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Random Commercial Challenge #3 ft. The New Day

Random Commercial Challenge #3 ft. The New Day

– Good mythical summer. – Hey mythical beasts,
we are still on the set of Buddy System, and
remember we are releasing behind the scenes videos
every single week, so if you want to see what we’re up to, head over to YouTube.com/ThisIsMythical. – And right now we want you to give a good mythical welcome
to our guest hosts today, WWE superstars The New Day. – Which one of us can make
the best random commercial in only 30 seconds. – Let’s talk about that.
– Let’s talk about that. (groovy theme music) Good mythical summer baby. – Thine eyes do not deceive
you, we are definitely not, not Rhett and Link – Or are we? – Unless they split into three? – Possibly, this may be Good Mythical Morning,
but what is a morning really other than A New Day. That’s us, that’s who we are. – That’s the three of
us, that’s our thing. We are your boys, the, – [All] New Day! – And we’re feeling so
good, James Brown-style getting on the good foot dancing, but we’re sitting down,
so you know we’ll keep it here in the frame, I’m
Xavier, this is Kofi Kingston, and this right here is my
large friend, so large, – Alright relax. – Too much, that’s too much. – He’s large.
– Come on man, when you’re big – That’s Big E. And as WWE superstars,
we’re used to doing promos, we’re used to selling things. So today, we’re gonna do
that, but it’s gonna get a tad weird.
– We like weird, though. – We do, we’re weird guys. – Yes, we will be tagging
into the Rhett and Link random commercial ring
to see who’s the champ when it comes to camp. Who can sell when it’s something
weird like a clamshell. Who can nail the ad even
when the product is bad. Bars, bars, wow. – Now let’s stop the rhyme
before we’re out of time. – Get your watch, get your watch. – It’s okay, it’s okay,
fan him off, fan him off, fan him off, fan him off,
fan him off, fan him off. – Introducing the third annual Random Commercial Challenge WWE Edition. – We have two hats. One hat is a random product or object that we need to sell, and the other hat is exactly how we need to sell that item. – Now we’ll pull a piece
of paper from each hat, and then we’ll have to
create a 30-second commercial on the spot in front of a green screen. – We will each create two
commercials for a total of six rounds, then
it’s up to you to decide who made the better commercials down in the comments section below, below. – Let’s do this.
– Let’s do this. Let’s do it. – Hey, I’m gonna go first
okay, I’m gonna go first, take a little bit from the one hat, then another from the other hat. Sell a purse, okay I
have experience in this, I worked at Sears, so you
guys are dead in the water, while pointing out everything
that is wrong with it. I’m gonna go first. – Yeah go ahead.
– He’s gonna do a great job. – That was inspiring.
– Yeah, so good. – You ready?
– Do I look ready? You know I’m ready. – We’re gonna count you down,
and a three, a two, a one. – Hello, my name is Kofi
Kingston, you can tell by my professional looking tie that I’m here to sell you something, and
I wanna sell you a purse. Not a very nice Kate Spade
purse like this, oh no. I wanna sell you this doo
doo brown not gonna match anything in your wardrobe
looking purse, that’s right. This purse is actually so small that you can’t fit anything in it. You can’t fit a unicycle, no. Can’t you fit a boombox, no. How ’bout a pic-a-nic
basket, oh, Yogi Bear for the kids out there,
Yogi Bear wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this
purse, but you should buy it. Cuz it sucks. – I like how you’re
keeping the fanny pack. – Yeah, that’s a little
extra, that’s an Easter egg. – That’s not part of it.
– It’s an Easter egg. You know, people look,
and if they look close, oh there was a fanny pack in that, and then they start Tweeting about it. Y’all are jealous, there you go. – You ready?
– Yeah. – You’re next, you’re next, okay. – Huzzah. – Use your reach, use your reach. – Pardon me, pardon me.
– Triceps in my face. – I shall sell a decorative pillow to people who are prepping
for the apocalypse. You’re done, you’re both done. Kofi, you’re done, Woods,
you’re done, you’re done. – Are you ready?
– I’m ready. – In three, two, one. – Good golly Miss Molly, the
world is coming to an end. Hellfire and damnation from on high, but you know what you need? You need a good decorative pillow, so when Sodom and Gamorrow is coming, you could take a nice nap. Because it’s coming, I swear. The rapture is here,
oh no, but this pillow will see me through. When the world folds up
into itself, I will have this beautiful pillow, I will
have you, my only friend. Buy her now, buy her. – Come on, walk on over here, looking like Stay Puff. How hot are you? – I’m a little warm. – Here, that’s why we got you
the little towel to dab off. – I suffer from, can you.
– Oh no, help him out. – Thank you.
– A little towel. – Alright, my turn.
– Let’s go. – I don’t know how I’m gonna follow that. – [Big E] Read it aloud. – I have to sell a spork
by using the tagline, – Go ahead, read it out loud. – For her comfort three times. – That’s a lot to work with. You might be onto something, okay. We’ll see, we’ll see what you got. – Ariel don’t fail me now. – Oh that’s the look, you look ready. – I’m so ready. – And a three, and a two, and a one. – Ooooh, I just came back
from the tanning bed, I’m Guy Fieri’s doppelganger, Bly Fieri. You using forks, who needs ’em? Nobody does, you want
something to please your lady, to help her out with her meal? This if for her comfort. This delicious spork means she can eat lasagna and cereal at the same time for her comfort, for her comfort. Come on, eat whatever you like. You want some chipotle, and
a nice soup at the same time? Mmmmmmmm real good,
Bly Fieri, buy from me. I feel pretty good about that. – That was good.
– Yeah, you should. – That wasn’t good, that wasn’t good. – It was good. – That was great. – I see what you did there, you thought you’d rope me in a little bit, I see what you did there, yes. – So Kofi, it is now your
turn to select from the hats. Pick your poison. – Alright, we’ll dig deep. Sell an extension cord by
using a passionate testimonial from a caveman. Woah, I like this, I like this. – You got some ideas? – Well yeah, I mean, – That means he’s real
nervous, he rubbed his hands, he shook, he did the Birdman hand rub. – This is shook? – I can see it in your eyes.
– This is Birdman, Birdman. – I can see it in your eyes, he’s shook. – Oh yes, oh yes. Why is he walking like that, you okay Kof? Your lower back tighten up? – Caveman spend lots of
time doing caveman things. – Count him down. – Yes, and a three, a two, a one. – Caveman need you buy orange string rope. Oh! Ohhhh, you buy. If you no buy, I buy. Good. – Kofi, you’re a solid caveman. _ I know, I try to be
primitive every now and then. Mesozoic Era, you know
what I’m talking about. – And the stick.
– Real Mesozoic, y’know. – That’s too much leg I think for me. – Yep, maybe put that away. – Or is it just enough? – It’s a lot going on.
– It’s drawing me in, ’cause it looks like a miniskirt, and the legs are,
– What? – I didn’t say, I’m just saying – E!
– I’m just saying my eyes are drawn to it.
– E, it is your turn. – Alright fine, I’ll go. Try to shut me down. – I’m just gonna make sure
we stay within the bounds. – His legs are well-toned,
they’re well-toned legs. – Can you blame him? – I shall sell a jelly donut
with a seductive dance. – Not fair, not fair. – That’s what I do for a living. – That’s how we make money. – Is seductively dance.
– That’s how we make money. – Yes, that’s all I do is dance. – Seductively.
– Seductively. – You can’t, we can’t
contend with these hips. – Nah, you can’t. – What are we supposed to do? – [Kofi] He’s jangling. – E, are you ready?
– We’re gonna count you down, in three, two, one. – You know you want this jelly in your belly, I’m so smelly. You know you want this jelly in your belly, I’m so ready. Uuuhhhhhh. – My god, do we, I can’t tell if it’s lipstick
or jelly on your face now. – Yeah, it’s all a blur. – How do you feel? – I’m disgusted with myself. – With yourself, yeah, shamed? Shame this man. – Look away. – Oh, oh god, oh,
– Look away! – I can’t, I can’t. – Go ahead. – It’s just, you just look ridiculous. – Me, never. – Alright, I have to sell an iPad to a cowboy who’s about to
engage in a quick-draw duel. – You look flummoxed. – No, no, no.
– As the kids would say. – I’m never flabbergasted. – You’re done.
– I know. – Good luck. There he is in all his glory. You ready sucka? – Aaarrrghh matey.
– Okay, alright, and a three, a two, a one. – The war between pirate and cowboy has raged on many a year. And now I be on the
winning side of the cowboy, and I’m selling the iPads to you who’s about to have the
quick-draw competition. Find the information on
all your pirate foes. Ah ha ha, ah, ha, ah, ha, ha, ha, ha. Pirate scallywags, they are scum, buy from me Sir Black
Beard Having No Beard Scallyway Mr. Pirate Man, buy, buy, buy. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ah, ha, ha, ha. – When in doubt,
– Break out the pirate. – When in doubt, yes. – When in doubt, bring
the pirate out, you know. – Your thoughts? – I thought it was pretty good. – Well thank you. – I thought it was creative.
– Quite good, quite good. – You started a war. – I did, you gotta have a backstory. Before you walk on stage
in improv, you know, you gotta have your mind
right, you gotta have a reason, a motivation to be out thee. – That was quite a performance, I think by both of you gentlemen as well. You know I was quite
impressed with all of you, but for you people at home,
or wherever you may be, thank you for liking,
commenting, subscribing, and sharing this video with
your family and friends. – Now you can vote for who
you thought did the best in the comments below. – [All] You know what time it is. – I’m Abby from Bryan, Ohio, and it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality. – While you guys are
determining the winner in the comments, the mythical crew thought we all kind of won. (fanfare) – Gifts, we got gifts, we got gifts. – What do we got there? – That’s your name.
– Thank you. – Kofi, that’s me.
– Yes, yes, yes. – Hold on a second.
– Peanut butter lip balm. – What?
– I like that. – That’s a thing? – Okay, and then hats for each. – This is natural lip balm, too. – And then inside, oooh, ooooh hello. – Oh hold up, hold up. – That’s because we’re champions. – We are the Good Mythical
Morning champions. We are the champions. My friends. – I’d like to thank my
momma, and her momma. – For bringing me into this world. – Thank you.
– Y’all been so good to us. – If you guys had fun
with us here on this show. Check us on out on our
shows, on YouTube, you can check out all of the things
that we do in the ring, getting crazy, shaking our hips, swiveling around the world, if you
go to YouTube, search WWE, and it’ll be the first thing that pops up. It’s a thing, it’s quite fantastic. And then, if you like video games too, your boy has a gaming channel,
go search UpUpDownDown on YouTube, subscribe,
I’m trying to do this, waiting on my play button
YouTube, my golden one, get that mil. Alright, and then you can
follow us on Instagram and Twitter, me @XavierWoodsPhD. – On Twitter @TrueKofi,
on Instagram @TheTrueKofi. – And I’m @WWEBigE, but don’t follow me, I don’t need your pity
follows, I don’t want them. If you follow me, unfollow me. – And now it’s time to spin the wheel. Who gets to spin it, though? – I’ll spin it. – I feel like you can like say the thing, – I’ll spin the wheel.
– But I mean, you’re already saying the thing,
you’re gonna say the thing. – The thing?
– Yeah. – Say the thing.
– No, not that thing. You wanna spin it? – I’ll spin it.
– Kofi’s gonna spin it. Spin it. (Xavier sings beat) It’s the spinning the wheel song. There you go.
– Alright, where we at, where we at? – ‘Cause you gotta pull the thing off. – Pull it off. – No, well, ’cause E’s gonna read it. We all have a piece, I made the choice, you spun the wheel, E. – Because he’s running the show. – I am, I’m in charge, I
know how YouTube works. I got a channel. – It says 10 Second Tour.
– 10 Second Tour. – Okay, so pull it off.
– Pull it off. – Yep, and then you read the back. You sit down here with
us, don’t be scared, and then come sit back down with us. – Alright, you were
clearly paying attention when they told us,
– I was. – How this works, right. – It’s YouTube baby. – I’m sorry, right, right. – I’m in this lane now,
I’m in this lane now. – We want to see your hometown. Give us a #10SecondTour and
post it so we can share. This one’s from Australia. – Down under.
– Down under. – [Narrator] This is Lars in Australia. Mountain, River, Pub Boat shed, bush, pie, Couple of utes, Darren.
– G’day. – [Link] Click on the left to watch our show after the show,
Good Mythical More. – [Rhett] Click on the right to watch another episode of Good Mythical Morning. – [Link] And make sure to
check out our new channel, This Is Mythical, by clicking
the video at the bottom. – [Rhett] Thanks for
being your mythical best.

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