make sure everything is up to date with all the audiences and everything that we’ve got going on we’re gonna click on create’ and This is gonna allow us to create a new Facebook ad campaign Okay And this is where we’re going to go through and use this exact Copy when we’re going and creating the actual ad now The first thing that facebook asks is what is your marketing objective right now? The marketing objective facebook has so much data on Every single person on facebook that they know the people more likely to watch a video on Facebook More likely to like or comment on a post more likely to click to your blog post Or opt-in as a lead or anything like that now For this retargeting campaign, the marketing objective that we want to choose is Traffic right here. Now. If you go through some of my other trainings as far as listing Lee’s campaign Which I referred to a little bit earlier Which once again if you guys want this training? Comment down below and we could share it with you as well now and those other trainings I talked about creating a conversion ad With your landing page to go through and generate more leads now The reason why we want to create a traffic ad is because we have such a small audience there We’re gonna be using a very small budget and typically with a conversion marketing objective Facebook likes to see at least 15 to 25 conversions Every single week for them to really optimize the conversion campaign. Now if we have a small small audience like that one I showed you guys there’s only 1900 people We’re only probably be spending a dollar to a dollar 50 per day on This remarketing campaign now over the course of seven days you will have spent just seven dollars on this campaign or if you’re spending a dollar fifty maybe ten dollars, but That’s not really enough money to get 15 to 25 conversions Unless you’re getting leads for like 20 cents per lead So for this example we’re just gonna choose traffic and Then from here we can give it a name but we’re just gonna leave it as is for this example We’ll hit continue and then right here This is where we’re gonna go and choose that custom audience that I was showing you guys a little bit earlier So we just come down here and we choose this custom audience. And so we click right there go to custom audience and Then we choose all Website visitors now the nice thing about this because this information this audience is so specific We don’t have to mess around with any of the other targeting options like location age gender language or even any of their interest because These we’re already telling Facebook that we only want to target these people who have already visited our website or landing page Or any of the other pages on your blog or whatever website you have Okay, so makes it pretty simple and then coming down here as far as placements go usually although Facebook recommends the automatic placements for our larger budget ad campaigns I don’t necessarily recommend that but for this example with such a small budget of just a dollar two dollar fifty per day It’s a small audience. So we want to be able to hit them every single place They possibly could be whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram or any other platform So we’re just gonna leave it at automatic placements right here And then as far as the daily budget, like I said This is only about 1,900 people what we saw in that custom audience so we don’t need a $20 a day budget or else what’s gonna happen is that ad is gonna quickly suffer from ad fatigue and Everyone’s gonna get super annoyed by you and it’s just gonna lose its whole effectiveness So what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna put one dollar per day which because we have such a small audience We don’t really need a bigger budget. Now if you get that audience up to let’s say maybe 10,000 people Maybe you can increase it to a dollar fifty or even two dollars But I usually like to do about one dollar per 10,000 people So even if you have an audience of 20000 people who have already visit your website I still wouldn’t really be spending a lot of money on this campaign Okay. Now from here all this other stuff we can just leave as is then we’re gonna click continue And now at this point this is where this checklist comes into play that you guys can download down in the description And so we’ve got the quick overview We’ve got an example of what this is actually gonna look like And then just because you can’t copy and paste up from the actual image I went through and I separated it all so you guys can easily select this Copy it and then paste it into the Facebook as manager as you’re setting all this up So as far as this newsfeed text, we’re just gonna copy this We’re gonna come down and we’ll put it in the text area. So we’ll paste that right there And then we want the URL to this landing page that we already created So that’s why we went through and created that landing page first. So we’re gonna grab this URL and We are going to copy this right in there copy and paste it right in there. And now we’ve got the headline We don’t want it to say the listing leaves. This is just the name of this landing page. We want to just copy and paste We’ve already got right here. What are you waiting for? And so we paste this in right here. Now as far as the call-to-action goes you can see we’ve got learned more by default but we can also go through input book now so we can come over here just Choose the book now option right there right now You can see this is still not looking exactly like this image right here so what we want to do is we want to go through and make sure we’re adding an image to our ad because that’s what’s really gonna draw people’s attention When they’re scrolling through their newsfeed That’s what’s going to get them to stop Grab their interest and then they’re gonna go through and read everything else that is on the app now the key here is you want to use the same exact image that you use on the background in your Facebook ad just to keep that consistency So if they see your ad and they click on the link and they go to this page if they don’t see that Consistency then it might confuse them and think. Oh, well, I just wanted to check out that other house. Not this house And so it’s gonna throw them off. So all we’re gonna do is you just hit upload image I’ve already got this one uploaded in our library. So I’m just gonna choose a browse library and Let’s check it out right here So I’m just gonna click on this and click confirm and it’s gonna pop up and show you exactly this exact same image so if they click on this They’re gonna come to this landing page with the same image same messaging same everything and so they’re just keeps that consistency Now from here, all you got to do is come down and click confirm and at this point it’s running It’s launched and what you’ll want to do is every probably four to five days go in and just check and see How this is performing. What is your cost per click and see if their leads that are coming through through this landing page? inside of Arsenal and see how many leads are going through Just so you can get a good Idea on what your cost per lead is now the nice thing is is typically these leads are a lot higher quality Because they’ve already vis your website So they probably have a good idea of who you are what you do what you’re all about and so we’re just retargeting these people but Since we’re spending such a low budget of just a dollar maybe two dollars at max per day Leads are probably not going to be coming in every single day. Right, but we might be having leads every couple of days And so we don’t really need to go through and check our stats and everything every single day Maybe just once per week is gonna be fine So once again guys all we’re gonna do is kick confirm at this point you are done You’re ready to go. Now if you guys found this video helpful, go ahead and give it a thumbs up also if you guys want this checklist Make sure you guys just go opt-in and you guys can download this 100% for free Follow along with this video where I show you guys exactly step by step how to get this all set up and if you guys are brand new here to the channel and you guys have Not subscribed yet Make sure you guys subscribe because we launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business And once again if you guys want our listing leads the initial how to get the listing leads campaign setup Then just drop a comment down below and we can share that with you show. You step by step get that all set up So you can start getting your initial leads coming in from that cold market of people in your area And then you can set up this listing leads Retargeting campaign of anyone that’s already visited your website get them coming back to you because that is such low-hanging fruit So once again guys, thanks so much for watching this video. Make sure you guys subscribe like comment And with that said I will see you all later

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