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Reduce YouTube Ads | An Announcement For You

Reduce YouTube Ads | An Announcement For You

Quick Announcement! The channel is changing. Changing for good. Hey, everyone! My name is Varun, and after about 8 years,
here I am on this channel to share with you all important piece of content, that you’re
gonna find really useful, whether you’re a school going fella, a parent, a teacher, young
adult, teen or an adult, irrespective of age and sex, as long as you use internet, your
smartphone or a PC, which you certainly do. So it’s a channel going to be tuned in for
your frequency. And this time, in order for the content to
be not-random, it’s going to be as web series, which might be a chain of related episodes
that terminate at some point, thus, leading to a new one. I’ve already started on with two web series
on IGTV, with the username @VarunVC_, and since this video isn’t actually some content,
but just an announcement, you can head up there and check for real what I’m talking
of. So, for the first week, there are going to
be about 3-4 uploads, and then to consistent one upload every weekend. Coping up with the college too, one episode
a week is a way for still me putting up with quality content. The first video, airing Monday, is a How-to
video, in vertical. Revealing the topic. Wait… Let me just give a hint, it’s the title for
this current video. So yes! That’s it for an announcement. Will be coming back this Monday. And I appreciate you boosting up this enthusiasm
by giving a like, or adding up to subscribers!

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