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Q&A – 2014, 4K, DIY, Lights, Green, Sponsors, Reviews, Big Screen, & More! Basic Filmmaker Ep 113

Q&A – 2014, 4K, DIY, Lights, Green, Sponsors, Reviews, Big Screen, & More! Basic Filmmaker Ep 113

52 thoughts on “Q&A – 2014, 4K, DIY, Lights, Green, Sponsors, Reviews, Big Screen, & More! Basic Filmmaker Ep 113

  1. I'M BACK! I cover where I've been, what's coming (new DIY project, new sponsor, your film on the big screen, green screen project) , clicker lights, a 4k warning, and so much more!

  2. I would retweet, favorite and said thanks for sharing. They took the time to do that. It is nice to be acknowledge. 

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for mentioning that piece about 4k. I hear it all the time "4k gives you the option to reframe in post". Yes, sure it does. But did you run into a lot of framing issues with your 1080p camera? If so, the camera won't fix that 🙂 The other argument I've heard is for interview shots. (as in, you can punch in and it won't lose detail, or at least be less than 1080p), but my argument would be, why the same angle? I'd rather have two different angles. Anyway, welcome back! 🙂

  4. your snide moves my cursor over the subscribe button on occasion, but the info you provide is priceless so I deal with it =) thanks.

  5. Great to see you back. Sounds like things are going well and congrats on your channel reaching 20k. The sponsor you spoke of sounds great, hopefully that comes together. I'm feeling fortunate as it's starting to feel like a real community of us as I see many of the same people referenced such as Dave Dugdale. I also watch and have learned so much from. Looking forward to your new stuff and what you've planned in 2015.


  6. I shot a bunch of shorts last year and learned a lot. This year we thought why make 6 shorts when we could shoot a feature film. In the last 2 months we have written, cast and began shooting the film. The schedule is crazy but the energy and participation is much greater than with the shorts. We have just taken a, Lets Just Do This Thing, attitude. The first shoot day was Saturday, it took a while to get everyone up and running. I wanted to shoot some BTS, but I spent most of my time helping everyone get up to speed. I should be able to shoot some as the crew starts to settle in. I hope you enjoyed your brief respite. 

  7. Still love your videos working on a project right now and hope to share it soon. I really love how direct you are about your opinions.

  8. Great advice and thoughts on your video! And that makes sense in regards to your reviews it inspired me to state the same when I do a future one as for me the only time I am compelled to make a review / overview of a product is because I like and use it. Keep up the great work!

  9. Glad to see you're back! Sounds like you've had a quite a few busy weeks. Looking forward to upcoming videos. Also, I didn't realize you're at 20K already. I remember subscribing back when you had like 1000 or less. Keep up the great work!

  10. Glad to watch new video again (stop) Expecting for things to come (stop) Looking nice (stop) This commenting by telegram feature on Youtube is awesome (end).

  11. I really enjoy your videos. Your how to sharpen using unsharpen mask in PP really saved my ass a few times. So thank you for that. Anyway, I always try to respond to all tweets with at least a "Thank you" and respond to as many youtube comments as I can, but I find that people typically hope for a response much more on Twitter than on YouTube. I've noticed that the people I respond to directly on Twitter tend to share my stuff more and become even more supportive because of the connection you've made with them. Even a simple "Thank you" go a long way. Keep up the great work.

  12. Wait a  minute , slow down. Did you you say MINIATURE_GOLF!!!???  That reminds me what screen capture software do you use? 

  13. Was just thinking over the weekend I hadn't seen you for a while, and wham! Here you are! Love the new set look, and as always great advice. I really appreciate the frankness too, especially calling out when something's crap. Great to see you again!

  14. Fun, fun, fun. Straight talking and interesting. Acknowledging comments makes your channel stand out and I think shows why youtube comments are great (apart from the occasional hate message).

  15. Good to see you and your freshly laundered soul back. I hope you enjoyed your holiday with the family.

  16. Welcome back — another great video!  I love your honesty.  So now I need to be honest with you…. I started to watch this video last night but I fell asleep.  LOL  No, this video was far from boring.  ;D I was sooooo tired.  Watched it tonight and I didn’t fall asleep.  I’m looking forward to watching your upcoming videos.  To answer your question… An occasional thank you does mean a lot but I also think favoriting a retweet is another way of saying thank you.  By the way, I’m not offended that didn’t subscribe to my channel or follow me on Twitter. 😉  Thanks for checking out my channel once in a while. 

  17. well fantastic! glad you're back sorry you have to sit and respond to this post haha instead of do something productive(i understand our precious time) donotrespondtothis getsomethingdone "familyfirstj"

  18. i have a question about this: ETHICS: I am not paid for product reviews.
    why is that? let's say some new company gives you a gear that take you 2 days to learn how to use it.
    why can you charge them for your time and it is worth to make a video you do it or not.
    and you can be trustful with your point of view saying the good and the bad thing about the product.

  19. Welcome back.

    I don't think a special "thank you" is necessary in social media mentions most of the time. But if they go out of there way to mention you, like you did with Dave Dougdale, then a "thanks" is in order, like Dave wrote in the comments.

    Love your new virtual set, especially how you covered the jump cut at about 0:48 by just changing the apparent change in background. Looked just like it was shot from a second camera at a different angle. I had to watch that a couple of times to get the fact that your body didn't change angle.

    I hope you'll show us your approach to green screen and virtual sets soon. I'd also like to know if you thing virtual sets can be compatible with camera moves without too much post overhead. (Like do you need a 3D model of the set or can you get by with 2.5D supported by AfterEffects?)

  20. First, glad you're back and I've been waiting for the green screen episode since you announced it awhile back. 🙂 I wouldn't suggest thanking them for retweeting I would suggest just hitting the "star" button and they know you appreciate it.

  21. You've been really helpful! Thank you, i have another question.. I figure out the lighting down thanks to you. Now i need to know how to film fast moving scenes without losing focus. I'm making a film where ill be holding the camera as if it as "real". It's part of a question i posted on a previous video. I filmed the low light scenes and they came out beautiful. Now i ran into this problem. So basically ill be moving around and running, the problem i find is that the dslr loses focus and ill be constantly focusing and it would be distracting. The video is suppose to look "home made" but i also want it to be high quality. In the film the main character is holding the camera.. Hence why i can't be re positioning my self to different angles or have my subjects stop and wait for me to focus. Do you think a go pro would fit in this scenario or can a dslr do this… Sorry i'm new to filming. Thank you, you've been really helpful! 

  22. Excellent video. Like you,  I limit my social media only to You Tube & G+ ( I was required to get a g+ account because I have a YT channel). I need to work on video content (because I am part of the 10% "doers", and am not the 90% talkers.) haha 🙂 

  23. I only make silly videos for kids mostly but i still like them to look nice and thanks to you i feel like now i can do a better job.

  24. How much time do you put into your vids? I love your format. Great pre intro. Great intro. Perfect timing and great outro.

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