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Recapturing Youth and Maintaining with Dermal Fillers – Channel Takeover with Dr Kishan from TLC!

Recapturing Youth and Maintaining with Dermal Fillers – Channel Takeover with Dr Kishan from TLC!

today we’re having a channel takeover
with dr. Kish hello youtubers my name is Kishan I’m one of the doctors at the
lovely clinic and I work with Sarah talks who I’m sure you’re familiar with
I’m here today with Vicky who is interested in some treatments for
rejuvenating her face and we’re just going to talk through some of her goals
some of her objectives about what she’s trying to achieve so over to you
Vicky and can I ask you why are you here today
well I think since kind of getting a bit older and starting to feel like time is
catching up on my face a little bit I was just interested in trying to
maintain really trying to you know capture some of the youth back and make
myself feel you know like it’s like it’s not a battle that I’m losing okay well
we’ve met before and I have to say Vicky you look great I
do know your age and I think you know whatever treatments we’re going to do I
think they’re just going to enhance and perhaps give you a little bit of a
refreshment I don’t think there’s a lot we need to do and but we will talk
through some of your sort of bugbear some of your areas that you want to
improve so with that in mind should we get the pictures shall we all have a
little look through them if you perhaps take the iPad and there’s your pen and
if you highlight and your so maybe four or five things that you bother you okay
we can take it from there okay well I think initially and probably highest on
the priority is just the areas under here sorry is that not there we go there
we go so um the areas under here which everybody knows get a little bit bit dry
bit crepey bit lining I think that would be a really good thing to try and to try
and improve also theirs I’ve noticed just a just a sort of not lines
exactly but just kind of starting to feel a bit heavier here gosh I’m going
to make a really nice picture of myself here and the long and
here so sort of just trying to you know open the face up again because I guess
gravity pulls it down there’s also some areas here I suppose there’s sun damage
hyperpigmentation be lovely if I could try and you know get that like canvas
back again where you all this kind of a nice even complexion all over and I
think here maybe a little bit of volume sort of disappears from here as you get
older as well I think those will probably be the main the main areas that
probably I feel like okay and because jump the face has never sort of just
straight on it’s always in different angles and let’s have a look at other
views of you as well so well we can see here we’ve got all
these the lines around here which would be nice if that was kind of slightly
smoothed down not quite so line II I mean I mean there’s sort of areas here
that look quite shadowy that would that’s probably another another area
that could that would be nice sort of it opened up a little bit you know yeah I
think you can see here a little bit more when we’re talking about this this whole
area here kind of you know falling falling inwards on itself you know
you’ve got a bit of a shadow there you know you lose the tooth you lose the
kind of tight jaw line effect there as well as everything sort of falling a bit
more forward so you’ll be nice to sort of separating things out and and going
through what I’m going to do separately free but I think I’ll just start off
here I mean I think that for me is a really good thing that you that you’ve
pointed out because the definition of the jawline is something I probably want
to target as well as all the other areas you’ve mentioned like the the under eye
area the loss of volume just by the side of the nose and the cheeks as well and
we can do that with some really small amounts of filler
at specific points in the face which are the first signs of aging or where we
where we lose volume first and from there you should get a decent of up
lifting of the facial features something more to what you’re looking for so
certainly you’ve had some treatment here I think before and you’re in the process
of having this dissolved out because there is some filler there which I think
has drawn water into the area and there’s a few different approaches we
could use for the skin underneath the eye and because it is thus thinner the
thinnest skin in the body and it does exhibit those lines and wrinkles
a lot quicker than anywhere else on the face and particularly cuz there’s so
much sun exposure and there’s a lot of activity of the muscle underneath
wrinkling and creasing the skin on and on a daily basis so I think what we
could try is some very very fine filler called a skin booster directly into
those wrinkles and just underneath the skin there to form a thin sheet of
support for the eye area and we’ll do that I think perhaps after we’ve done
some treatment with PRP so as you know PRP we discuss this as well and it’s
using your own growth factors to almost build the skin and to encourage cellular
regeneration so it’s really cutting-edge medicine it’s regenerative medicine at
its best and we’ll bring you back draw some blood from your arm and isolate the
growth factors and then inject that back into the skin of the face probably sort
of all over the face as well as just the eye area and then once the skin is
healed a little bit we will put in that fine layer of filler underneath and I
think that will give the best support for the area there and the jaw line we
mentioned and I think I’d probably try some filler in this area to give you a
slightly more strength in the jaw and also build some definition along the jaw
line here as well and then there’s always some room for posterior support
along the cheek so we can try some sort of firmer more lifting filler at the
back and and certainly you mentioned this or
the creases around the eyes I mean that’s really quite a straightforward we
can do that as soon as we can do that with a little bit of botulinum toxin and
that should smooth the area out for you quite nicely finally we did mention
you’ve got some areas of hyperpigmentation and you can see this
sort of you as just as you said there’s some sun damage here and there and I
might target that with a pigmentation peel something that will
give you quite a lot of downtime by that I mean you’ll be flaking quite a lot
you’ll have to use some pretty targeted skincare and you probably have to avoid
work and social events for about two weeks but the upside of it is that your
skin becomes a lot clearer your complexion becomes like a smooth canvas
and any treatments you have after that are going to look a lot more natural a
lot more enhanced with that complexion being so good the one thing I noticed as
well was that around the mouth we’ve got some filler and this is much more
evident in real life is we have some filler product which i think is around
the border of the lip now the product you mentioned to me is something that I
don’t actually use very often and when I have tried to dissolve it out I’ve had
some problems so it does seem to have a history of causing problems around the
mouth area so I think best is we just leave that one alone and we hopefully
let nature take care of that in the in the passing of time it should dissolve
and hopefully we’ll get your lip contour back and we can always address that in
the future so I think in summary I probably start with a little bit of skin
retexturizing and regeneration with PRP around the eye area some Botox as well
and then some judicious amounts of filler in the key areas of facial aging
so we’re here as well I completely forgot to mention and to bring back a
little bit of lift and a little bit of definition to your face we’re not
talking a lot of treatment but just small amounts placed in very very
specific areas for that lift so they keep so that’s my sort of idea about
what we’re going to do do you have any concerns any ideas any any sort of
questions about treatment No it’s and initially it would just be
regarding the downtime but as you’ve said it’s probably gonna be a couple of
weeks so you know it’s possible I can do that and I suppose with things like
protecting my skin from the Sun during those times staying out of the Sun I
assumed the something that I would definitely need to be doing I think in
general is quite a good idea to try and stay out of the Sun so that you don’t
develop pigmentation or dis pigmentation and particularly after any injectable
treatments there is a little bit more risk of hyperpigmentation so you should
avoid the Sun you should use a SPF 50 every day anyway and if you’re having if
we do decide to do the pigmentation peel then you are definitely going to have to
stay out the Sun because it will it will irritate and it will leave your skin
more vulnerable than if you haven’t had the treatment done
so yeah that’s and there’s other precautions such as you should really
avoid sauna and steam rooms for two weeks after treatment you want to avoid
rubbing your face excessively and moving product around potentially also you want
to you want to avoid exercise for one day after treatments other than that
it’s fairly it’s very smooth sailing so okay so we’ve made our little plan let’s
see what we did we started off targeting a her main area which was the eyes and
we used a slightly more viscous product called the density – and this actually
has a little bit of light reflecting properties so then we use a very small
amount of this product here about 0.3 milliliters and in a very sort of a deep
injection to make good that slight depression that was underneath the eye
following this I used a tiny amount of Restylane Vittal light which is a super
super light skin boosting product and I use this just underneath the skin with a
cannula as you can see here for even more light reflecting properties and to
smooth out the skin in this area finally in both eyes I used redensity 1 which
is an injectable moisturizer and it’s
particularly suited to the under eye area
and it provides glutathione alpha lipoic acid and other antioxidants to make this
under eye area pop a little it tends to give a little bit of brightness as well
so I used about 0.5 milliliters each side next you can see here that I used
define which is another product in the Restylane family and I use this to lift
out the temples because in the in the before photos we noticed that there was
a little bit of temple or Halloween and this lifted out really nicely with a
small amount in fact I used point 5 milliliters each side of the define
product to create a more sort of a more softer look then we moved on to the
cheeks and we used a very very viscous product called Restylane lift and again
I used half a syringe each side with a deep bonus technique to give some
support something akin to having pillars underneath a house to lift out the area
and really give a good cheek contour to give more augmentation in this area I
used a Top Model Look technique and for this I used the define product again
using half a syringe each side with a cannula to give more of
a defined contoured look in the cheek area and working down the face we
started using a softer products around the mouth using ultra fall from Juvederm
using about half a syringe each side to lift this shadow out and to give a
smoother appearance overall so Vicky was talking about how her face was sagging a
little bit and she didn’t like that bit appearance of the early jowl so we used
Volux here which is the latest product from Juvederm and we used about
half a syringe each side to give definition
the angle of the jaw and that actually gave a very soft but natural sort of
lifting effect to minimize the appearance of the jowl finally I had the
Vittal light plenty of at a light leftover to use to support the skin of
the cheek and to soften some of the finer wrinkles that you could see so I
used a cannula approach here just underlying the the skin of the lateral
cheeks finally because she was such a great patient and despite having all
these treatments done we finished off with pro fellow which is the injectable
moisturizer using five injections of 0.2 milliliters in specific bio aesthetic
points in the face to give up to three months of hydration and a little bit of
collagen regeneration as well so let’s just see what happened and what the
results looked like I mean if we just have a quick look at this that’s a
fantastic picture you’d want to frame that wouldn’t you find some way to put
that yeah very cool I mean it could be able to cool I love that so so we’re
back with Vickie’s one of our favorite patients at the lovely clinic and I have
to say it was it was a pleasure to treat Vickie she’s going to probably tell us
completely different but there was it was it was a dream because she was so
patient she was so still throughout the treatment sometimes it is like doing a
little bit of art work when we’re working with injectable treatments and
if you imagine that your paper is moving around it becomes all that much harder
to get the result for the patient and that’s why some people you know I might
actually split the treatment up into two three sometimes even four stages just so
that it becomes a bit more tolerable for our patient but Vickie I mean you know
trooper doesn’t really cover that description she sailed through it and I
think there was only a couple of times where she mentioned a little bit of
discomfort and but she you made the procedure really easy
me I have to say so for for our viewers out there I’d like to find out from you
how it was to have about eleven mils of product injected into your face well I I
actually I mean that’s gonna say it was it was slightly uncomfortable it wasn’t
really even slightly uncomfortable it was just you know I guess for the amount
of time and just having your face being worked on was sort of you know it just
really wasn’t it wasn’t painful I guess towards the end maybe when the
the numbing cream starts wearing off is slightly more sting II but really not
anything that I would say was actually painful not all and then they do look
quite silly before I didn’t I gave you a full cream to penetrate and she looked
ridiculous for an hour but I think it was so you got iced okay and so during
the treatment you were great and you were saying to us that it wasn’t that
painful however obviously you know individual results may vary and some
people might find that the treatments a little bit more uncomfortable but I
think that’s something that we can we can and we can adjust for in
consultation and we can we can certainly split things up the next big question
and from personal experience I will say that after treatment it can be quite
painful I actually woke up and a little bit uncomfortable after having quite a
lot of filler treatment in my face how was it for you
I mean after him well I was expecting that I would have a lot of bruising
under my eyes because obviously that’s quite thin skin and it’s quite delicate
but I didn’t have any at all I didn’t I didn’t really have any
bruising either slight slight bruising just along just along the cheekbone
there but nothing that I couldn’t cover with with makeup and then I think the
days after probably slightly saw in the temples where that went in because
suppose that’s you know when you’re chewing in your talking eating just here
I think I said she often try not to eat anything too chewy no steaks and forgets
nothing like that there’s actually a chewing muscle that that basically meets
your jaw bone here and it found out and it sort of comes out and it ends up in
the temporal bone here and when we inject through that which you can’t
avoid doing in this treatment you can make that muscle quite sore and chewing
afterwards can be a problem as well so it’s usually recommend that you have a
soft diet for a few days afterwards but that was a sore area nigh remember at
the time you said it was a bit sore anything else I said there was no
bruising under my eyes but there was I I could see where the product had gone in
as you had already told me that it would sort of almost pull a little bit create
a bit of a bag before it kind of disperses under the skin so I did see
that for a few days but again I think that was kind of things that I noticed
on myself very very close up I don’t really think it would be anything that
anybody else would have would have seen from you know my day-to-day life it’s
quite funny is that because once you have one of these enhancement procedures
you’ve become so much more critical and your big space so much more interest in
the mirror it’s just one of the things we see there wasn’t much downtime for
you there wasn’t much pain for you and you were a great patient and I suppose
now is a time when you might want to look at some of your other pictures and
see what you think has improved for you because you are obviously the best judge
of your face so I hadn’t you iPad to you I know where things have gotten less
hollow looking and obviously under my eyes here and here and less so on that
side but certainly on this I was sort of filled in a lot at this at this point
and at that point here as I was saying the bit that was a bit sort of at the
temples here does seemed to go in like like it was to do
before and I think also the the jawline here being stronger which is also lifted
here and and here from the filler that was put in there yeah so but I think I
think I think the jawline is quite has kind of had a nice effect at the bottom
half yeah the face for sure and for me I
think tell you what I like I like I like the that it looks a little bit more
lifted I think one of your key issues with it was that your face was
exhibiting a little bit of sagging and I think that’s even when you’re not
smiling your face just seems a little bit more limited so certainly it sort of
that area there and that areas you’ve not noticed as well here there’s less of
a shadow and there was before and I think we’ve we’ve still got a little bit
of way to go with the eye area and I probably suggest we do a little bit more
in the coming months just a little bit underneath the eye there to support that
skin and then we’ll get a lot more equality I really like in general I
think you were just picking with it with the added volume your face just looks a
bit healthier hmm like like you’re eating well and eating healthily and
yeah you’re just a little bit more fresh definitely so I suppose this isn’t the
end of our journey with you and because there were certain things that you
wanted us to address when you came for your first consult with me and you
mentioned sort of pigmentation there was some brown spots which are quite cute
when you’re younger you know the freckles angels kiss of whatever you
want to call them but they’re basically sun damage and we’ve got a new treatment
at the lovely clinic which is going to really help eradicate those brown spots
and leave your complexion looking a lot sort of clean a lot sort of a lot more
smooth and luminous and then we also talked just now about a little bit more
product in the medial tear trough and the lateral tear trough
and I think that will complete our journey with the eye and what they call
the peri orbital complex so it just it will make you I give that give the
correct support in that area and finally I wanted to ask you about the lip
because when we first met we noticed there was some product and a little bit
of blue discoloration above the lip why don’t you tell us a little bit about the
lip because this will tell us where we want to go in the future okay well over
the years when I was younger I had an accident when my lip was split open
which I believe is this sort of area so I have quite a bit of scar tissue there
since then when I was a bit older I had lip fillers and unfortunately I got I
got some infections and some I just had some very bad reactions which is where I
think this up here which I think his scar tissue I had to have it dissolved
and drained and all sorts of problems with it so it’s sort of left my lips
quite uneven quite bumpy which is what why I’m trying to so I had a it sort of
made the the line also here straight but it’s made the definition a bit wobbly as
well so I have actually had like a lip tattoo in a very light blush color to
try and even that out but definitely I would like to look at trying to fix that
if possible I know sometimes scar tissues a bit a bit difficult but I do
think there is some undissolved product in there as well so that would
definitely be something that I’d be interested in doing in the future I mean
they’re not bad and I think II was sitting close to you know they don’t
look bad at all but there’s just the product outside of the lip margin which
I think if we just flatten that out and then see where we are yeah we can try a
softer product just to gently softly round it round your lips out and create
a bit of definition so that’s definitely something we can do and when it comes to
the pigmentation what type of treatment do
think you’d be able to tolerate it because there’s one that that has a fair
bit of downtime and it means peeling and it means a little bit of social
exclusion I’ve had it and you don’t feel like leaving the house and then there’s
a more gradual sort of a daily skincare program which I’ve had two rounds of as
well and that clears pigmentation but it’s probably not as a dramatic result I
think in terms of downtime probably I’d probably I’d go for the more gradual I
mean I guess it all depends on timing doesn’t if you know you’re having
something done you can sort of arrange your life a little bit to kind of but a
gradual one will probably sound slightly more attractive I think because you’re
starting studies well I don’t actually know what what I’ll be doing yeah i’ll
but i but i need to be flexible with a party with all the students yes oh well
I would need to be flexible and obviously a lot of downtime and a lot of
time away from that is not going to be possible for me so so yeah maybe
something gradual would be a good thing but yeah like you say you do notice it
it’s sort of what used to be freckles then sort of start growing slightly and
yeah a bit more blotchy yeah but I think you’ll see that that will get a lot
better so in my experience when you’ve had a really good foundational treatment
like this with with multiple syringes of filler treatment and support in the IMP
and facial approach it’s a really good idea to try and maintain this and you
can do that by coming maybe once or twice a year and having a lesser amount
of product put in at the key areas of the face which show facial aging first
and that way you’ll keep your result you won’t need as much product and it’s it’s
this treatments really about pressing pause on the aging process because we
can’t make you look 20 years younger we’re not going to do that we’re just
going to give you the most enhance
appearance for your age and it’s going to be age-appropriate it’s gonna be you
know life appropriate you it wouldn’t be it wouldn’t look natural if you didn’t
have any wrinkles whatsoever and so some of those areas of aging that you sort of
picked up on the beginning they’ll still be there but will be it much much lesser
and much much less obvious yeah I mean I think that’s what you’re after when you
get to you know past sort of a certain age you don’t really want to rewind it
you just want to kind of let’s just slow it down slightly
actually you look you look great and you look really healthy which is which is
why we wanted to achieve for you isn’t it yeah yeah I’m really happy happy okay
guys thanks for watching the video if you’ve got any questions or comments
please write them down in the comment section below
we’ll be back in a couple of weeks with some more interesting treatments until
then bye for now

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