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Restaurant hit with $1,000 fine for posting ‘males only’ job ad

Restaurant hit with $1,000 fine for posting ‘males only’ job ad

A New Jersey Middle Eastern restaurant which came under fire in April for posting a job advertisement that asked for solely male applicants has been fined $1,000 NY Gyro King in Bloomfield will also have to implement an anti-discrimination policy while having their workers undergo sensitivity training The restaurant undertook these obligations as part of its agreement with the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office, according to NJ Advance Media   The restaurant’s managers initially defended themselves by claiming that they were looking to hire men because the job entails lifting heavy deliveries and 40-pound boxes   A New Jersey Middle Eastern restaurant called NY Gyro King came under fire in April for posting a job advertisement saying ‘males only’ The Bloomfield, New Jersey restaurant Gyro King pictured above Following the backlash the restaurant took down the controversial sign and replaced it with another, this time omitting the ‘males only’ lineNY Gyro King in Bloomfield posted the job ad on April 20, saying they’re seeking to fill a part-time job opening on the morning shift A line at the bottom added the requirement ‘males only’. An outraged local posted a picture of the ad on a Citizens of Bloomfield Facebook group, where neighbors left 271 comments and some vowed to never eat there again   RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next In the shadow of the Beast: Larry the Downing Street cat ‘He needs to rot’: Dad’s fury as sheriff’s deputy on duty. Share this article Share ‘A sign like that is disheartening to a young female looking for work, or even a single mother trying to do the proper thing and work and not live off subsidies,’ Joseph Pezzano, who first shared a photo of the sign, said in the group  ‘Yea if you have a business you have to abide by the law. If you don’t like it don’t have a business ,’ one outraged social media user wrote.’Oh the ignorance of Bloomfield citizens once again,’ another echoed  ‘This is USA not Saudi Arabia. I love their food but after seeing this I’m not going there again,’ one angry customer wrote ‘It would have been smarter to let women apply and just not hire them. Not advertise “no women,”‘ another Facebook user added  ‘The workers are Muslim, you are not allowed to mix males with females unless they are family members Please don’t be willfully ignorant,’ one Facebook user noted. ‘All jobs should be open to all that can perform the work safely Not by race gender religion or sex,’ a Facebook user responded. But the restaurant management insists that they didn’t mean to be sexist and that request for males was because the job requires lifting heavy boxes and unloading deliveries   Outraged local Joseph Pezzano posted a picture of the ad on a Citizens of Bloomfield Facebook group, where outraged neighbors left 271 comments, many vowing to never eat there again Backlash: Angry Facebook users commented on the post, slamming the job ad as illegal This Facebook user reasoned that the males only hiring requirement was due to religious reasons, though the manager said it was because of the nature of the work One of the eatery managers Amir Ahmad explained that some of the boxes weigh up to 40 pounds  ‘We have nothing against ladies. We’re not sexist or anything like that,’ Ahmad said to the North Jersey Record   He explained that an employee quit suddenly on April 20 and Ahmad put up the sign that night  When a reporter called to ask about the ‘males only’ line, he took it down and replaced it with another that doesn’t include that prerequisite  ‘I was in a rush to find somebody fast,’ Ahmad said. ‘We didn’t mean nothing in a bad way To be honest I didn’t really think about it.’   Over 270  people commented on the post, outrage with the discriminationAhmad’s family has owned and run Gyro King since it opened three years ago  So far, only local reporters have call in to complain about the notice, not any customers  The ‘males only’ line may have broken the law. According to the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, ‘It is unlawful for any employer or labor organization to discriminate against an employee or applicant based on gender identity or gender expression ‘

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