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Propaganda Commercials

Propaganda Commercials

there ain’t no bugs on me there ain’t no bugs on me there may be bugs on some of you mugs, but there ain’t no bugs on me canine advantage is the one that repels and kills disease spreading fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes Frontline Plus doesn’t repel, and isn’t effective against mosquitoes So ask your veterinarian for K9 Advantix The one that repels AND kills Yeah, there may be bugs on some of you mugs but there ain’t no bugs on me Have you seen the all new smart car? Sure, it’s small. But did you know how versatile it is? Fully loaded, the smart car comes with front and side airbags anti-lock brake system Plenty of leg room and a thumping MP3 SmartSound system (doorbell sound) And it has a surprising amount of trunk space to meet all your needs! Not just smart, very smart *hut* *grunting* White, come on! Mike, what is your deal, man? Oh come on man, you’ve been riding me all day! Mike, you been playing like Betty White out there! That’s not what your girlfriend said!
(young lady’s voice) Baby! C’mere! (Oh-ing by boys) Eat a Snickers…Better?
Better. I’M OPEN! That hurt! You’re not you when you’re hungry. Snickers satisfies. We need this back! It’s just a ball…? No! It’s rounded. (indistinguishable) GO! (acoustic guitar music)

5 thoughts on “Propaganda Commercials

  1. That Nike ad appears to be slightly dramatizing their products…

    Great video, this will help me in high school too!  🙂

  2. this is great that you made this for a class in high school, cause I'm currently in high school, but we have to use this video for an assignment lol

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