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Reacting to The Anti Gay Ads That Play Before My Videos

Reacting to The Anti Gay Ads That Play Before My Videos

Okay. It started. It’s happening. It’s on. Life… And… bussies. What? Oh my god. MAHK. Ughhh, I’m too tired for this bullshit. I am filming on my bed today. Oh shit. She sleep? Hahaha. Yeah! I dont. I’ve actually been sleeping on my couch for the past few days. (Sames except for me it’s been 4 months) I think I’m depressed? (Me too Mac.) *Lit!* There is also a empty bottle of vodka on my nightstand. I swear to God, I am not that depressed guys. (I AM!) That was for something else. It was empty for a long time. Not on my bed… Not on my…. I’m… a hole is being dug right now. (Yes it is.) Okay…we are moving you somewhere else. Maybe I am depressed. Maybe I should get some help for this. (Talk to me!) Kay, how do we start this. How do I get to where I’m trying to go with this. Okay, well… long story short, (Me too Mac… Me too.) I’m tired The gays are getting attacked again. My edges are hella chaotic. Eczema’s practically gone. My skin’s doing great. But I also ran out of vodka so that’s like… Doesn’t even matter. “Mac, how are the gays getting attacked?” I’ll tell ya. I was just sitting down, relaxing, not on this bed, by the way, this bed didn’t exist until two days ago. Ya’ll thought I was jokin when I said I was sleeping on that couch. Ya’ll thought I was jokin when I said I was depressed. Why y’all think i’m so funny, it’s cuz I hate myself So I was just sitting down, relaxing, enjoying my life, Thinking of all the possible things I could do to Nick Jonas. Just a normal Tuesday. But then out of nowhere, I started noticing that I was getting a series of tweets from people. “Oh, my gosh, Mac, have you seen this? Oh, my gosh, Mac, have you seen THIS?” And the first thing that came into my mind was, whose nudes leaked? What happened? Where do I buy prints of them, for my bedroom… today. I think I AM depressed. (TALK TO MEEEE!!!) But as I clicked on the tweet I discovered that it wasn’t as delectable or as delicious as someone’s wang or butt, but in fact the end result of someone’s wang and butt. As in a ****load of bullshit and piss. So you would think as a person that’s reacting to anti-gay ads on a constant, basis, that stupid-ass shit won’t happen but stupid ass shit happened! And here, we are talking about it. If I told you that anti-gay ad was playing before my videos would you believe me? cuz bitch guess what! guess what’s happening Guess who needs to be fired. guess who’s a traitor who’s the snitch who needs to catch these hands, not only has an anti-gay i’d been playing before my videos bitch but two of them have been playing before my videos on a constant basis me a man that talks about sucking dick if y’all wanna play these anti-gay ads with my videos go ahead be my guest gimme them pennies. But don’t think you’re changing anybody’s perspective that watches my videos bitch I think they’re stuck, bitch. i think they’re permanent. But since this is the shit I am known for I’ve decided it is fate. and i need to milk the hell out of this situation for everything it’s worth so i haven’t actually watched these anti-gay ads yet all i’ve seen are pictures of them and i haven’t really had the time to look them up and actually watch them because I’m tired we’ve already discussed this, I’m on my bed bitches lit so today that’s gonna change so now it’s time to watch two privileged assholes tell me why its not okay for me to suck some dick people know that countries are dying. there’s still world hunger. Economies are declining. but that doesn’t matter, because, the gays, the gays, are the big problem here wow you are depressed let’s just do this I’m gonna be watching these videos on my desktop moniter which is about five feet over there, because do i have to say it again here we go and someone deleted one of the tweets I liked Why!? why do you guys do this? A lot of you guys end up deleting the tweets as soon as i like them, like if you guys get freaked out or something let me give you credit! let me give you love!! Ok, wait, I found another one ok we’re good “Can you be gay and a christian?” Oh BOY *commercial* What does the bible, God’s word, have to say? Apparently it has to say a lot of things. Even though y’all just repeat one god damn sentence but like, life isn’t that important compared to a book with words in it. I know, I understand, thank you *commercial* Every Christian struggles in some area, whether it be pride or anger or lust or *distorted* jealousy They also recognize that these desires and attitudes are sinful Saying no to them, and yes to the Lord Goodbye, pride…! Imma be depressed forever BECAUSE JESUS SAID SO What about those who say “God made me *distorted* gay” Did he just GIGGLE when he said that? OOO YOU WANTS TO FIGHT OOO, HE HAS OPINIONS God designed us for heterosexuality, and it doesn’t take the bible or a rocket scientist to figure that out Did he just call me stupid *mocking* it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out but your gay ass quit being gay you idiot! God designed us to be heterosexual stop being stupid! get that dick out of your mouth. what are you doing. God didn’t want Adam, the first man, to be alone, so he decided To, make him a suitable helper, did he just full out call women helpers to the men ooh, 2018 must be doing you dirty bitch what 2018 must be making you mad so big as mustache kinda looks Like the clock from beauty and the beast? he took her out of Adam’s rib she would be called “WO-MAN” because she was taken out of man You wanna hold that up on Twitter b eh hehehe I wonder what woman I’d birth out of my rib cage Low-key hope it was Beyonce but that wouldn’t make any physical sense I’ll take Blue Ivy, Blue Ivy’s mine. That was gross, that was pedopehllic Take that back, delete that sentence (Infomercial guy) To become *distorted* MORE, that’s because they once were *distorded* WO- That’s why Man + Man or Woman + Woman can never equal Man + Woman Bet? (HAHAH) Oh, have you even listened to science bitch? you can have a baby and a man doesn’t even have to be there anymore (Infomercial guy) In response some gaytheologist- (?) Did he just say “gaytheologist”? Did I hear that right? Did I just find my new profession? (laughing) if YouTube doesn’t work out? (infomercial guy) God designed us for heterosexuality that there so few references to homosexuality- Here we go! You know I read the bible twice so I know exactly what they wanted us to understand! This isn’t me trying to justify my hatred bitch Every single refrence to homseucal practice is decidedly negative What did the gays do to you? What did we do to you? Did we hurt your feelings by existing? What is happening? Moving on to Leviticus (Mac: here it is) -Doesn’t get any less de-testable if you do it over and over with the same person (ach-hem) M-kay AHAHA I hate myself I’m going to hell- In Mathew:15, Jesus taught that all sexualised impluses that those who willingly give themselves to homosexuality would not inherit the Kingdom of *distorted* God willingly gave myself to homosexuality? It can hold me? did I sell myself to it? How much was I worth? How much did it cost? One lesbian scollar, Bernadette Burton says- He just had to make sure ya’ll know she was a lesbian right? Do you hear how he slipped that in? He was like here’s one lesbian’s opinions, so ya’ll are wrong Bernadette Burton said it, so ya’ll must believe that right? YEAH! he understood the struggles of someone with same sex attraction- the struggles bitch It’s a struggle honey Oh, me struggling with all this dick in my mouth- I need to stop talking about that He offered them “Transformation and Forgiveness” Wow, nevermind I was gonna make a Transgender joke but that- Would’ve condemned me for life Rather than finding your identity in your romantic attraction and sexaual desires, find your identity in jesus SO what this man just basically just said, Whenever I’m just you know, casually Having a Saturday night trade, getting some skin on skin contact with some male species to just remember that JESUS DIED FOR THIS NOT TO HAPPEN I need to find myself, IN JESUS you’re welcome (eh hehehe) I feel like for some goddamn reason this video was purposly made for me that they purposly saw my shit and made a reply to it, and purposly asked YouTube to play it before my video ’cause they wanted to talk, they wanted to have a conversation they were trying to fight, they wanted to fight with me, they wanna throw hands look at them trying to get that cloud,that anti-gay cloud, look at you! Oh, and they want some money
bitch Where? Ya’ll giving us money to ask for money? WOW, we love ads Through your generosity that we’re able to produce this thougt provoking series and reach the world and it’s with your generosity that I can pay my rent this month thank you! wow, do I even wanna watch the second one anymore? I’m kinda tired
(person subbing this is also tired) So that video has been playing before my videos for a, uh, a while now apparently For like a week and half I don’t even know , two weeks? three weeks? Jesus only knows, apparently we gotta find ourselves through him, in him actually, in him? we love rape (no we don’t) Should the Government Force Peple to Create Art that Violates their Beliefs? Lets take it like this Imagine I created a belief that I believe that heterosexuals are a sin and that I shouldn’t serve them because they’re a sin Imagine every gay in this world decided that out of no where if we had to follow peoples beliefs Do ya’ll know how the amount of shit ya’ll wouldn’t be able to get? Do ya’ll understand the amount of gays there are in this world? correction, ya’ll understand the amount of gays would be running shit in this world? Bitch what quallifies as a belief? Just believing it? Well then I’mma believe in some other shit too (The person subtitiling this video has done their best and is tired I’m so sorry)

100 thoughts on “Reacting to The Anti Gay Ads That Play Before My Videos

  1. I click this and I get a video in my recommended that literally says: "A Therapy Session for Homophobic People" LMAO

  2. God made everything in the universe so he made you gay
    So does that mean he made people homophobic
    (I'm not religious so I don't really understand)

  3. Why are people so against gay people? Jesus spent all day with a group of men following him. That sounds pretty gay.

  4. The (correct) alternative interpretation of Eve coming from Adam was that she was a trans woman, also Jesus was a trans man of colour because he only had X chromosomes and God and the angels are non binary and intersex lmao.


  6. Actually, the original copy of the Bible never alluded to homophobia. It was actually the first French king that had the Bible translated being severely homophobic and CHANGING WHAT THE BIBLE SAID TO FIT HIS OWN BELIEFS. WHAT THE ACTUAL FFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK

  7. if god designed us for heterosexuality
    then why do men have a fricking sweet spot up their ass

    god what happened

  8. That part about where that man said something about people being "born" gay
    Fun Fact : My first crush was a female and I was like 5 or something. So if people arent born gay or bi then Idk

  9. Jesus: You have to love each other equally, no matter what, and also treat each other with respect
    Somebody: But what if they are gay, worship another gods or dont believe in you-
    Jesus: DId I fUcKIng STuTTeR?!?!

  10. God doesn’t hate gays, he hates pedophiles. The Bible after being translated did it wrong. Just a little information for y’all.

  11. Bible also support slavery, rape, pedophilia, polygyny, and murder. So I don’t think it’s exactly a moral compass

  12. I think that you can be gay and Christian at the same time. Me and my mother are both Christians and bisexuals and our church has problem with either one of us

  13. ”Wo-man because she was taken out of man.”

  14. bro there is so much proof against that one sentence. it may have been a mistranslation, meant to be against pedophilia, or it may have been misunderstood by us. even if it was against homosexuality, we are the ones being retributed. we understand the consequences. but you know what god is against? judging others and spreading hatred. dont hide behind religion to voice your shit homophobic opinion. we choose to live proud.

  15. “It’S a ChOiCe To Be GaY”

    Who in the world would chose to be discriminated, harassed and even risk their LIVES for the hell of it?
    It makes literally no sense and every one of their arguments against homosexuality doesn’t either

  16. Got made rainbows and rainbows represent gay so…

  17. I love how priests talk about gay people more than shit like murder and rape etc you know REAL sins and shit

  18. Y’all see that eye roll??! It’s official, Mac was the first to do the e-boy eye roll. You heard it here first y’all.

  19. I'm actually a straight girl and I f*cking love Mac he makes my laugh until I pee myself and he's a mood

  20. My friend recently came out to me and her family and this was during pride month. She takes a bus to school everyday and I had my first experience with extreme homophobia. I had come up with the topic of pride when all of a sudden they start ranting how it should be man and woman. I just kinda stood there paralysed before managing to change the subject. My friend told me about their bus and despite some being ok many are extreme 🏳️‍🌈 haters. ):

  21. 6:18 that means that you shouldnt lie with another mans wifey. lie as in commit adultury with a taken women. ppl these days be trying to find anything against gays😂

  22. I always thought it was funny that people said gay people would go to hell. I just imagine good, respectful gay people sitting down in hell and looking over their shoulder to see some serial killer and them just being like “why are you here?” And we just reply, “I wanted to love someone of the same gender.” The Bible said you’ll go to hell for a lot of things, me being bi doesn’t seem like the most pressing matter at hand

  23. Like why are people forcing God onto people if they don’t want to listen to the word don’t force it onto him damn let him be gay like he clearly feels happy being gay so why are people forcing God onto Gay people like they understand already ya just making them hate themselves more than they already do🙄👏🏾

  24. I'm pan, but I haven't come out completely yet. Only to my closest friends. My family doesn't know. And a lot of my friends are crazy religious and I think they'd feel weird if I told them. I guess I'm just waiting for the right time?

  25. Mac has been saying “Have you been listening to science B*tch?” like 5:33, although it makes ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING SENSE!!! AM I MISSING SOMETHING? I’m god damn I’m confused

  26. “Man plus man and woman plus woman could never equal man plus woman” 😂

    That’s like saying 1+1 and 2+2 could never equal 1+2… but what do numbers have to do with love?

  27. Before the bible was translated it said "man shall not lay with boy" talking about pedophilia but when it was translated it said "man shall not lay with man" so tElL mE wHy tHeSe chiRstiAn aiNt dOinG rEsEaRch being a pEdO iS a siN nOt bEiNg a hOmO- a bi fEmale

  28. But yet the bible said God knew us even when we were in our mothers whom and He can see into the future soooooooooo. yea

  29. I’m straight, Christian, and have homophobic parents that will not change their minds about homosexuality but I hate that some people have the nerve to hate on other people because of their beliefs, if you saw someone smoking and ur a nonsmoker are you gonna snatch the cigarette out of their mouth? I didn’t think so👀

  30. Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay

  31. The thing that annoys me is that the whole "woman means of man" idea isn't etymologically true, and it also doesn't make any sense in most other languages. The only language it truly makes sense in is Hebrew itself.

    Old English: werman/wifman
    French: homme/femme
    German: Mann/Frau
    Spanish: hombre/mujer
    Italian: maschio/donna
    Latin: masculum/femina
    Greek: άνδρας (andras)/γυναίκα (gynaíka)
    Russian: мужчина (muzhchina)/женщина (zhenshchina)
    Arabic: رجل (rajul)/النساء (alnisa')

  32. john 3:16 says that whoever believes in god should have everlasting life n shall not perish but where does it say except if ur gay

  33. I didn't choose the Gay Life

    The Gay Life grabbed me by the shirt collar, said "You an ace bitch" and yeet me into it.

  34. Your religion doesn’t change your sexuality. There was this one guy I knew, EXTREMELY Mormon, won’t even beat it cuz he was so dedicated to da lord. Be he was so GAY. LIKE, big stereotypical gay, that was him.

  35. Christian people: NO GAY! GAY IS BAAAAD
    Also (most) christians people: slavery bad, women and men are equal
    The bible: uh excuse me but that is not correct

  36. The first video wasn't explaining why gay rights are wrong it was explaining why woman rights are wrong.
    tho bitch it's 2019 i thought this was over and we moved on

  37. iT’s NoT nAtRuAl: but more than a 100 types of animals can be gay… and over 500 animal types can be bisexual so stfu

  38. Is no one gonna talk about the fact that god didn’t say anything about sexuality? Paul was the one that said that and he barely knew Jesus. Sure, some of the things that he said was influenced by a divine figure (God) but a lot of the things that he said was strongly based on his opinion. Plus, God said to love everyone and to not judge but :/

  39. Mac: “Gays are the problem here."
    Me: if it wasn’t for gays there wouldn’t be anti gay commercials

    (I’m joking guys. I am and always will be a straight ally!)

  40. Yes I'm stupid but technically of Eve was a part of Adam then technically wouldn't she be trans or smth? Originally a male part turned female
    Or am I actually just retarded and need to hang myself

  41. If we all gonna burn in hell for being gay we be having a party down there. Just like all the gays and LGTBQ+ community just chilling, getting that tan and having BBQs. Everyone is loves who they want. We have massive pride parades and Satan joins us while we dance to lady gaga. Frick. Welcome to hell! 🏳️‍🌈🌈❤️
    Edit: Who wanna come to my BBQ in hell. The date is my time of death. That ain't gonna be anytime so though, I'm 12 and closeted bi.

  42. As a Christian lesbian,,,, these videos scare me, cuz I can’t help it and I do believe in god and whjfjendnfnwjrkkfkr b r u h

  43. Mac: iTs nOT a pRobLem ANyMoRe
    Cristine: stop stealing my brand 😂
    Troom troom:🙄

  44. Wait we’re all ok then, if we go to hell if we choose to be gay then we all going to heaven cause did any of yall choose to be gay cause bitch I didn’t

  45. You guys,there was actually a mistranslation in the bible!
    When the bible stated,"Man shall not sleep with man.",it wasn't translated correctly.
    The true translation was,"Man shall not sleep with boy."
    So God isn't against the LGBTQ+ members,but he's against pedophiles!YAY •w•

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