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Promote your Apps with Google AdWords (Google Dev 100)

Promote your Apps with Google AdWords (Google Dev 100)

Hi. When you clicked on this
video, were you asking yourself why app promotion even matters? My name is Belinda
Langner, and I’m here to help you answer
that question. Let’s start off by looking at
what your users are seeing. Let’s take a look
in Google Play. The app universe is
enormous, and users are surrounded by so many options. There are over 1.5 million
apps in Google Play, all fighting for the
attention of users. One of the most effective
ways to get users’ attention is by running app promotion
to help your apps stand out and reach the right
user at the right time. Not to mention
that it also helps organic discovery
in the long run by growing your
overall user base. So how can AdWords help
you promote your app and make it a champ? App Install ads
help you reach users where they’re spending
time across their devices, no matter what they’re
doing, like when they’re in other apps. There are over 650,000
apps in the AdMob network that help you reach your
desired audience when they’re using other apps. Or they may be casually
browsing the web, reading up on today’s
news, or researching where to go for their next vacation. Now you can reach users on
millions of sites, news pages, and blogs across the Google
Display Network, which reaches 90% of internet
users worldwide, and includes more than two million
publisher sites. And let’s not forget about those
addicting videos on YouTube. With over one billion
active monthly users, YouTube provides
another rich source of quality potential
users for your app. You also want to be there
when they’re actively searching for apps like yours. There are high intent
users searching for apps, or solutions that
your app helps solve. And they’re just a step
away from installing. Help them find and
install your app by being there on Google search,
and soon, right in Google Play. We are introducing
a new campaign type that helps make your campaign
set up and management simpler than ever. And we’re calling it
Universal App Campaigns. Even better, you can
set everything up straight from the Play Developer
Console in three steps. Step one, tell us
about your app. Step two, tell us
about your audience. And step three, tell us about
your budget and performance goals. And that’s it. From this information,
Universal App Campaigns will create ads for you in
a variety of great formats and optimize bids to
help you get the most app installs for your budget. The user journey doesn’t
end after the install, and neither should
your app promotion. Just taking my own
phone as an example, you can see how many
apps I’ve installed. And I definitely don’t
use them all every day. In fact, 95% of
apps are abandoned after the first month,
and 25% of installed apps are never used at all. So it’s important to not only
drive that first install, but to continue reengaging your
users to keep them coming back to your app. Use Remarketing to remind them
of new features or content. And when you’re giving
them these reminders, use deep links to point
users to specific places within your app that will be the
most interesting and relevant to them. This gives them a way
better experience, compared to just sending them
to the home page of your app. Deep links aren’t just great
for creating customized ads for your users. App Indexing is now also used
as a ranking signal on Android to help provide users with
the most relevant and specific search results possible. Growing and keeping
users on your app is just as important
as developing it. App promotion and AdWords
can help you elevate it from an unknown to a contender
in the very crowded app marketplace. Go ahead and set up your
first campaign today, and learn more about AdWords
by visiting the Help Center. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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