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*clap* *clap* youtuber apology time.mp4 [Gnome: why! am I still getting hate?] [I have no exCusE *Cries in Gucci*] *gibberish* [Scammer: cooper I have no idea how I am going to record this video dude] Hello I, um… wanted to make a statement on what I said. Time for me to review youtuber apologies. That’s right! for some reason I thought this was a good idea. You know I made a few apology videos. Just a few of them just a couple so I feel like I have the basic knowledge and skill to determine what makes a bad apology video and what makes a good apology video. So sit back and learn just in case you become a youtuber and decide to mess up as well. Like most of us. Now what makes the perfect youtuber apology video? A couple things there’s couple things. First off the most important thing you need to start off with a sigh. You need to tell your audience immediately that this is a heavy video to make and it’s an extreme burden on your shoulders and there’s a no way a better way to do that but with a *sigh* tHe SiGh. No.2 what you wanna do is shift blame shift blame whatever you could do, okay. Never. Take. Responsibility. If you take responsibility then that’s admitting that you’re wrong and doing that that’s just impossible. Never admit that you are wrong! Rule No.1 ACTUALLY that’s rule No.1 Rule No.2 Shift blame Rule No.3 Play the victim. you.. you wanna make sure that People know that, eh, this has been a great inconvenience to you Ok This has been a big problem for YOU. So you might wanna bring up something like..ah… lets say ah… I’m getting cyber bullied. [ His entire community has decided to cyber bully me] Pewds: *chuckles* Or if you’re in deep trouble What you wanna do is bring in death threats, cause basically anyone that messes up on the internet will get death threats. It’s just how the internet works Unfortunately, there’s gonna be that 0.01% of people that go too far and that’s an effective way to just diminish every other criticism The 99.9% of everything else that I, uh, people have to say Excuse me ahh!! I’m getting death threats, ok!! Oh! I messed up. Oh well, A few selected people have decided to send mean comments to me so I think your point is invalid Tana: That I take full responsibility for that Every single one of your biggest
client told me how much money you’ve taken from them, how much you’ve hurt them
like *summons cthulhu* say their names like if you want me to I’ll ask them to
ask you like I looked so why does every single one of your clients tell me that
six months ago they knew that you were gonna scam me that six months ago you
stopped working on all their stuff just You know you can always say that you can take 100% responsibility but that shifted completely to someone else that’s always a sneaky move to make May be say like You know what, This was 100% my fault That you were offended *laughs Lets go through the apologies .I have selected a couple i have selected the most *kisses quintessential apology videos that i think has defined the.. the culture on this website. Yes my own is included But lets just jump into it. First of we have that Trevor martin apology video This video sort to became on meme itself Just because its.. is a got damn piece of art This apology video i mean Trevor martin *kisses If this apology video was a fine wine… it would be a uh chondeau 1955 a la mon verrryyy good just to bring in context in case you weren’t aware of this I’m sure that most people know, but *deep breath* basically T. Martin ran CS go gambling website he pretended
that he had nothing to do with it and look how much money I’m winning this is epic guys,
look how much I’m winning all right kids sign up for my website where you
can win too – and oh what it came out that I own the website what I’m the CEO of the
website what and here’s the apology video so T
Martin thought okay well I need to address this in the best way possible
Cooper I have no idea how I’m gonna record this video dude I can’t stress enough I wish I loved
this video okay guys okay guys because we’re only eight seconds in and don’t
really so much have happened first off you start off with a dog that’s an
amazing thing to do you want to bring in like a pet something that everyone loves
everyone loves dogs and he doesn’t just bring in a pet he also has the pet for
advice I have no idea how I’m gonna record this video and the dog even looks
sad I mean if this is not the perfect apology video I don’t know what is if you can make it your pet looks sad for your apology video you’re done hey edgar he brings in the most beautiful sigh i have ever heard well diluted nostrils his eyes are closed he tells us you know what this is me THEN you have the
background not only is he sitting in the goddamn mansion you know if you scam
kids for money you kind of want to meet seemed a little bit more subtle with it maybe you want to not record in the entrance hall of YOUR mansion????? how tall is that ceiling? and on top of it all HOW do you get your car in the background of your video???? I’m sorry how is that even possible he does not only just get his mansion in this apology video he gets his car in
there as well a nice little cameo I mean I don’t even
know how I could possibly set up an apology video to have my car in the
background it doesn’t get better than this *sigh* alright guys so well I’m gonna try
to make this as short and sweet as possible I don’t want to take up too
much of your time but first and foremost I do want to say that I- he started off
by saying that he doesn’t want to waste our time and then he proceeds to waste
our time with saying how much he loves his fans I love you guys you guys
seriously mean the world to me you have for the past 6 years that I’ve been on
YouTube and you honestly have changed my life like every single day I get to wake
up and chase my dreams and follow my passions and that’s all been made
possible- because I lied to you *lil skratta* I’m sure he loves his fans just in the same way
you love your money just in the same way you love your car and your mansion so I
don’t necessarily think he’s lying I just think it’s
it’s a good way to start a video you want to make sure that you tell your
fans how much you love them right off the bat but and not acknowledge any
wrongdoing that you’ve done just that you have just so much love to give now
my connection to csgo lotto has been a matter of public record since the
company was first organized in December of 2015- however I do feel like I owe you guys an
apology I am sorry to each and every one of you who vote like that was not made
clear enough to you I love this cuz he’s been exposed that his company he was the CEO of the company but there-the response is basically: it was public record- it was just public-???? its YOUR fault get it?? shifting blame this is
what I’m talking about it’s YOUR fault I’m not being
disingenuous and I haven’t been lying to you it’s your fault you know you watch
this video go boys all right so I’m gonna open up my- it’s your fault for not
understanding how perfectly clear it is that he actually owns his website look at that well through a hot start baby I mean this whole apology really is just- it just seems like he’s trying to cover his ass legally speaking and he even
says it himself please also know that I am committed to making sure that my
youtube channel as well as all of my other businesses are in compliance with
the law they’re in compliance with the law everybody a great response you know
if you’ve done something that people don’t like just just hit them with that: it’s a compliance with the law guys like that ice cream of a kid it’s a
compliance with the law so what was the repercussion with this well not much to
be honest a lot of people thought you know this would be a big scandal
possibly jail time people said there will be millions of dollars in fines
what what was the verdict well basically nothing I mean they got away with a
warning from the FTC and essentially if this happens again they will be fined
roughly $40,000 which for someone like tmartn seems like a pretty insignificant
amount so really nothing really changed but you know it was in compliance with
the law as far as I can tell he saw still uploading videos and I mean fair
enough I guess I no there’s no reason to dwell on these
things but I will always be grateful for T Martin for the best apology video I
would rate this apology video it’s an 8.5 I know I just said it was
the best positivity of all the time but it could be better
let’s go through why we have of course Laura Lee’s apology video now I didn’t
know who Laura Lee was apparently she did some racist retweets it’s just
confusing this video to me because I don’t understand what is going on does
it start does it honestly start like this I wanna talk to you guys there is
no tears the video has just started off if you want it like why Pat’s here you
can start the video at any point this is an amateur move what you want to do we
just say you want to make sure you get to the point of the tear break then you
hit record you can’t just you know what what is this
12 seconds in and she said absolutely nothing at all but rubbing her face in
strange way and fake wipe tears this is this is good this is what I meant with
the white tee Martin’s apology video wasn’t perfect because he didn’t do this
this is what team I would miss missing the thing is when you’re going through a
controversy and the internet absolutely hate you now I can speak from experience
although I never cried personally from it because I’m not a child or a whamon
just joking you know it is a stressful moment and I think that’s what we’re
witnessing here this is not an apology this is a I’m trying to fathom what is
happening to me here I’m trying to process what is going on right now this
is not an apology this is a reaction video to the outburst that is probably
happening right now I imagine on Twitter or in different news media why is this so comedic I you know you’re
watching someone crying you’re not supposed to laugh right but I think most
people think this is funny I don’t know why is it the rubbing I’m not buying it
I don’t think anyone is buying it oh Jesus Christ what was that was that from
the nose or the mouth or what happened yeah oh you know what I’m sorry this is
the perfect apology so some people pointed out the reason why she’s not
really crying and then sometimes you see tears this is stressed tears so she’s
not really crying because she feels bad but she’s crying because she’s dealing
with all these emotions happening which is kind of aligns with what I said
earlier as well disappointed not person she practically hasn’t said anything but
I’m better so but haven’t showed any reason for us to believe why I don’t
know maybe I’m being mean now I can’t tell but I just find it interesting how
she starts off with saying I’m better I’m better now guys I’m cured look at me
I six years ago decided to retweet things that were so vile what
laura-leigh does here is absolutely amazing because when you mess up you
want to underplay it as much as possible you want to make sure that people get
the lowest form of what you did so instead of saying that she tweeted
something it was a retweet and she goes very hard in on six years ago it was six
years ago how can you possibly still be angry but that’s the problem with these
things people don’t really care when it happened
stupid and I have no excuses here today I’m not here to give you an excuse I
have no excuses I’m only here to say that I’ve done this as well this is a
great you can’t make excuses in your apology video but it’s just so damn hard
not to so what you want to say is I’m not making any excuses but then you can
still sort of sneak excuses in there you know it was six years ago I’m not making
any excuses it was a retweet I’m not making any excuses I’m glad
there’s captions here because I honestly I don’t know what she’s saying this goes on for four minutes and 44
seconds I can’t I can’t stay in this video it’s kind of like some things are
just so bad that they’re good this is just bad I’m sorry again there’s no
excuse continues to give excuses alright they’ve gotten her phone number they
attacked a child again I feel weird criticizing this but I think it’s an
important point it’s not okay getting death threats and I think everyone can
agree on that but it’s not a valid excuse either if you get death threats
take it up with a police there’s no reason to bring it up to your audience
as a tool of defending yourself I’ve seen this done so many times even by the
media mainstream media as well oh we’re getting so many hateful comments or
death threats or people are being so mean or yadda yadda yadda you know it’s
sort of playing the victim mentality and it’s sort of saying that everyone that
criticizes me is doing this thing so what was the replication here well
Lauren Lee was celebrating that she got five million subscribers with the
hamburger saying five and then the comments are
saying I’m confused on YouTube it says 4.4 meal
hmm this is very confusing yeah about that boy do I have news for you
I think that’s really the reason why we got this reaction instead of an apology
because she was losing subscribers and you know you got to pull the plug quick
you got to do something real fast if that’s happening I would rate this
apology video as solid set it’s it’s pretty good
it hits most of the points that I brought up earlier moving on we have of
course Logan Paul I’m kind of sick of talking about Logan Paul but it has 53
million views this is the most viewed apology video of all time which is
something I’m sure Logan feels very proud of you know that was a joke but
it’s true I’ve made a severe and continuous lapse on my judgment the
funny thing I think the reason why I love this apology video is that it was
you know he did the mistake of making a tweet first when you’re in the drama or
the internet is on your back you want it you have to sort of assess the situation
you know it’s just gonna grow bigger you know are people not gonna just care for
a while like how far’d wage will go to address this do I make a video
do I just make a tweet and Logan full of thought I’ll just make a tweet and it’s
a beautiful tweet it’s a beautiful thing I’m sure everyone’s seen this but here
it hits all the good points as well instead of apologizing just make sure
that you can tell everyone how great you are as a person you know how this is the
first time you’ve ever made a mistake in your life
for example that’s a good way to start off an apology video how you get so many
views on your channel that this drama doesn’t even mean anything to you that’s
always a great way to acknowledge it as well how you upload videos frequently
and how hard you work on those videos which has nothing to do with the
situation and then say how much power and influence you had I mean where’s the
apology in this it’s absolutely beautiful and I think the cherry on the
top is the emoji a good apology ends with an emoji and a hashtag otherwise
it’s not either wise don’t even talk to me about apologies hashtag Logan for
life but the video is pretty good III you know obviously a lot of people hate
Logan but I you know he addressed that he what he did was wrong that’s that you
know what else can you do a lot of people have been commenting that he’s
clearly reading from a script’ and all these things and oh he scripted
his apology and I get that but clearly you want to have some idea of what you
want to say this is usually a pretty important video and you want to make it
right so I don’t really see that as an argument obviously if it’s completely
script that it comes across as disingenuous and maybe someone else said
it but overall I think that’s fine I don’t know maybe that’s just my opinion
no I did not script all my apology videos okay I’ve made a severe and
continuous lapse of my judgment a good apology video sounds like someone else
wrote it okay what you want to make sure it’s a use language that you don’t
typically use in your videos so it people can know that it’s not you who
wrote this apology someone else did so you can read it out I made a severe and
continuous lapse of my judgement which totally doesn’t say I want to apologize
to the internet when you make an apology video you want to make sure that you
apologize not to the people affected or at least not first you want to apologize
to that people that are angry first I want to apologize to the Internet the
internet apologize to anyone who’s seen the video the people who see in the
video most importantly I want to apologize to the victim and his family
and then the person the most important one put that last that’s the last that’s
the last thing on the list I don’t expect to be forgiven I will be better
thank you it’s a pretty good apology video I I don’t have that much else to
say about it but it would be better if he ended with look in for life this is
my personal opinion if I had to give any feedback if you guys need any help with
your apology videos always reach out to me I I’m here to help now we’re running
a bit low on time so I want to just give a quick shout out to some response
videos we have of course jenna Marbles famous 47 minute long what happened to
my fish’s video it’s a forty seven minute long
apology video it is the Atlas of apology videos a lot of people use this apology
video as an example when someone makes a oh they did this horrible thing and they
just did a two minute response video with jenna marble did something simple
wrong and she made a 47 minute long video so if you were actually really
sorry you may would have made a five hour long
video you would have made a 24 hour livestream apology video if you were
really sorry I’ve just been seeing a lot of people make this argument which of
course makes no sense I do like this video it’s really funny and it’s a I
don’t know in a bizarre way it’s not really an apology video it’s just Jenna
giving an explanation to what she did wrong apparently she bought fishes and
the way she treated them instructed by the general store manager was incorrect
so people in the internet got angry that this is not how you treat the fishes and
then she made a video responding to ok I’ve learned and this is how you do it
basically I am that’s I think at least what I got out of it which is nice you
know because a lot of people don’t know these things and if the store manager
gives you the wrong information it’s nice that she took a chance to give the
Internet the right information as well I mean obviously most people don’t know
how to treat a face I mean we also have the famous fine brother response video
which looking back on it’s kind of sad isn’t it you guys remember this that’s
over what this all is has been so overwhelming and what we’ve realized is
that we completely screwed up with how we originally because I mean I feel bad
I met them I know they’re nice dudes I’ve only met them once so I can’t say
like yeah they’re amazing like they’re legit but I don’t think they had bad
intention but this apology video is just so awful it’s just terrible it’s the
worst apology video it seems it kind of comes across as their scolding you you
know they basically try to copy right that’s right can we copyright they
copyrighted the world react because they own the YouTube channel react so people
are like no you shouldn’t try and copyright react because then you can
just copy strike everyone else I put react in the title this is actually true
but they’re saying no we’re not going to do that
even if that wasn’t your intention you shouldn’t try and do that so it’s just
some saying no you’re wrong you’re wrong we’re not we would never do this you’re
wrong the thing is they’re not youtubers they produce videos they don’t sit in
front of the camera they have other people sitting from the camera for just
this reason so things could definitely have gone a lot better they seemed like
you’re doing fine now anyway so it doesn’t really matter it’s one of those
things that really shows you in my opinion how important it is to make sure
you do an apology video the right way because then you know if your intentions
are pure that doesn’t necessarily come across in a video so I think this is a
good example of that so for example we have a YouTube channel youtube.com slash
react so we’re trying to protect it and not run the risk of losing our channel
name thanks to someone else getting the trademark but just because we have or
might get trademarks doesn’t mean we’re going to run around and start taking
down videos you dummies I guess I got a watch mine I mean I can’t sitting
criticize other people’s reactions and not acknowledge my own first of all I
mean what is that cup doing there could you not have moved that goddamn cup it’s
so annoying to me I don’t know why second of all already the posture I mean
I’m clearly in a very different position here hi guys sorry this is not how you
make apologies you see I still have things to learn I also look a bit angry
I don’t look very happy I’m no I’m not I wasn’t happy no surprise I wasn’t that
hello I wanted to make a statement on what I said in my previous livestream
you probably won’t believe me when I say this but whenever I go online and I hear
other players use the same kind of language that I did I always find it
extremely immature and stupid and I hate how I now personally fed into that part
of gaming as well this is true I still believe this but I haven’t given anyone
a reason to believe this at this point so it’s kind of stupid to bring that up
in the beginning I would say the thing that I said in the heat of the moment I
said the word now because I said the heat of the
moment that has just become a meme that has just transpired through YouTube it
was a heat of the moment guys come on it was just a heat of the moment you know I
didn’t mean for this just sound like an excuse but a 100% comes across an excuse
so I never should have said that and I’m not gonna make any excuses to why it did
because there are no excuses for it accepts you you basically just made a
bunch of excuses for it you idiot a very good way to thank okay that’s how
I should have started it honestly whatever it doesn’t matter at this point
it’s interesting looking back though at how different I feel I’m really sorry if
I offended hurt or disappointed anyone with all of this being in the position I
am I should know better yeah I keep I keep forgetting about that part don’t I
how long ago was this not bad it’s not bad I think I’m doing okay I owe it
crops in here because you know when you make an apology video you want to keep
the cuts as low as possible because if you just if you have it a consistent
cuts in it and people are just gonna think it’s fake it’s kind of like you’re
reading off a script or something like that
kind of like the Laura Lee video has constant cuts in it despite you know
it’s just being said nothing in it but I wanted to make sure that the last bit
came across properly because I thought it was important to say that you know I
don’t want this to keep happening because obviously this is the second
time I messed up big time and I want to make sure that people know that I’m not
planning for this to happen again yes there was the thing with the tweet ahh! okay
that was insensitive but it wasn’t maybe as big of the Alessa tease that this at
least one of the things that I’ve learned from my mistakes is that there’s
a clear difference in what mainstream media or news outlet wants to think
about something and what people actually think about something I was given so
much advice that looking back on I am so glad I didn’t take if you want to make a
good apology video just be honest don’t try and think that you can trick
the internet because you can people people are smarter than you think and
they’ll see through the whole it’s bullsh a it’s easy to for me to say
this looking back of course but it might be a good lesson for everyone out there
that’s it for YouTube apology videos there’s clearly a lot more of them but
we’re way over time so smash like goodbye!


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