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Promoting Access and Inclusion for Young Learners

Promoting Access and Inclusion for Young Learners

I get really excited when I try
something new that promotes access and reduces various student learning and the
student realizes what you did for them. It’s something that passes between
student and teacher that you can’t really put into words, but it’s like that
look you give so many and you’re like I got it. Thank you. My name is Andrew
Mellen, and I’m a severe needs teacher for the public schools in Brookline. Mr Mellen is a….teacher. I really do believe there needs to be a
change in education. I really do think we could be doing a better job at providing
equity. We are modifying and adapting materials for kids with severe needs so
that they are accessing curriculum materials so the kids can receive that level of
service in the gen-ed setting with their grade level peers. This really functions
as like a home base for them so even though you might have a student
disability who may be accessing a standard that’s below grade level
there’s some accessing that grade level’s standard it’s just a matter of adapting
it or modifying your practice. I work pretty extensively with the gen ed team
for all my students and then I get their lesson plan so I sit down I go through
them and I actually say okay the way that you’re teaching this I know my
student can do this activity if we did X Y & Z. A student has this skill this skill
on this skill. How can I translate that into a lesson and provide access and
entry level points to the standardized curriculum and using the Massachusetts
framework. We’re here to make sure that kids leave better than how they came to
us, right, that they’ve learned something that they had an experience, that they
grown in some way. When you come into work and you feel like you’re doing the
best job that you can do and you really feel like you’re not only just educating
students but you’re protecting their rights and looking out for their
self-determination and advocacy, when you can also just play and have fun and
teach while you’re playing, it doesn’t feel like work at that point. It
just feels the like the right thing that you should be doing

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