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Recording A Spotify Ad

Recording A Spotify Ad

*Intro music plays* (Off Camera) Audio Rolling (Off Camera) Action *alarm sound, blender, and screaming* BUY SPOTIFY PREMIUM, YOU CHEAP FUCK (Off Camera) We got it We got it? Awesome

100 thoughts on “Recording A Spotify Ad

  1. "you want non-stop music don't you? Think of everything that's non-stop!"
    The only thing I can think of is Spotify ads.

  2. random music
    No, not that.
    more music
    Nope, not that either
    even more bs
    yOuRe So dEmAnDiNg
    i JuSt KnOw WhAt I lIkE


    WE'rE soRRy, thIs trAiN HAs BeEn sToPPed fOr tHe forESeeaBle fuTure. We HOpe yoU brOUght a BooK!

  4. no its more like outdated annoying music playing in the background and some random voice saying gEt pReAmIum

  5. Heres your 30 mins of no ads.
    (Plays song)
    (After song)
    Spotify: YOu LOvE LiSTeNiNG to YoUr FavOriTe ArtiSTs aNd We lOVe lisTeNing To YOu

  6. I've been paying for Spotify since 2012 right from the start. I dunno what the ads sounds like and I'm glad I don't know now. X3

  7. My favorite thing is when some company has paid money for a Spotify ad that you have to watch to understand, as if most people are looking at Spotify when they’re driving or working or whatever

  8. Spotify and Amazon are all that I get on ads anymore for yt. At what point does it stop being advertising and become harassment?

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