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Report and remove bad YouTube ads

Report and remove bad YouTube ads

Hi everyone I’m Peggy K. Today I’m
going to show you how to report bad ads on YouTube and tell Google you aren’t
interested in seeing that ad again. If the video you’re watching has a pre-roll
ad you can usually skip that out after 5 seconds, but if you really don’t like the
ad or you think it violates Google policy, you can tell Google you don’t
want to see it again and report it. The ad settings are at lower left. You’ll see
the word Ad, the time remaining in the ad, and then an i with a circle around
it, which is the “Why this ad?” button. That’s what you want to click. You’ll be
shown information about why you’re seeing that particular ad. You can click
the link to visit your Google account’s ad settings or just click “Stop seeing
this ad”. Iif you click “Stop seeing this ad “it will
be gone and you can tell Google what you think was wrong with the ad. Once
you’ve made your selection click “Send”. You may also see ads on the video watch
page. These ads usually have two icons at top-right or sometimes at bottom left.
There’s an X and an arrow for “AdChoices.” “If you click the X you’ll have two
options: you can either report the ad or you can choose “AdChoices” or sometimes
“Why this ad?”. If you choose the option to report the ad you can select a reason
why you want to report it. Once you’ve done thatm YouTube will tell you that
they’ll try not to show you that ad again. If you select “AdChoices” or “Why
this ad?” instead you’ll be shown information about why that particular ad
was being shown to you, and you can also choose to stop seeing this ad. Going back
to the original ad if you click the blue “AdChoices” arrow instead of the X
you’ll be taken to a page in the AdSense Help Center that explains how ads are
targeted. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page where it says “Leave
feedback on the website or ad you just saw” and then select “the ads”. That will
link you to a page in AdWords Help Center that lets you report to ad. If the
problem with the ad is not about trademark or counterfeit goods you want
to select “an ad violates other AdWords policies”. That will let you select the
specific policy that the ad is violating. You will also need to enter very
specific details about the ad’s location and links, so be sure to fill out this
form before you close the page with the ad. You can also attach a screenshot and
provide additional information. Once the form is filled out click “Submit”. Note
that you can open the “Feedback on AdWords ads” page anytime. You don’t need
to click a link on an ad. But to fill out and submit the form you do need all the
details about the ad itself and the page where you saw it.
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64 thoughts on “Report and remove bad YouTube ads

  1. Hi hi Peggy thanks for the information. I have YouTube Red so I don’t see the ads most of the time. However when I am at work I am not logged into my account. Will these steps work for people when they’re not logged in to a YouTube account?

  2. Its not showing me the option "stop seeing this ad" at all, there is nothing there, only blank space

    any suggestions?

  3. hello PeggyK I have a problem please help me I have this channel I have many views and subscribers and comments and everything was submitted to the company Google AdSense 6 months ago and was answered a week ago with the refusal to know that the channel does not have a violation or copyright and rejected me by email and told me there is not enough information? How ?

  4. Darn. The ad I'm seeing doesn't have the "Stop seeing this ad" option. It's an advertisement for a particularly aggressive (in my opinion) scam artist who is attempting to sell a real-estate "Get RICH Quick!" scheme.

  5. Peggy K can you please invite me to the Google+ Create program, I know what's happening, but please help me out. This is really serious.

  6. I can't stand political ads. I am a big Trump supporter, and some bullshit ad for "impeach Trump" just ruins my listening experience. I don't care if you have ads for cars, ladies underwear, ce3ll phones, etc. just no political crap from either side. please!!!!!! p.s. I'm an old fart, i don't have the expertise to figure out a lot of techy stuff.

  7. Thank you for this very thorough tutorial! Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work if you have personalized ads turned off. I want to report and ad because it's straight up racist and full of bold-faced lies (think I'm just a "triggered SJW"? Look up PragerU or Prager University and judge for yourselves; personally I'm flabbergasted), but there's no button that let's me tell YouTube that because the ad isn't targeted toward me specifically.

  8. Hey, I keep getting this ad which is personalised to my exact location, which I think is a violation of the privacy policy. Is there any way to make a written report about it?

  9. The mobile app doesn’t have this option to report the ad. Is there a different process for mobile? I’m sick of seeing transphobic ads.

  10. OMG I LOVE YOU! THANKS SO MUCH! I seriously have had the same ad for a year and the voice was just the worst like it was scratchy and all that and I had just had enough, you couldn't even skip it either!

  11. I keep getting ads saying vaping is bad, but I don't even vape. I keep clicking don't show the ad, but they come up with different vaping ads every time. Does YouTube want me to start vaping? wtf

  12. 0:45 it's not there anymore. can't report Grammarly for hating on white men. notice how "woke" they are by excluding white men in some of their vids?

  13. I can't go back to it now, but I would really rather not see nipples in the ads especially when channel videos actually get demonotized or flagged for such thing. Fashion nova ad with the chick in the lace top's nipples can easily be seen through the top but I don't know how to get back to be able to report or atleast stop seeing it.

  14. I'm just so tired of ads being 10x louder in volume than the video I'm watching especially when using earbuds. Thanks for the fucking hearing damage you assholes!! I will never buy any product with a BLARING ad.

  15. I wish YouTube hadn't removed most of these features. I keep wondering why that would get rid of the report and stop seeing this ad buttons since it makes them look uninterested in their users opinions of them.

  16. There is a ad that’s stealing clips from another game it’s stealing clips from jump force for a mobile game

  17. Hello, thanks for the video, but my story: So nearly everyone in Greece including me has been getting 5 seconds lasting unskippable ads by the Greek channel of Quaker, the oats company. They have been getting some harsh comments about their last 2 ads, which play literally ALL THE TIME, but they're not stopping, and there's no skip ad button to be seen…

  18. guys I'm repeatedly getting different vaping ads, I'm 9 years old and I had to sleep with my parents because one ad said " don't imagine a clown in you're room whilst you sleep. " it's all over youtube pretty much ruining it. 😛 it. I may need to talk at yt hq.

  19. Thank you, there are so many ads that steal things from games, youtubers and other ads, and sometimes the ad just lies about what the game is actually about

  20. I keep getting this ad about tips on how to tell if someone’s unfaithful, and I don’t have a problem with that but there’s numerous different repeats of it all over my homepage and I click stop seeing this ad but it’s back an hour later.

  21. Can someone help me cause I’m getting harassed by bts adds on every video I’ve watched and it’s annoying. No offense to army

  22. How to remove off videos.
    You've turned off ad personalization from Google, so this ad is not customized based on your data. This ad was shown based on other factors, for example:

    The time of day

    The video you're watching

    Your general location (like your country or city

    Visit Google's Ad Settings to learn more about how ads are targeted or to opt out of personalized ads.

    So I get offensive ads or have google selling more of my information for different ads that might be the also offensive.
    I understand I have to skip the ads twice to see the video since now it is 4 ads each time there is a ad

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