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#R2D2Car, Advertising THE SPEAR Podcast on Instagram, & Sony a5100: ROMAN CASTRO VLOG #9

#R2D2Car, Advertising THE SPEAR Podcast on Instagram, & Sony a5100: ROMAN CASTRO VLOG #9

Looking awesome! This is awesome car! So the thing I wanna focus on today’s instagram
advertising, so I just realized Im able to do that now, they were releasing it slowly
to different groups on active it is already gone like full blown available to everybody
yet but it is available to me at this point so last night when I realized it I kinda sleep
a little late than I should have because I was trying to figure out how I could use it
and and the cool thing about it is that you basically can add advertise in someones stream
and you can not only post but an actual like a video so I made a little video for the spear
podcast its basically a bunch of..it basically a cover art from episodes its about were on
episode 45 right now and I put up about I think 30 of episode covers, so we’ll about
this. I have a little music to it and then a final slide with a spear podcast. So I have
the video done and I have most of the campaign ironed out so I’m hoping to launch it today
and see how it does and then see if its worth advertising on..Well for me its probably a
little for other company but see if its worth it for me to advertise on the..to advertise
on instagram. Sorry..So now that I have instagram ads available to me Im gonna go ahead and
run that ads and see how it does. Im trying 2 options. That one is gonna be the one with
episode cover that I explain earlier and then Im gonna do another one which is me talking
into the camera, Ill play a little bit into that until tonight but Ill be able to start
using the video I created last night, this morning I probably get my launch to get up
and actually working and then tonight after work, Ill be able to work on another video
just me talking to the camera and kinda trying to get attention look on it and listen to
it and pitch some on what is spear podcast all about and its basically something like
super easy like..Hi! I’m Roman Castro and I am the host of spear podcast, it’s podcast
where spearos shares stories, insights and tips to help you become spearfisherman so
thats plan, plan for today is to get this instagram advertising..to get this instagram
ad up for the spear podcast and so we’re start seeing how it does and see if its worth
it for me to use some of this..some of our patreon campaign money to help grow the show. Are you ready? Yes
Alright lets go We’re gonna get some food and were gonna
drop off this package and hopefully.. It’s UPS or something Alright..lets do this, where here at the Renvious
and Ive seen this car. Ive seen this car was before this whole episode setting came out.
This guys are true fan, it got nuts like..its awesome! So I give you a tour, its freaking
awesome! This is awesome car. It was amazing! Im gonna go whole 360 tour “Jedi knight” awesome! Committed theme I like it! Oh..yeah..nice car dude! awesome! Lots of burritos Lots of burritos..wow.. Alright..its about lunch time the sun has
come out its no longer raining its pretty nice I just got notice is that my ad on Instagram is approved so its should be running right now so see how it goes Ill show you what the
ad looks like now And were back I hope you guys think its cool
I havent done the second ad yet which is the one I record myself talking into the camera I wanna get time to do that until tonight so well see how this one works for now and
then well add the next one tonight Now were back home so..this vlog is kind of
very… in brief but maybe tomorrow I have something more interesting for you guys. The audio maybe
a little bit different ’cause now Im shooting with the… sony a5100 the only drop back in
shooting with this camera is it has no built in mic so, Im sorry the mic is only built
in, so it has no audio input jack so you can plug in a nice microphone, the one that ive
been using with the 7D. So Ill have the 7DD maybe Wednesday so you only have to put up
this video for a couple days, but I dont want to stop the vlogging so lets keep it going.
So if you have it already dont forget to subscribe and come check it out everyday..Thanks!

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