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Programmatic Advertising Boost Your Brand’s Ad Revenue

Programmatic Advertising Boost Your Brand’s Ad Revenue

why is digital advertising so
cost-effective well, it’s because you are basically using programs or BOTS or
technology really software to run those campaigns for you and to optimize the
campaigns based on data collected and on campaign budgets everything really that
is super important to getting the best results for your campaign so if you want
to learn more about how programmatic advertising works and how you can
automate your campaigns to get more results then pay attention in this video
because we’re gonna go through that Alright welcome back everybody my name is
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Cereal Entrepreneur. So over the last 50 years people have actually gone from
seeing around 500 brands or you know, messages from a brand on a daily basis
to around 5,000 per day so needless to say there are a ton of businesses out
there trying to compete for your attention right and so how do you stand
out how do you make sure you’re constantly consistently in the right
place at the right time and do that affordably for your business because we
all know in today’s day and age running a business not only efficiently as far
as the financials are concerned but as far as your ad campaigns are concerned
and building out your products and making sure that people are able to find
these products right making sure that all of that is built out properly is
really really difficult to do today. So programmatic advertising is going to
help you cut a ton of that cost out of the question
out of the formula because you won’t have to deal with manual entry won’t
have to deal with incorrect data so let’s talk about that really quick so
when it comes to programmatic there’s really two main things that you
want to consider. Number one is going to be the ad marketplace right that’s where
you’re actually buying this ad space from it’s considered ad space think
about it right? If you have a website and you put advertising options on your
website like you say “Hey Google you can put, you know banner ads across my site.”
That means that if you have a thousand views on your site every day that’s all
that the ads are allowed to show to is that 1,000 people who viewed that site
so there is your budget right so that’s what these ad marketplaces do they say
look we know we have you know Facebook has millions of viewers every single day
let’s just say 20 million viewers every day to make it easy if they have 20
million viewers that means there’s only 20 million spots you know or 20 million
let’s say impressions really to get down to the nitty gritty there’s 20 million
impressions that you have available to offer your product or service to a group
of people right and that doesn’t even mean that you’re gonna have all those
because not all 20 million will have interest in your product or service
right so it only really goes down to the people that actually matter the people
who actually you know have an interest in your product or service that being
said you know the point I’m trying to make is you have to understand that an
ad marketplace is somewhere where you have to go but there’s only a limited
amount of space for any topic that you try to search into that platform right
so you need to make sure that whatever keywords you’re targeting whatever
interests you’re targeting whatever sources that you’re using to pull in
data to you know build up the audiences essentially on these ad marketplaces
you need to make sure that they’re credible number one and number two that
there’s enough volume of people in each audience in these marketplaces for your
ad campaign to actually perform well. Now the other thing that’s really cool about
these ad marketplaces you know with actual reference to programmatic is the
fact that they allow you to set bids so you can set a set amount that you want
to pay on a per impression basis a per click basis of per conversion or leave
basis and that way you’re you’re more in control you have more control over how
you spend your ad budget and that way you can say “Okay, well, we notice that
we’re getting a lot better clicks and impressions on this one at video ad
campaign that we’re running and so since we’re getting
better clicks and impressions on this campaign work and we’re spending you
five cents on this per click versus 20 cents on this campaign over here per
click well we obviously don’t want to keep paying 20 cents if it’s not getting
the same amount of conversion so we’re going to cut this campaign off.” So you
have that control over your budget and which campaigns are going to work versus
which aren’t. Then finally number two, the second most important part is the data
okay you can’t do programmatic advertising properly without correct
data and that can be things like pixel data analytics on Google right doing
goal tracking there you can even buy third-party data from big third-party
collectors their data collectors and all they do is they aggregate data on
specific industries and they sell that data so that we can build audiences
online to again get a better result right so these are the two things that
you want to consider now let’s really quickly jump into how you’re going to
use programmatic advertising to really benefit your business oh and really
quick have you ever been to a website looking for a product or service and
then you go back to Facebook or Google and all of a sudden you see that same
business remarketing to you that same product on Facebook or Google or
Instagram if you have did you know that that is actually programmatic marketing
its automated they’re not sitting there sending that out to you after you go and
check they already have something set up in place for you to do that if you’ve
done that before if you’ve had that experience happened to you before just
right yes right below this video so really quickly we put a lot of other
information together on programmatic advertising so if you want to see the
full blog article then check that out right below this video it’s in the
description but I wanted to give you five tips to programmatic advertising
and making sure that you’re really you know set up properly to start automating
really your advertising campaigns so number one is invest in the right skills
and the right types of people who understand those skills so for example
if you want to run successful Facebook ad campaigns you really need to work
with someone who really and truly understands Facebook ads. I mean it
seems so basic but at the same time this is an area where a lot of people mess up
they think oh I can go outsource and hire someone who you know is gonna
charge me ten bucks per hour and they’re gonna get me you know thousands and
thousands of dollars in revenue if that person can do that for your business why
would they not just be out there doing it for themselves right why work for $10
an hour if they can make thousands right if they’re that great so
you have to think about it if someone’s gonna do that great of a job on your ad
campaign they’re probably gonna charge a little bit you know more than ten 20
dollars per hour number two is rely on more than just
analytics now analytics is super important you need to have this in place
so that would be part of number two is really setting up your Facebook pixel
like we have over here and your Google Analytics on your site so that way you
can collect your data and actually optimize your campaigns for the data
that you collect based on people who sign up as leads or become customers any
of that right but ultimately even though this data is super super strong it’s
super relative to your audience there’s still error right so what is recommended
is to compare this to actual survey data from real people right survey your
audience survey people out there who might have an interest in your product
and compare that to the analytical data that you’re bringing in online. Number
three is to optimize for the right channels and devices so devices is a
pretty straightforward desktop tablet mobile where is your audience but the
first part was which channels so we talked about Google Instagram Facebook
you know it makes more sense to advertise where your customers exist
then just to blank it everywhere if they’re not on other platforms now that
doesn’t mean I’m telling you to not diversify your ad campaigns and your ad
spend meaning getting on multiple platforms but you need to have the
majority or the primary bulk of your budget focused where your audience
exists so if you know that your audience is let’s say you’re working with local
businesses right and their audience is going to Google to do a search on Google
first before they go to Facebook and do anything like that then you need to show
up on Facebook first and then do some remarketing on Facebook and Instagram
right so that’s how that campaign kind of comes together number four is to
optimize and capitalize on your first party data the data that you collect off
of your analytics in your pixel you need to make audience based on people who are
leads based on people who view specific pages for extended amounts of time based
on people who become customers or watch videos or whatever it may be you need to
be tracking that information and optimizing your ad campaigns based on
that because those people who are consuming your content and buying your
products are your best customers and are your best data so take that into
consideration as you build out your ad campaigns
and continue to optimize them in the future then finally number five is just
to test your campaigns if you guys are a marketer then you if you’re a real
marketer you understand that marketing is about testing consistent testing and
changing and optimizing and if you’re not ok with that then you’re in the
wrong industry so test your campaigns make sure that you’re running the right
types of audiences if an audience doesn’t work swap it out with another
but don’t just sit there and say oh well this didn’t work we’re done it’s never
gonna sell no you need to test something different and test and test until it
just finally doesn’t make any more sense for you to test because you’ve tested
everything but usually that’s only for someone bringing in like a brand new
product to the industry but I digress so that’s it for today’s video guys I
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for today I will see you guys on the next one until then Cereal Entrepreneur out!
Bye guys! Ready to start living the six-figure work where ever be your own
boss lifestyle well it’s Cereal Entrepreneur Academy will teach you how
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6 thoughts on “Programmatic Advertising Boost Your Brand’s Ad Revenue

  1. It’s cool that you’re always updating your knowledge, even though programmatic ads are older than Facebook, but these new guys don’t even know wtf programmatic ads are but call themselves marketers lol.

    However, I wouldn’t consider Facebook, Instagram or YouTube “programmatic advertising”. Facebook and Instagram and some other platforms on the Facebook ad network. Programmatic ads and real time bidding is a lot more complicated than Facebook, every ad on Facebook has its unique space in the feed, but with programmatic ads you’re bidding for just 1-4 spaces on multiple publisher sites in whatever ad exchange platform you choose. The ads keep changing on 1 specific ad space on the website based on automatic real time bidding, that’s a whole different ball game compared to how Facebook ads work but good video!

  2. hey dude i love your channel. I am thinking of buying your Facebook course and i was wondering how long your deal is going to last for it. i know it says its ending soon but tell me the truth because that is normally just a marketing stragey to get people to join your course.

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