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Reacting To THE WORST SOUND IN THE WORLD! (Daily Dose of Internet)

Reacting To THE WORST SOUND IN THE WORLD! (Daily Dose of Internet)

dog runs forward with dogs are crazy this is mayor max and he's the official mayor of a city in California fewer than 4,000 people live in this town which means it's too small for human politicians to hold office mayor makes the second is currently mayor for life and loves greeting local residents this helicopter pilot is filming a high-speed chase for an upcoming movie it's fucking fast and serious this spray has the ability to form a solid flexible bond to keep the stack of blocks together even when a black start to break the wall remains strong and sturdy if you love petting animals then being a wildlife photographer is not the job for you many photographers have to show restraint as they are not allowed to interact with the animals a photograph it's important for wild animals to never view humans as a source of affection food or shelter found an artist that likes a skydive in paint at the same time dude these would sell for so much fucking genius you just have to don't shit look at him he's just doing dumb shit man see in this video the next time I'll be uploading will be after Christmas so happy holidays and Merry Christmas and I'll see you people in about this company made a bench that makes it easier to make friends with strangers the guy should not fly in the States this person was raised by a stepfather ever since he was three years old at 19 years old he s his dad to officially adopt him what is it what is it what is it this lizard has the ability to create its own air bubble to breathe underwater the bubble moves up and down because the lizard is recycling its oxygen supply this gives the lizards and ability to hold their breath for over 16 minutes long this person found a dead squid washed up on the beach and gave us a close look of its skin this is a single-cell organism and it's about to die when it dies it doesn't stop moving this is Wilfred the cat there's absolutely nothing wrong with him he's just oh my y'all miss me with that fucking wife a few days ago there was a mysterious blue light flashing over New York City people thought it was aliens but it was actually a small explosion at a power plant these students in Japan made robots that can precisely flip water bottles we could be flying cars fucking portals fucking anything anything this company made a phone case that can save your phone from fall damage I'll try my best to make my videos next year even better so happy New Year's and I'll see you all again very clips so this iguana can probably kill your dog this company created a club that allows disabled or elderly people to still play golf the club has the ability to hit a golf ball over 200 yards these people went on a hot-air balloon to show off their ball juggling skills this is what an astronaut sees when they have to do repairs on the International Space Station and just look so fake it looks like he's sanding it in front of a green screen speaking of speaking fucking crazy NASA released data showing how ice in the arctic circle has disappeared over the years the white ice is ice that is around all year long and gray ice is ice that grows and shrinks depending on the season Wow hold on I'm actually gonna start making a list because like the whole cipher videos would work so well if you were like fully on drugs let's go inflatable frog famine aphorism that's the worst sound it's the worst sound this plane crashed near a small island in the Pacific Ocean luckily the US Navy was there to help rescue people and get them out of the plane this person jumped in a paramotor and got some incredible visuals of the pyramids in Egypt can you imagine if he fell you would have literally ruined thousands police officer was about to cross over these railroad tracks when a train came out of nowhere the warning barriers came down after the train already went through he did knock him down at the metro track on one night one this person received an incredibly realistic tattoo of Tupac this person was caught on camera trying to steal a bike from a police station absolute dummy dumbass oh yeah officer just check it if this person went scuba diving in the United Kingdom when a seal came right up and stuck to him like glue my slacks i straight-up thought it would have been one of those memes where he just keeps throwing rocks the only icon in case you were wondering the headlines are created on a basketball court oh but they fuck up with the white lies I see this person lost her left arm and instead of replacing it with a prosthetic arm she replaced it with a tentacle actual reincarnation of the fucking Batman this is what it looks like when a pink orchid mantis goes hunting recently that's the fastest shit I've ever seen in my life baby rhino charges out of card veins what's it gonna do these divers discovered a giant Pyro's ohm near New Zealand measuring over 8 meters long this isn't one organism but rather several thousands of organisms working and living together as one this company designed a parachute to help people and tall buildings float safely to the ground this method is actually safer and more reliable than a standard parachute so fucking dumb vansteenis video hopefully you learned something new and I'll see how again very very soon later hello everyone this

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  1. i hate when someone gets a really exciting and influential gift and the person recording ruins the whole experience by going "whaT iS iT"

  2. Neil armstrong was the first human being on the moon correct? Neil A backwards is alien, coincidence? I think not.

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