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Projector Drone – the future of advertising?

Projector Drone – the future of advertising?

It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie,
but this could be the world’s newest form of advertising. An unmanned aerial vehicle — better known
as a drone — able to project vision onto the sides of buildings. Tonight we’re trialling our experimental projector
drone. At the moment the projector’s only very stationery but in the next version we’re
aiming to give it pan and tilt capabilities. Ryan Hamlet works for Melbourne business,
i-Drone, and has been working with the flying projector for five months. The drone is only 50cm wide but while current
trials are kept low to the ground, Mr Hamlet can picture the soaring potential. From the hardware point of view, we could
project onto the side of the Eureka Tower. We could take it up, and take it very high. But that’s in theory. The company must operate
with approved licensing from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to fly commercially — it
must also be flown by a registered pilot and finally, there’s Melbourne’s temperamental
weather. After recent fatal UAV accidents overseas
– including the death of a man in New York – safety is paramount. CASA are very thorough, and they want to know
that you are going to fly safely and responsibly. It’s important because these are aircraft,
albeit small ones, but they have either rotary blades or propellors and obviously if you
were to be hit by one you could be injured. With approval from CASA for commercial use,
the company hopes the projector drone will generate a different kind of buzz in potential
clients. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg in what they say is a booming industry. The use of UAVs – large and small – has rapidly
increased in Australia over the past couple of years,. There are now nearly 60 businesses authorised
to fly them here commercially. We see it as a next multi-billion dollar industry.
With huge applications from journalism, art and design, emergency response, there’s a
huge amount of applications that are only just now starting to be explored. Due to their use in military operations and
with potential for snooping, drones are a controversial concept. In some areas of the United States, an extreme
mistrust of drones has even led to the encouragement to shoot them out of the sky. And I would predict, I’m not encouraging but
I would predict, the first guy who uses a second amendment weapon to bring a drone down
that’s been hovering over his house is gonna be a folk hero in this country. But innovation is helping to overcome their
tainted development. In China, a courier company is already trialling
the use of delivery drones. The operator simply needs an address and flight path and the parcel
is on it’s way. While a futuristic arts centre in Austria
is demonstrating their novel use, with choreographed drones lighting up the night sky, even with
inspiration from Down Under. It’s a long way off, but maybe one day scenes
like this will be reality. Angus Ledwidge, Newsline.

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  1. Ryan Hamlet (One of the guys in the video) We have put together a new video showcasing the projector drone here: https://vimeo.com/98604521

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