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Reddit ups ads, Snapchat ups integrations & Instagram ups shopping | Social Bullet

Reddit ups ads, Snapchat ups integrations & Instagram ups shopping | Social Bullet

It’s an insanely busy week within the
social media world Instagram has slashed a number of clicks
users need to make in order to make a purchase from their stories. Instagram’s
long form video hub is coming very very soon. The silent giant that is Reddit
has launched in app native video ads and snapchat opens up their developer
platform ‘SnapKit’ plus all the latest news tips and trends for your social
media this is the social bullet As of this week Instagram have launched shoppable stickers for within stories simply putting a shoppable sticker on the
product within the story users can simply click and buy without even
leaving the stories functionality currently a few brands such as Adidas, Louis Vuitton and the Kooples are some of the first brands to get
access to the feature but it will be rolled out to many more very very soon Last week we reported on rumours that Instagram a potentially launching own
long-form video hub I’m pleased to say that has been confirmed and the
long-form video hub of up to one hour videos is due to launch in testing on
the 20th of June We don’t often discuss Reddit but it is a bit of a silent giant with over 330 million monthly active users it’s now bigger than Snapchat, it’s
bigger than Pinterest and is bigger than LinkedIn but with they use as being
notoriously intolerant for blatant advertisers marketers are always a bit
nervous to jump onto the platform back in August 2017 Reddit launched native
video and have seen a huge rise of video within the platform reporting that they
have seen a 23% month-on-month increase in video views and now saying
they have on average 5 million minutes of viewers a day Reddit have opened up
native video ads to publishers these video ads will autoplay in-stream so
could give massive exposure to brands but of course the challenge here is
finding the balance between marketing to the reddit community and not falling
victim to their dark side Snapchat continue to integrate with various platforms across the web opening up their developer kit called Snap Kit snap
appeared to have learned from Facebook’s recent privacy blunders and have opened
up what’s being referred to as a high end developer integration this
essentially means that it’s quite technically complex
integrate and the access you can receive of user data is pretty limited
this is a huge move for Snapchat being that first-time users will be able to
access Snap content off of the platform and will be a really interesting test to
see how it’s integrated across the web Now turning our focus onto your social
media here are our top picks for the hashtags and trends likely to be receiving the most amount of attention this coming week Tuesday the 19th of
June is Juneteenth Day this is an American holiday which commemorates the
19th of June which was the final abolishment of slavery across the United
States Wednesday the 20th of June is World
Refugee day on this day the United Nations refugee agency and countless
civic groups around the world run various activities and events to
draw the public’s attention to the millions of refugees and internally
displaced people around the world Whether you’re a or you’re a Thursday the 21st of June is world
music day and a global celebration for the tunes that make us move Friday 22nd of June our workplaces will be alive because it is in fact national take your
dog to work day and finally round up your week in style
because Saturday the 23rd of June is national Pink day a bit of a strange
celebration because it is just around the color and everything that is in pink but
gives you the opportunity to wear your finest pink threads wherever you want to go And finally our Instagram inspiration for you this week is long beautiful and
rather delicious we all know that the look and feel of your overall Instagram
feed is as important as the individual posts within it. The challenger
supermarket brand Aldi has taken this feed focus to the extreme and made sure
that the feed of their UK account is one long continuous story seamlessly taking
us through various different seasons activities and promotions the feed
always stays current up to date but each individual posts highlights their
amazing products in a really beautiful way That’s all we’ve got time for this
week thank you so much for joining us I hope you have an amazing week both on
and off social media and we will be back here next week
with the latest news tips and trends for your social have a great one because it is national bring your dog to
day work because it is national take your dog to day work national take your dog today work take your dog to day work it is a national take your dog to day work national take your work

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