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Promoting Facebook Ads To Instagram & Hanging Out Without Google+: Social Marketing Cluster Facts

Promoting Facebook Ads To Instagram & Hanging Out Without Google+: Social Marketing Cluster Facts

Instagram can now run Facebook ads, Twitter
launches it’s new audience platform, and Hangouts says goodbye to Google Plus. All that and
more coming up on Social Marketing Cluster facts. Music playing Welcome to Social Marketing Cluster Facts!
I’m Nate Kruse from aimClear at our studio in Duluth Minnesota. Every week we’re gonna give you the social
scene in five minutes or less to keep you up to date on what’s happening! So let’s dive in. For our top story we have some breaking news! What the hell was that?! Our very own Rachel Malone-Olson caught this in
the wild. Advertisers can now promote their Facebook
ads to Instagram. We have a screenshot here of a new placement
where you can create ads for Instagram from Facebook. The ads show on Instagram using the Mobile-App-Installs
or Clicks-to-Website objectives. Currently Instagram placements are available
when targeting audiences in France, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Australia, the U-S and the
U-K. Stay tuned to our aimClear blog, we’ll keep
you posted as this one develops. Facebook is taking bigger steps to get users
to blog. The Verge reports that Facebook’s old Notes
feature got an update recently making it more geared towards blogging. Notes was pretty irrelevant for a while. Back when walls were still a thing and statuses
had tiny character limits, you could tag your friends in notes so you could share longer
thoughts with them. The revamped Notes posts now have a slicker
look, with cleaner text and eye-catching cover photos. This appears to be a move towards more native
content on Facebook. Twitter’s announced the re-branding of it’s,
“Publisher Network,” on Thursday. It’s now called the “Twitter Audience Platform”
or TAP. Advertisers can now extend their tweet engagement
and promoted video campaign to TAP. They can also use targeting signals like keywords,
usernames, and/or interests. New promoted tweet features include transforming
existing creative assets into one of four formats: native ads, interstitials, banners
and video. To increase conversions, Twitter added customizable
call-to-action buttons to help drive the behaviors of it’s users. One final goodie, (MMMMMMM) Twitter users
can now favorite and retweet these ads! These changes are now available globally. Twitter says, in the next few months website
clicks and conversion objectives will be included to the program. Google’s Jordanna Chord announced Monday it
was working to separate Google+ and Hangouts as it continues to simplify the social network. Users no longer need to sign into Gmail and
G+. Hangouts now has it’s own home page, Hangouts-dot-Google-dot-com. In a follow up post Chord reminded mobile
users to verify their phone numbers. This allows friends to contact you in Hangouts
with your phone number. News from the old gray man of Social Media:
LinkedIn launches a new app that allows users to check out coworkers’ profiles… because
you couldn’t already? We thought the same thing. But digging into it and thinking about large
corporations with branches all over the world, it’s pretty understandable that many workers
barely know their colleagues and what they do. The new app lets you learn more about your
company’s resource pool. This will help teams better collaborate. One marketing agency got over 100,000 views
for a video they ran on YouTube’s TrueView Ads. Sounds pretty impressive right? Well, the most interesting part is… the
video was completely blank. Yep, it was just a white screen without audio
or even a description. According to AdWeek, Minneapolis firm Solve
spent about fourteen hundred dollars to promote the video over a year. This means they paid around one-and-a-half
cents per view. Pretty cheap, huh? Their view-based engagement
metrics were pretty astounding too. The company says users on average watched
sixty-one percent of the video. A blank video. They even got a one percent click-through
to their website. From nothing. The firms hopes to show that views are a rather
meaningless metric for engagement, and likes, comments, and shares are much more relevant. YouTube plans to open a new studio in Bollywood. In a blog post on Wednesday, they’re partnering
with Whistling Woods International to open the studio in Mumbai. YouTube Creators can use the space free of
charge. It will have high-end video production gear,
along with classes to help people learn the equipment. YouTube already has spaces all over the world
creators can use for free. Mumbai will be they’re seventh studio. And that does it for this episode of Social
Marketing Cluster Facts. You can check out the links to this week’s
articles below. Check out our aimClear blog for more of what
we do. I’m Nate Kruse. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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