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Proper Running Techniques : Basic Running Techniques

Proper Running Techniques : Basic Running Techniques

Hi, you’re watching Expert Village. My name
is Jeannette Stojcevski and I’m going to talk to you about why I’m an expert in running.
My experience in the fitness industry is pretty broad. I’ve taught physical education for
a couple of years, I’ve worked as a personal trainer. I work for myself right now. I am
currently a personal trainer, fuller certified and degreed. But my past, I have worked at
corporate fitness centers including The Leo Bernette Advertising Agency in Chicago. I
worked for Toyota Headquarters in Torence and for Fox Studios in Century City. I’ve
also taught various group exercise classes including spinning, group exercise, sculpt,
core. You name it I’ve probably taught it. However, but, I’m going to talk to you about
why I’m an expert in running. I ran for De Paul University Chicago for four years on
an athletic scholarship. I ran anything from the 800 meters to the 5000 and I was team
MVP for two years and I was also all conference in cross country. I’ve been running for over
half my life and it’s something I’m very passionate about and I absolutely love and adore.

9 thoughts on “Proper Running Techniques : Basic Running Techniques

  1. Thanks for posting this series of videos. Running is 'natural', but so are all the bad habits that develop (which I have been perfecting, unfortunately).

  2. Then why do you give crappy running technique advice. Heel to toe, heel to toe blah, blah ,blah. You've been running wrong half your life and probably could have achieved much more with better running mechanics.

  3. Why the heck would you write this. she said that not to do it if you on the track, any where else is fine. Why would you call her a bitch. you dont even know her.

  4. You really can't run yourself and you clearly have no idea about proper running techniques. Stick with spinning.

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