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Real Estate Marketing Techniques

Real Estate Marketing Techniques

So you’re thinking about selling your
home, are you wondering about what marketing strategies will give you the
best results today? We’re going to talk about the must-haves that your agent
should be using to make sure that your home is going to attract the most buyers,
and we’re starting right now! Hey everyone welcome back to my channel.
My name is Harry Moore and I’m a realtor in the Washington DC metro area.
I post new videos every week all about things real estate in the DMV. The first
item is professional photography. Before you select an agent you should make sure
they’re going to hire a professional photographer, so that your home can put
its best foot forward from the very beginning. It used to be that people
focused a lot of time and effort on curb appeal, because the first time that most
buyers would see the house was when they pulled up out front. Don’t get me wrong,
curb appeal is still very important but in today’s market most buyers have seen
your house inside and out before they even decide whether they want to take
the time to go and look at it in person. They’ve probably googled the street,
looked at the neighboring properties and checked out whatever other information
they can find online. That’s why having great pictures is so important. The
battle for the hearts and minds of today’s buyer is won or lost on their
smartphone screen. If you don’t have high-quality professional photographs,
then many buyers are just going to swipe left and move on to the next house. In
addition to high-quality photographs, professional video and 3d virtual tours
are important marketing tools your agent should be using to catch the attention
of today’s online real estate buyer. I’m a big fan of Matterport tours. I like
the fact that the buyer can move through the house at their own pace and turn
around to see the rooms from all different angles. It really helps the buyer
to get a sense of how everything looks and how the house flows. I’ve put a
couple of links to Matterport tours in the comments below. Check them out and let me know what you think. Obviously high quality professional photographs of
a house that’s a mess are not going to attract buyers. So making sure that the
house is prepared and staged appropriately is the foundation for
beautiful high quality photos.If you’ve looked at at online advertising for real
estate and seen any terrible photographs let me know in the comments below. It’s
always fun to hear people’s war stories. The second must-have is carefully
utilized traditional marketing tools. Those tools still have their place in
today’s real estate market. Let’s go through a few of the ones that I think
are still important to ensure that your home will attract the maximum number of
buyers. Open houses, especially right at the beginning of the marketing cycle can
be an excellent tool to make sure that all the interested buyers are able to
get in and see the house live and in person as soon as possible!
Sometimes the buyers and their agent can’t mesh their schedules those first
few days and providing an open house on the first weekend as a way for the
buyers to get in and see the house is a service that I think is important in
promoting maximum buyer traffic at the beginning of the marketing cycle. Another
traditional marketing tool is just listed or coming soon postcards to
people who live in the neighborhood. They can be a great way to alert interested
buyers that your property is for sale. Those buyers may have friends or family
who live in the neighborhood, or they may be renting nearby and want to purchase.
If you look at national statistics, neighbors are an even better source of
potential buyers than the newspaper. Another important traditional marketing
tool is agent to agent marketing. In an earlier video about pricing your house
to sell I talked about the fact that you really have to sell your house 3 times,
and one of those is to the agent community. If you’d like to watch that
video click above or look in the comments below, I’ll put a link there as
well. Agents are a key conduit to the
interested buyers who are in the market and ready to buy. You need their help to
alert interested buyers that your house is for sale. Whether through online
fliers, agent listservs or that ancient piece of technology the telephone, making
sure that active agents in the area are aware that your property is on the
market is very important for the momentum of a successful marketing
program. Now we’ll move on to number three- Online marketing. Today the
Internet is the way that most people first become aware of the home they buy
and people who are seriously in the hunt for a new home are searching the online
real estate portals or listing alerts sent to them by their agent. But there
are lots of other places on the internet that it’s important to spread the news
about your home being for sale. Targeted Facebook ads, SEO optimized videos on
YouTube and other online venues like Instagram are all important places for
your house to be seen. The marketing process is a team effort. It’s important
for the agent to make sure that they’ve got your property out there for the
world to see on all their online outlets. The seller can also contribute by
making sure that everyone they know online is aware of the fact that their
house is for sale. One avenue that the agent may not have access to are
neighborhood or community list serves those can be great sources of people who
are interested and focused on your neighborhood. I call it the internet
version of the Bamboo Telegraph; and don’t forget about your Facebook friends
and people you know on LinkedIn. So now you’ve learned about some of the must
do’s for successfully marketing real estate today. It’s a combination of old
school and new tech with the goal being to make sure that your house gets the
max exposure to the market your agent should
have a detailed marketing plan they can show you as well as systems to keep you
updated on what’s being done to help get your house sold.
I’m Harry Moore with Keller Williams Capital Properties and I want to say
thank you for taking the time to watch this video.
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