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Record | Joe Biden for President

Record | Joe Biden for President

I think we should step back and say something we don’t often say enough as a party or as a nation. Barack Obama is an extraordinary man – an extraordinary president. I watched up close. He has character, courage, and vision. He was a president our children could and did look up to. He was a great president. And I was proud to serve as his Vice President, but never more proud than the day we passed health care.

86 thoughts on “Record | Joe Biden for President

  1. Yang2020
    He is the man the country needs
    He can normalize and bridge the social divide
    Nothing matters more than unity right now

  2. Joe Biden approved rotten trade deals that sent millions of good paying union jobs to China. Joe Biden worked with pro segregation Democrats. Joe approved US troops in never ending military conflicts Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Joe wants millions of illegals to invade the USA and take jobs away from Americans. Joe wants illegals to have free health care paid for by Americans. Joe wants Americans to be forced to pay for expensive Obamacare. Joe voted for easy credit to buy a house in 1990s causing 2008 recession.

  3. I have not met anyone who is inspired by sleepy Joe … If you expect any Republican voters to switch over it won't be for someone tied to Obama …

  4. Imploding Comcast-owned, war-loving, Medicare For All hating, NAFTA-TPP loving, union-bashing Joe and his yawningly much mentioned love of the guy he refers to in public as President My-boss. Bernie 2020.

  5. I will vote for Joe Biden and can't wait for him and a Democratic congress to reverse everything Trump has done to damage our healthcare, the climate, immigration, trade and our reputation in the world!

  6. The candidate who solves the immigration crisis will become the next POTUS.
    Building a wall that blocks migration corridors is simple-minded stupidity. Returning asylum seekers back into the peril they are fleeing, locking them up in cages, or leaving them stranded mid-journey on the southern Mexican border is inhumane.
    Sending troops to stop them at our border is too little too late. Instead, send them to support the struggling governments of countries who are losing their battles against the drug cartels, of which US consumers are funding and are threatening the helpless asylum seekers. Indirectly, we have created their problems and should assume responsibility for fixing it. With the restoration of law and order within those countries, people can remain safe and secure within their homelands, cultures, and social networks. Given that, why would they want to migrate here? Nip the problem in the bud, not after it has snowballed at our border. (sorry about mixing metaphors)

  7. Speaking as a historian, Obama was the least consequential 2 term president ever. His achievements are mediocre half-measures, his legacy is inaction, drone warfare, a milquetoast healthcare bill, and stagnation. We need a president who aspires to more, who will fight back, who won’t abandon organizations like Acorn when the right demands it (seriously that probably cost Hillary the election). We need bold solutions, we need a fighter, we need Bernie Sanders.

  8. Oh, I thought Biden was gonna go over his own political record, but then again I'm reminded that it was an abysmal record, where he voted for NAFTA, deregulation of wall street, the Iraq War, created the 1994 crime bill, among a whole host of other terrible things. The only thing he has going for him is not even something inherent in him, but rather the fact that he happened to serve under someone else. He has LITERALLY NOTHING ELSE.

  9. Joe you can't even finish a sentence and your closing statement was just a word jumble. Please do your self a favour and drop out!

  10. Your wife is telling us we gotta swallow? Is that what Joe told her???
    The left is so full of hate and bitterness. It will consume you and ultimately destroy you.

  11. Here's the REAL record:

    – 13 million more Americans added to food stamps

    – 8 million more added to poverty

    – Worst recovery since 1940's

    – Lowest labor participation since the 70's

    – Lowest homeownership in 51 years

    – Accumulated more debt than 43 Presidents / VP's combined

    I don't know how many times I have to repeat myself, not to sound redundant, but it's fact.

  12. Biden is Hillary with dif genitals> hes spending most his time kissing wall street ass for cash just like Hillary> OH and WARREN another fake progressive.

  13. Besides being to old & would be the oldest elected in history old dirty creepy Joe has officially linked to Epstein & underaged girlshttps://youtu.be/brIvhUaQgm4

  14. lol this dude has 8k followers on YouTube can barely get a couple thousand likes on twitter. He is being propped up completely by the media. I can’t imagine being excited to vote for this man. Braindead

  15. “Imagine if obama was assassinated as the defacto nominee…things change, 40 students at kent state gunned down on a beautiful lawn….im the first senator I’ve ever known..” -Joe Biden as his dentures fall out of his mouth onto the floor and blood pours out of his eyes

  16. Who is voting for Dementia Joe? I can't understand how he is leading in the polls. Anyone informed can't really want him to be the Democratic Nominee.

  17. Obama knew what he was talking about. He didn't lie at every event. His dentures didn't fall out during debates. He didn't get plastic surgery. He never had bloodshot eyes during town hall meetings. He never made racists comments about Indians, Blacks, and Hispanics. He actually knew and remembered the names of states he was in, people he worked for, and policies he promoted.

    And there is no way the democratic party will elect someone who can't even remember basic things. The democrats want someone who can thrive for 8 years. You can't even remember basic things about policy, who you worked for, where you are, where you were, when things happened. It's over for you.

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