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Relaxing Country Music Playlist

Relaxing Country Music Playlist

harbin My oh my, you’re so good-looking ! Hold yourself together, like a pair of bookends But I’ve not tasted all your cooking Who are you when I’m not looking ? Do you pour a little something on the rocks?

100 thoughts on “Relaxing Country Music Playlist

  1. Track Listing!!!
    1.00:00 Blake Shelton-Who Are You When I'm Not Looking
    2.03:05 Billy Currington – People Are Crazy
    3.06:40 Kenny Chesney – I Go Back
    4.11:42 Brooks & Dunn – My Maria
    5.16:15 Kenny Chesney – The Good Stuff
    6.18:18 Scotty McCreery-The Trouble With Girls
    7.20:56 Alan Jackson-Gone Country
    8.23:31 Lee Brice – Woman Like You
    9.26:50 Pistol Annies-Hell On Heels
    10.29:26 Tim McGraw – Just To See You Smile
    11.33:01 Darryl Worley – Have You Forgotten?

  2. I'am not American.. And I'm not from united states.. I'am from Philippines but, I really really love country songs.. I had this in my playlist.. It can made me relax especially when I'm tired.. And go to sleep..

  3. I wonder whether people still listen to the country music from the 1960's such as Wolverton Mountain and Blue Train

  4. Hello I subscribe your channel and you subscribe my channel please too.

  5. I’m from iraq and every day i drive about 40 min to my college listening to these songs really make my day ❤️😍
    Thanks ✌️✌️👍

  6. This is for the most GORGEOUS amazing lady and and soul my bestfriend. The one that believed it me when I was lost in the dark . Nest that I was ready to give up .then they lord sent me the most GORGEOUS amazing angel and when I seen her the next day in Tacoma ,wa standing on the corner across from the transit bus station .whit the most amazing smule. She stole my heart .I new that i was finally complete.i love u beth Henderson….xoxoxo


  7. A cold beer and good mates around a fire this is Amazing thanks You so much 🙌🏼 From Australia 🇦🇺

  8. Country music makes me wanna cry😂 and I don’t know why..but it’s good to relax buh I’m always get in my feels😭

  9. Was wondering what I was missing,it's the country music,I've been so hectic lately,so here the plugs in my ears 😂🕺
    Dreaming 🤠 wearing a cowgirl hat and boots,most of all being brave on a horse 🤕😇.
    Yes your right all, just ride in our cars with music loud and travel and free, enjoy and dance x x

  10. Men i can imagine that im zorro relaxing on the top of the mountain and watching the sunset and sit like a badass cowboy . Lol

  11. 太好听了,最近都是听这些歌然后入睡,great songs, presently only can fall asleep while listen such songs

  12. This kind of genre, Makes me feel im walking down a meadow with the lovely air brushing my skin. The grass sways softly with the soothing wind. Lots of lovely animals are just feeding by the grass nearby, i sat down a large tree watching the animals enjoying the day. The sun shines brightly as my mind wander several things while whistling, and suddenly fell asleep.

  13. It’s made me want a car ride like crossing the mountain in a very long long road with less car and beside the ocean or something.Why people said country music is sucks btw.

  14. that's murican culture at his best right there… Congratulations guys ! lol ^^ you are so dumb each and everyone of ya….

  15. Greetings from Marshall Islands.
    Been listening to country songs since I was little and still listening today. This is what life is about, good ole country musics.

  16. Wanna travel? With high volume of country music yeah 😘🚴🏻‍♂️
    Feel bad? Come on let’s make a party with country music 🎶

  17. Hey y'all. I'm a native Texan, born and raised and love it here. I don't like the big cities all that much like Austin, fort Worth or downtown Waco, the traffic is bad and lots of construction. But they are pretty and plenty of things to do there. I like the small towns like Thornton or Fairfield. It's true, not much traffic, friendly folks, plenty of back roads to ride down with the windows open and fresh air and the radio. Sometimes my girlfriend and I just ride around town or just ride down a backroad and let the breeze flow though our hair. I have to admit, sometimes I do take it for granted, but listening to country music makes sure I stay on the ground. Hope y'all have a real good day now. Put plenty of sugar in your Texas tea. 🤠

  18. That country music makes me happy and hope it makes you guys kind! Hollywood was right. Hello from Ukraine =)

  19. Soy colombiano y nunca he conocido Estados Unidos pero desde joven me ha encantado la música country estadounidense.Admiro ese gran país y para mi es el mejor del mundo por su música y su cultura y sus espectaculares paisajes.I love country music.

  20. Country music makes me want to travel to the southwest to the southeast on a flop-top with a bucket of film with my camera strapped around my neck

  21. so relaxing,when im tired from work i just wanna lay down,listen to this and imagine myself cruising down some dirt road with my old pick up truck going for a nice cold beer downtown,totally carefree!country music always feels good!

  22. Think we have only 3 kinds of music in the USA- C. & W. -that's "COUNTRY and WESTERN" and old fashioned "ROCK 'N ROLL" but we like ' em. 😀🔫🐴🌹 TEXAS!!

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