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Quadrupling Ad Performance With Pixability | Proof Advertising and Mouser Electronics | Pixability

Quadrupling Ad Performance With Pixability | Proof Advertising and Mouser Electronics | Pixability

(upbeat music) – Mouser Electronics
is one of our clients, a client for almost five years, one of my favorites,
just because it is B2B, and they are one of the
largest global electronic distributors and what that means for me, in simplistic terms, is
they are the Amazon.com of electronics parts and semiconductors. The efforts that we did with Pixability were not just domestic, it was global. Mouser is one of the
world’s largest global electronics company and we
ran a campaign to talk about the internet of things,
which, for us, was important to talk about in Europe
and Asia, Mexico, Brazil, and Pixability had the reach
to help us basically bring out these long form videos
to not just domestic, but global audiences. How Pixability finds
unique audiences using AI, it just blows my mind. One of the main goals for
Mouser is to really stand out on YouTube, but to the right audience, as well as other social platforms, but YouTube is number one for Mouser. And through their AI optimization, we were really able to
find the right content that consumers have been consuming, and serve up our content to them, as well as knowing that we were
using the right job titles. The results from Pixability
on our brand campaigns were phenomenal. We were judging it based
off of really three things and the first one was
YouTube completion rates. Two and a half times
higher than benchmarks, as well as response rate
in media was quadruple what we had seen in the past. And subscriber growth on
YouTube was important for us and it grew by 60%. So, amazing results. What’s really satisfying
about our partnership with Pixability is just that
our client is also happy with the results, so in true
spirit of collaboration, we wouldn’t be able to
succeed on their expectations if we didn’t have a
partner like Pixability to help us look good. (upbeat music)

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