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RazorFist Arcade: Star Wars SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE

RazorFist Arcade: Star Wars SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE

39 thoughts on “RazorFist Arcade: Star Wars SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE

  1. God i just had flashbacks to playing the fuck out of this in the late 00's, completely sucked at it though

  2. Absolutely agree re: Marlowe. Powers Booth was the best version of Philip Marlowe. Only downside, really obvious that there was a huge budget cut in the second season.

  3. to answer your question at the very end, there was a soundtrack that came out during the Shadows Of The Empire multimedia event. it was composed by Joel McNeely & the Royal Scottish National Orchestra & Chorus and contains 10 tracks. by far the best track on the album, and one that was used in the final level, is The Destruction Of Xizor's Palace. I actually highly recommend this album. ^-^

  4. Hey dude i also played this game in my n64 back in the day. My favorite level was the junkyard where you fight the droid boss.

  5. Yeah, plot twist: The first order is actually the good guys. The resistance are a bunch of snowflakes telling "their tRuTh😢" side of the story.

  6. How the fuck does this game have any right looking better than jedi fallen order?
    I totally agree with your take on prey and bioshock infinite both overrated shitty games with boring characters and story. Prey was obviously much worse, arkane hasn't made a decent game since dark messiah.
    Ok just totally lost me on bioshock 2. Bioshock 2 was fucking canceaids haha.

  7. Its always awesome to watch razor stream.. can you and T-bird maybe play some fighting game storyline and comment that? Mk 9 or 10/11 or INJUSTICE 2 or the first one Would be golden. ROCK ON

  8. Command and Conquer Rivals(mobile game) is actually really fun. Not pay to win at all. They did a good job balancing it.

  9. I played the shit out of this game back in the day. Spent hours flying around the last level as an x-wing or tie fighter (wampastompa cheats) blowing up ships. (And trying to damage the star destroyer) Love leading wampas around trying to get them to kill all the stormtroopers too.

  10. As for if they had made a movie of this, hear me out, Sam Jones. Imagine that gruff voice he had in the Ted movies saying Bubba Fett. Plus the added bonus of being able to say DASH! OHHHH! Don't need the force to save the universe!

  11. Alright, time to replay this game. I'm gonna do so tomorrow. I just love to see how Razer struggles with the AT-STs. It can be cheesed so easily using the aim button. Stand between the legs, aim upwards and win using your laser.

  12. The part about Paige being every "metal" chick who hasn't heard a single Metallica song is too true. I'm just old enough to remember the good old days when no one wore clothing or wore make up or dyed their hair like that unless they were genuinely into it or had major daddy issues. I miss those good old days.

  13. I raised a cane corso from a puppy he is 3 years old last month, if you have any questions about the breed I'm happy to help. He has an incredible blood line and plan to breed him. They make amazing guard dogs.

  14. Shadows of the Empire is my favorite game from the N64. Still have it to this day, just need a new N64. It's the one series I wish George would have made as a movie too.

  15. I loved this game so much I put up with the terrible N64 controls. I actually got good at the infamous speeder bike mission. Would play the game with terrible controls right now if I could.

    One thing I remember is the amount of horror I experienced playing this game. As a kid I was always freaked out by the wampas. They were slow and tough but with clunky controls I would usually run away and handle them from a distance. The battle with the AT-ST scared me. Kind of genius to put you in a ship and destroy many AT-STs with ease and then next stage they pit you against *ONE* on foot. Even those Empire probe droids were difficult on-foot. The IG-88 boss fight also scared me a ton. Everything else was just an epic feeling. A solid adventure game.

  16. The music in this game is amazing! I even bought the CD back in the day. It was written for the book I believe, but also used here in the game. Truly wonderful soundtrack. Really feels like a Star Wars movie soundtrack.

  17. rewatching/listening to the stream

    in an alternate time line there is a movie made based on this game starring Kurt Russel.

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