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RAPID Facebook Ads Testing To Find $10,000 WINNING Shopify Products – (Dropshipping)

RAPID Facebook Ads Testing To Find $10,000 WINNING Shopify Products – (Dropshipping)

and just like that you found your next
winning product what’s going on guys it’s your boy the Beast Of Ecom back with
another video dropping you already know more value bombs if this is the first
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for when I drop my latest videos okay so maybe you haven’t found your winner just
yet you might be testing a brand product that might not be working you
might be tests and other products that’s not working and you’re kind of generally
moving at a slow pace to try and find that next winner
well what I’m gonna show you today in this video is a rapid-fire test method
that’s gonna allow you to test multiple products quickly so you can identify
your next winning products if you use this method correctly what you’re gonna
be able to do is test products a lot quicker
basically in half the time helping you to identify winners a lot quicker so
that you can then scale those up and help you move faster with your
e-commerce journey now you know I give away nothing but value bombs so stay to
the end watch all of the video learn the strategy how it works and then go away
put it into place and start finding your next winning products now the channel
has been moving at a crazy pace okay and I appreciate everyone who has subscribed
to follow me on Instagram or anything like that and we have surpassed a
thousand subscribers so stay to the end and I will be announcing the winner for
that giveaway so let’s jump into the computer screen and let’s get right on
with this strategy right so let’s get on with this rapid Facebook ads testing to
find winning Shopify products in half time okay so I call this a 10k method
I’ve used it multiple times to find products that have generated me 10k in
revenue so it is effective and can cut your time down in in almost 50% in
finding winning products identifying them really quickly moving them out into
a different campaign and scaling them a lot further okay so let’s get on with
things well what I have done I’ve made the writing on the screen a
lot bigger than what it was someone mentioned in another video that is very
hard to read on mobile so if this is a lot better for yourself let me know if
you still can’t read it again let me know in the comments I do want to bring
you guys the most pleasurable view in spirit view and experience as possible
so I hope this helps okay but let’s get right into this strategy so you can
start implementing it and finding those winners okay so the first thing you want
to do you want to find nine different Shopify products okay nine different
products but they’re all related in the same niche okay so let’s say for example
we’ve got hair garden okay what you want to do is you want to find different
garden products nine of them that are all different okay
but they’re all related to the garden niche so it could be like a garden Spade
garden gloves or whatever it may be okay whatever is in your niche but try and
make them as different as possible instead of it being something which is
just you know a product with multiple variants or like you know something that
is a product but just comes with a slightly different or different colors
or something like that the more different you can make the products but
again still having unrelated the better because then you’re gonna have out of
having nine products it’s a lot better to find you know to want to possibly
three products out of those noise which show promise okay you can do it with
less products if you can’t find nine different ones but I recommend nine
because like I said out of that you’re gonna find you know pretty sure one or
two maybe three products which are you know show promise that you can scale are
not further okay so that’s the first step finding those products in your
niche then what you want to do is you want to create a website conversion
campaign that’s going to be the campaign okay
and what you want to do is you want to go for add two carts that your objective
for Add to Cart or purchase depending on your pixel strength now if you’ve got no
purchases whatsoever you’re completely new to Facebook ads and stuff like that
I’d advise going for Add to Cart instead of the purchase if you’ve got purchases
or had purchases before go straight to purchase I personally go
straight to purchase I’ve had loads of thousands and thousands of purchases so
anything that I start with pretty much just go straight to purchase okay but it
is dependent on your pixel strength again we want Facebook to send us and by
us so view content is you know I’ve never really had any success with view
content because we want Facebook to send those people who are more inclined to
take action okay so Add to Cart or purchase
depending on your pixel stroke now moving on what you want to do is want to
find a broad related interest okay fine now this should be super easy if you
know what your niche is again we’ve got at the top head garden okay so you know
your broad interests maybe garden now god and it’s got a you know millions and
millions sorry of the people in that audience if you type it in on Facebook
be like 20 million 50 million or something like that but that is what we
want we want to be finding these massive audiences showing the multiple products
okay and one or two of them out of the nine will buy a show promise okay so
find the broad related interest and what you want to do is you want to create
three ad sets okay three access now the three ad sets are all going to be
targeting that same interest okay so ad set one is going to be
targeting garden for this example at set two is going to be targeting garden and
I said three is going to be targeting garden as well but when we move on
you’ll see why that is so we want to do then moving forward once you’ve got your
read sets once you’ve got your campaign once you’ve found your products okay
you targeting what you want to do is you want to go for you can’t go for world
wide okay but then exclude the bad traffic
countries there’s a whole host of by traffic countries Pakistan Indonesia
India you know generally the ones that are sort of cash on delivery and stuff
like that but to make it easy for yourself which I personally can’t have
been doing now instead of doing a whole list and stuff like that is just
excluding Africa as the region Asia as well along with Central America and also
with a few South America countries as well such as like Peru
Venezuela Chile and ones like that so you can just do that if you want to go
worldwide with this campaign or what you can do as well is target just first take
countries or top english-speaking countries so you know United staes
Canada you know I Kingdom Australia New Zealand
Island and you know some some great top nglish speaking countries all right
Norway Denmark Sweden Germany Switzerland Austria ones like that
basically so you can do either raw both will work just follow with this campaign
okay depending on your budgets and stuff like
that then what you want to do is you want to have a budget so those three ad
sets that we’re going to create all tagged in gardening okay we’re going to
set a budget for that of twenty to ten to twenty dollops for each ad set now if
you’re going to be doing setting at ten then of course you can be spending a
daily of thirty dollars per day or if you’re at if you set it at 20 then
you’re gonna be sending sixty dollars per day okay then what you want to do is
you want to create nine different ads okay I’m gonna put it as ad ad creatives
okay nine different ad creatives want for each product okay so let’s say for
example we’re doing the garden now we mentioned and one of our products is
garden Spade okay so we’ll create one ad creative
sullen that garden Spade okay let’s say our product two is garden gloves so
we’re gonna create a product and that creative target for garden gloves and
you can see how this works so we’re gonna be creating a different ad
creative for each of the products which we’ve selected as that we want to
actually test okay so that’s what we want to do create nine ad creatives one
for each product okay then what you want to do is you want to put three of the
products okay three of them in each ad set okay each product is a
different each each product sorry is different so you might be getting a
little bit confusing up I’m going to show you how its laid out okay so this
might be bad let me show you how actually laid out so we’ve got our
campaign okay we’ve got our broad audience which is garden which may be 15
million so the first I’d set okay he’s gonna be
targeting garden like we said but we’re gonna put in product one I’d creative
product to add creative and product three I’d creative all in ad set one
then on ad set to again targeting garden we’re gonna put product for put up to
five product six ad creatives in there then you’re not set three again
targeting garden we’re gonna put in product seven products eight product
nine so you can see how this is working us so we’re gonna be showing everyone
who is in garden okay nine different products you can see really quickly now
so what we’re doing is we’re talking in a massive audience okay in a massive
audience showing them multitude of products okay not breaking the bank okay
again this is usually ten dollar ads and then we’re looking to see which one is
gonna be showing us the lowest cost per conversions the cost per purchases and
the highest grow us okay so as you can see this is how we doing it one broad
audience three ad sets and then all of your nine products so then what we do is
obviously we launch see which products are giving us the best results okay the
lowest cost per purchases and then the best row us and then scaling the ones
taking on further so what you can do of course is take those winning products
out of that campaign okay so let’s say for example number three and number six
are doing great okay the rest of them are absolutely awful you know when we
look at our stats three six are gaming as the sales we know that product three
and product sick are promising ok people who like garden
like these two products so what we want to then do is take them out of this
campaign put them into a new campaign start testing different audiences let’s
say for example I love gardening or you know gardening is my life or different
people who are doing you know who are TV shows on gardening or different
gardening brands like lawn mower brands or stuff like that ok you can see how it
works so we know people who are interested in going in like these two
products ok then we can start testing different audiences and scaling them
further so that’s how the system works you can see it might be a little bit
confusing but as you can see there that’s essentially how it works in
process ok so moving on now I’m gonna show you the winner of the giveaway it
was two hundred and fifty dollars plus a mentorship call from myself going over
anything any questions you may have a ecommerce okay pick this person at total
random the winner is men C n so men C n congratulations to yourself please do
send me a message through YouTube using your channel using your channel using
your your your message feature so that I know that it is yourself and will be
able to organize that conversation as well as getting that money sent to
yourself I will be doing a lot more giveaways for yourself than a lot of
guys would like mentorship calls for myself and you know stuff like that so I
will be doing a lot more giveaways as well so I hope you can see how effective
this strategy actually is you know testing a load of products in a short
period of time you know without breaking the bank
okay identifying those winners quickly with the high engagement low cost per
conversion is high high ROI ass and moving those and scaling them a lot
further now I hope you got some value from this video if you did please do
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been moving at a crazy pace okay and I fully appreciate everyone who has
subscribed everyone who’s followed I will continue to bring as much fire and
value bombs as I possibly can to help you guys out now I will be probably
doing a crazy giveaway once we get to 10k I know that we can get to 10k by the
end of this year super easy so please do subscribe if you got some value from it
I’ll make sure that I do a crazy giveaway at 10k followers as well it
bring you as much heat as I possibly can with these videos so that is it for this
video until next time take care

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