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ReachLocal Review of Google AdWords: A&D Automatic Gate

ReachLocal Review of Google AdWords: A&D Automatic Gate

Today the technology that is available to us allows us to reach the customers that we probably didn’t get to before ReachLocal manages our Google AdWords and they do a very good job of it. Ther’re getting the right people to us. They give us a report on a weekly basis that lets us know how many people stopped at our website , what pages they looked at. It tells us if they called. It lets us know if they sent an email so that we can follow up on those. It’s very economical. The cost is less than having employees doing it and I don’t think that the information that anybody could give me would be near as complete as what I get from ReachLocal Google AdWords puts us on a level playing field and working with ReachLocal I believe actually puts us in a little better position than we ever were before. Trying to manage it ourselves didn’t work. We knew that we spent a lot of money doing it. We don’t have the budget to do radio ads and I think that the average person today is using the internet to find companies. I have done traditional business advertising for years and years and all of a sudden somebody came in and told me that I needed to change my way of thinking. And I wasn’t a believer and when we finally made the decision to at least attempt it the ReachLocal people convinced me very quickly that the quality of our leads were in fact better. AdWords defiantly increases the volume of quality calls that we get from our website and it is the primary advertising product that we use. ReachLocal has enabled me to actually reach my local customers but more importantly they are able to reach me. It has been absolutely a tremendous turnaround as far as the quality of the leads the number of, the phone’s been ringing off the hook. The nice thing is that I have been having a hard time keeping up whereas before using the old traditional media types I’ve had to go out and chase a lot of work not they are chasing me.

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