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Random Commercial Challenge #4

Random Commercial Challenge #4

We love commercials. We spent an Internet era making local commercials, and we love being random, like when I told Sasha that he outfit looked
low-key “drell,” and “drell” isn’t even a word.
I just made it up. I also made up the fact that
I have a friend named Sasha because it’s so random. Now fake Sasha won’t stop
saying “drell.” – That’s right.
– ‘Cause she’s so random. – Yeah.
– And fake. We also love doing random,
made-up-on-the-spot commercials, which is why we’re
once again going to play… Okay,
here’s what’s gonna happen. We have two hats
in front of us. In one hat we have a product
that we need to sell. In the other hat we have a way
that we need to sell it. Mm-hm, and we’re gonna pull
a piece of paper out of
each of these hats, then combine them to create
an assignment, which we will then create
a 30-second commercial
on the spot, in front of that green screen
right over there. It’s green. And then you tell us
in the comments, who had the best commercial. Let’s do it. Okay, I’m getting started. – Okay. You first.
– Um… I don’t– I don’t. – I don’t– no–
– Then don’t look down. I keep trying to look down
but don’t. Random?
I’m so random. I’m going to pick
a “rantom” one. I’m gonna call you Sasha. I just like Sasha.
She’s so drell. “Ham sandwich.” Mm. That’s what
I’m gonna be selling. How are you gonna sell it using a key marketing theme or, uh, approach? By promising,
it’ll get you a date. Ham sandwich… using empty promises
of romance. Go! –( soul music playing )
– Hey, you look like you need a date. Who doesn’t? But what you really need is a ham sandwich. Yeah, trust me.
Listen up. You just walk around
with this ham sandwich, and the right lady
will see you and say… And you’ll say… I promise you
it’ll get you a date.( wolf howling )Okay, pretty good on timing, and the creep factor
was really high, but I was very focused
on the sandwich, which, it was mesmerizing. I’m like
that pickup artist guy. You know?
He has a hat like this. He’s a creeper who teaches– – Let me find out…
– …teaches you
how to get dates. …what I am going
to advertise– “Mop water.” Mop water? Okay, that sounds
like a tough sell. Uh, “Using the catchphrase
‘Great for parties.'” Yeah, that makes sense to me. Okay. Okay, go! Hey, I’m Party man Stan. I just came from
that really great party ’cause you know me. I know great parties– open bars,
open-faced sandwiches, banners that say
“Party, Party Party.” And you know what? Mop water! ( grunting ) So if you wanna have
a great party, get yourself
some dirty mop water. ( grunts ) I’ve got some right here. It’s very good. Going on my handbecause that’s what great
parties are about.
Made from pure mop-up stuff
from previous parties. Time! Drink your party. It’s great.( water trickling )Oh… Okay, a little bit
of a violation there. It’s okay.
About five seconds over, but, I mean, you made me wanna
drink that mop water. We’ll just do a jump cut
in post. You got any more? Bring it down. Just smell my hand. That’ll answer your question. Oh, gosh,
you guys used real mop water. Not good. Okay, my next product is… Great for parties, though. …”bowling pins.” Yes. Sell a bowling pin using
the marketing principle of… “But you’re allergic
to the product.” You know how people
who are allergic to products try to sell them all the time. Easy peasy. Okay, go for it. Uh, uh, uh, you need these… bowling pins. Uh, I can’t touch ’em. I’m allergic to ’em,
but you need them. They don’t look new,
but they are. I promise
it’s for texture. Uh, and I’d love to hold it
so you’d see it, – but– Oh, no,
my thumb touched it.
– ( phone ringing ) Oh, no! Mom! Mommy–
( gagging ) – ( ringing continues )
– ( dog barking ) Time! You okay? You’re not really allergic
to bowling pins, are you? Oh, a death scene. Did I make you believe it? That’s good.
That was very believable. All good commercials
should end in a death scene due to bowling pins. I’m going to sell
“macaroni necklace.” Is that plural? Macaroni necklace. Using a before-and-after. Before and after? Okay. Okay, you ready? Are you ready? Is this the commercial? Okay, so I’m gonna say,
“Ready and…” Neh– Hold on. That was the–
that was the after– It’ll make sense later. Hold on. Not ready. Not ready. – Oh, this–
– Not ready! – This feels like a violation.
– Not ready! Three, two, one, go! Hey, everybody!
Look at me. You may have notice my… That’s right. It’s draped
right in this area, but it impacts
my entire way of life. You too can have a… Don’t be like the former me. Look at this guy. He’s such a loser. What is he doing? He’s putting–
He’s fidgeting with his
bellybutton, which is his best friend, his only friend, but look at me, over here, in total contrast with this 1-800-neckliss. Time! Okay. You bend the rules
a little bit. You bend the rules
a little bit. But it’s freakin’
before and after. – I had to have an after.
– And then you went long. But it’s okay.
It’s okay. – All right.
– Let us know in the comments what you think
and if you’re in the mood for buying any
of these things. I’m sure we can conjure
something up for you. And thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Jen.
– And I’m Brian. And we grew up in Florida. But now we’re in Minnesota. And it’s time to spin… ( together )
the wheel of mythicality. Wow, you guys are moving
the wrong direction. Click the bottom link to watch
this episode from the beginning. And click the top link to see what bleach does
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in “Good Mythical More.” And to find out where
the wheel of mythicality is going to land. Link:Look, feel, and smell
your best
with the Rhett & Link
Grooming Collection,
available at mythical.store.

100 thoughts on “Random Commercial Challenge #4

  1. Rhett: You know you want that ham sandwhich.
    Link: The creep factor was real high
    I love this channel ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. This as amazing I love this show I loved the second random commercial challenge the best because of Rhett dressing up as Barthalmew the pug mascot Hahahaha ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. That bowling commercial was THE best. Link, yours were funny to but Rhett took it with being alleric. Be more careful in the furture Rhett!

  4. 4:14 damn I once searched "old grandma" and that pic of the grandma in the corner is the first pic that came up for it on Google lmao

  5. Then they'd say "What can I do to get dat ham sammich?"

    That's my new punchline

    Also, Link should really keep that macaroni necklace…. It just works….

  6. First of all I WAS JUST EATING A HAM SANDWICH IN THAT VERY MOMENT WHATTT!!! And second is Rhett's eyes became blue 1:50 'cause of the green screen!!! LOL

  7. Yall are the best ytubers eveerrrrrr.( yall are literally the only ytubers i watch ) LOL

  8. Its need to go back to series 15. So many things needed to go back to series 15 that it needed to be 2 years long i think. ๐Ÿ˜

  9. At first I thought rheet said" we have cats in front of us" but then they pulled out hats and I was like, oh the cats in the hat.

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