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Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Trailer #3

Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Trailer #3

Listen to me, we don’t want to kill any of you… But trust me, we will. Wake ’em up a little! This whole thing is pretty much done. We’re more ghosts than people. You have got to keep faith. They will not crush us. Good old Dutch, my best friend… You know how we met? A pair of hucksters trying to rob each other… Back in ’78 or thereabouts. You have to love yourself a fire. It’s one of the blessings. Sure, we can have fire… And we can have the knowledge of fire… But with that comes the knowledge of everything. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a robbery. Sons of Dutch Makes us brothers Sometimes, brothers make mistakes. You’ll never change. I know that. All of you venerate savagery… And you will die savagely. Get out here! Stay strong. Stay with me. You have to love yourself a fire. Product not yet rated

100 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Trailer #3

  1. All I can say is wow. This game is a masterpiece. The story has so much emotion. We put so emotional into Arthur and John and how Arthur saves John at the end. Arthur risked his life for John and it was worth it. John has a happy life because of Arthur. This game tells a story about love and passion for those around you. It also tells the story about how being a leader means you take too much for granted. This game is beautiful. Thank you rockstar for making an amazing story. We will never forget Arthur Morgen, ride on brother.

  2. El juegoooo es íncreibleee me fasina y aparte quiero que lo revivan a Arthur y que se reencuentre con Dutch y puedan arreglar las cosas como que Arthur reencanrne o que se crea que murió pero no fue asi

  3. Best trailer for this game by far, Reverend Swanson’s speech combined with the imagery and the music gives me chills every time.

  4. I was so biased against this game because god of war at that time was game of the year but when I got this game completed the story I was like ok this deserved goty but god of war is still good

  5. Un chef-d'oeuvre, ce n'est pas un simple jeu c'est de l'art cinématographique digne des plus grand western ! Tout un univers plein de péripétie, de retournement qui dégage de grande émotions, une immersion au top dans ce qui a été l'histoire Far West ! MERCI ROCKSTAR VOUS POUVEZ NOUS FAIRE DES JEU SUPER FUN ET SECOND DEGRES COMME GTA ET EN PARALLELE DES JEUX SUPER SERIEUX AVEC DES GRANDS MESSAGE DE FOND QUI DEMANDE DE LA REFLEXION ET DE LIMPLIQUATION !!

  6. the game of the decade the game that changed me no game can this generation beat read dead redemption 2 no last of us 2 no death stranding no

  7. At 1:52, isn’t that the burnt and abandoned town of limpany near the second camp in chapter 2 and you can see a bit of fire burning out.

  8. Back when I only had this and I was like “OMG OMG OMG I WANNA SEE THIS IT LOOKS SO COOL” oh past me you don’t even know how cool it really is

  9. We're finally getting it on PC! They made a fortune on the console versions and now they'll make another on PC 😀
    Good luck beating those numbers EA 😀

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