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Promoting your app with Ads – Twitter Ads, Admob, and Facebook Ads – A Minute of Overpass

Promoting your app with Ads – Twitter Ads, Admob, and Facebook Ads – A Minute of Overpass

Hi, this is a minute of Overpass, my name
is Eric and I make apps. Now this week I wanna talk about ‘promoting your app through the
ad networks’. So this week, I wanna talk a little bit about
putting ads for your app in other apps through ad networks like iAd or AdMob or Facebook,
etc. And this is the result of last week, Erik Javier posted a comment on last week’s
Facebook’s page saying that he thought about using Apple’s iAd to promote his apps. And
he asked if I had any experience with it. I came back and said some of the ones I had
and he said “maybe you should talk a little bit about that” and I thought “Okay”. So that’s
what I’ll do. I’ll tell you what – I’ll give you my experience with ad networks and promoting
through advertisements. Now, by no means am I an expert. Just like everything else, I
experiment here and there and try different things. However, maybe this might be able
to help if I let you know how things have worked for me and how I use ads to promote
our apps and you might do it better. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, maybe you could tell me.
But again, just so you know, I’m not an expert but I do use ads all the time to promote apps.
Now when I talk to other people who use advertisements, the first thing they’ll tell you is find out
how much money your users will use within your app. I’ve talked to other app developers
who’ll say, “In my app, the lifetime value of a user is say a dollar and fifty, or three
dollars or then dollars, or whatever. So, for them it makes sense to spend like one
dollar per install through advertising. For me, because most of our apps are free, and
we make money through advertising, I make a lot less per user. I make about, i don’t
know, ten or twenty cents per user on an average, probably even less than that. I mean, we have
to have huge volumes in order to bring in enough money to pay the bills and everything
like that. So, for me it’s much less. So if you have like a high, or if you monetize really
well like through in app purchases or through sales or whatever, it makes a lot of sense
to spend a dollar if your users are gonna spend five dollars within the app. However,
if your users are gonna spend ten cents within the app, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to
spend a dollar unless you’re doing it to increase momentum.
So this is kinda how we do it. When you release an app, I’ve said this over and over again,
the app market is so saturated that when you release an app to the app store, nobody finds
it, it’s just completely dead. And in order to get people to download it, it needs to
rank well. In order to rank well, it has to have a lot of downloads and reviews. In order
to have lots of downloads and reviews, it has to rank well for people to find it. So
it’s a vicious circle and sometimes, you need that spark right when you launch in order
to get people into it. So sometimes it’s worth spending a couple hundred dollars just to
get people in and hopefully you get enough people in that will leave reviews and things
will climb up in the ranks and you’ll start getting some momentum and things going because
it’s so hard to have that first spark, just to get things going. So that’s really how
much use it. Now with ads, there’s two ways of doing it.
If keep talking to a lot of app developers, or you go to these seminars that sometimes
talk about paid installs. And when I first about ‘paid installs’ it sounded like something
illegal. Like paid reviews or paying for something that you shouldn’t be doing. But paid installs,
what that means is having advertisements that are linked to installation. So you can run
your ads and you only pay if somebody installs the app. Like you were gonna use Facebook,
you could include the Facebook SDK within your app and then what that’ll do is when
the app gets installed, it will report back to Facebook saying this is the result of that
advertisement, and then you could kinda track things that way. The other way you could do
it is based on click. So, if somebody click on the ad, they get to the app page, all that
kind of stuff. For me, because we use Corona SDk a lot, we tend to not use the in-app,
use the paid installs, however you can do it with Corona SDK. It’s just sometimes it’s
more trouble than its worth. So we usually go that way.
So I’m gonna go through the three different ad networks that I’ve used in the past. If
you use something different and if you had success, please leave a comment below ’cause
hey, I’d love to know what works and what doesn’t and I’ll tell you what’s worked and
what hasn’t for us. So over here, if you look at my screen, you see first I’ll go through
Twitter. So, Twitter has Twitter Advertisements ad if you’re an app developer and if you tweeted
about your app, then you probably get the spam from Twitter saying “Hey you could promote
this through Twitter.” So we tried this last October for an app called Chinese Heroes.
So, I didn’t spend a lot on this. I think I had a daily budget of four pounds and it
didn’t even use four pounds each and I think it was targeted towards people who said I
wanna learn Chinese and learn Chinese and stuff like that. So here you can see the statistics
for that time. Over the course of the month, we had two thousand or 2.63 thousand impressions
and we only spend four pounds, forty seven. So it wasn’t bad, however, because we had
a daily budget of four pounds, I expected to be spending a lot more than that. And of
that, we didn’t have that many installations so if you see down here at the bottom, we
have the date, we spent four pound forty-seven, we had 2,631 impressions, however, only eleven
people clicked on that ad. So it was 41 P per click. And Twitter, as far as I was concerned,
this didn’t work very well. As far as I was concerned, advertising on Twitter was like
throwing money into the wind. Now again, maybe my ad sucked, maybe the app wasn’t that interesting,
but I don’t think it got in front of enough people. So the nature of Twitter is everything
is just streaming by so quick, it’s hard to stop and look at it. And, plus, it’s not difficult
to go through and do a Twitter search and search for these people manually and you just
sort of spam them and send tweets or whatever yourself, but I don’t do that. So that’s the
first network. It’s Twitter and again, hardly worth it.
I’ve done a lot of advertisements through AdMob because we make money through AdMob
so obviously it makes sense to use AdMob for other stuff. So the nice thing about AdMob
is so many people are using it. And you could do like a really low bid per click so I’ve
done bids as low as 2 P per click or you know, 4 cents per click and actually just had it
filling up so I mean, there are just so many impressions that they have to fill that even
if you’re not a high bidder, it’ll get in there somewhere. So. here’s what we did for
Algebra Study Cards earlier this year, which we released. And to give you and idea, in
total, I actually spent quite a bit on this. I had this going for quite a while. I spent
253 pounds over the course of the campaign. It actually had 2, 244, 000 impressions, so
not bad. And of those, we had 13, 00 clicks. Now the problem with this is we’ve only had
313 conversions, only 313 people actually installed the app. However, what this shows
me is that there wasn’t a problem with the ad network here, it was actually, the problem
with it was when they get to my app page, it’s not converting, for whatever reason:
I need to change screenshots, I need to change the language, but it was doing what it was
supposed to do, which was getting people to the app page. So that worked really well and
it was very low cost. However, there’s one thing about AdMob which is really really strange
for me was if I set a budget, like a daily budget like 5 pounds, it would go up to ten
or fifteen pounds and what it does is it takes an average over the month. So it was a bit
shocking so I didn’t actually stick to that. Now the best ad network that you can do, as
far as I’m concerned, is Facebook. Now Facebook, if I can show you one of our Facebook ads
here for again Chinese Heroes which we renamed to Chinese Mandarin Alpha Team. Facebook is
really good ’cause Facebook knows all about the users, it knows everything about the people
it’s showing the ads to. Like with Facebook, I could say I want everybody who’s interested
in learning Chinese, or everybody who’s you know, I wan’t teachers or I want teachers
who are women between the ages of 30 and 35, you know it’s just really really targeted.
And also, as it’s serving the ads and as people are installing it, once you put the SDK in
your app, you start getting information based on the users. So you could find out who are
the common users for your apps. It’s called like your model users. So after you start
getting some downloads, you can see that most people who download this are women of this
age group or teenagers or they live in this country. And then you can start targeting
your ads more towards that location. So here’s an ad that we ran. Now. the problem with Facebook
is that it’s so good and everybody uses it that it’s gotten so expensive. Here’s one
we did for Chinese Heroes and here you can see it served quite a lot of ads and it reached
a lot of people but the actual cost per install was four pounds seventy eight. So that’s my
experience with it, which is way to high, as far as I’m concerned. And again, it could
be the message, it’s difficult to quantify these kind of stuff, however, it’s doing what
it’s supposed to do, which is get it in front of people. It’s really really good but it
depends on how much money you make from the app. I mean it’s really good and if you start
using this and you have look alike audiences, you could go ahead and say I want everybody
of this demographic to get this ad, then you should do a lot a better. And that’s what
a lot of the professional app developers are doing at the moment. So that’s it. In terms
with my experience with ads, I use ads a lot. I don’t use them in terms of, like a continuous,
I don’t have continuous campaigns running, but when I launch an app, I will, more often
that not, start an add campaign somewhere just to at least start to get people into
it. Facebook is probably the best but again it’s more expensive. So if you’re using ads,
please let me know you’re using them ’cause it’s really an interesting topic to me and
Erik I hope that helps at least a little bit and but keep looking around and the best way
to find out how well the ads work is to try them. So, don’t just release one ad then put
all your money into it. Release several ’cause one of them is gonna outperform the others.
And set like a really, well not low, but set a daily budget so you don’t completely go
broke on the first day. Anyway, that’s it for this week. I hope this has been helpful.
I’ll talk to you next week. Bye. Hey, thanks very much for watching the video.
If you like it, please do me a favor and just click on the like button down below. I’d really
appreciate it. Now I do this video once a week, every Friday, so if you’re interested
in seeing more, then just go ahead and subscribe to the channel and you’ll see a pop up in
your feed once a week, and then I can tell you everything else we learn about in the
future, about the app market. And finally, if you could be so kind, please leave a review.
If you’re like me, you hate to leave reviews, I never leave reviews, so I’m gonna make it
easy for you. If you like the video, just leave the review “Gnarley” right 80’s, if
you hated it say “Bogus’, and if you couldn’t think anything of it , go ahead and just put
“Eh”. That’s it, i’ll talk you next week. Thanks. Bye!

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