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Program Overview: BS – Advertising & Marketing Communications

Program Overview: BS – Advertising & Marketing Communications

– The culture here is such that you can bring
what you’ve learned in the real world into the classroom in a way that informs curriculum. That’s part of our DNA here at Johnson & Wales. And I think that can transcend into online
as well. It makes an awful lot of sense. And I think that’s the type of education that
marries both knowledge and skill together to make a meaningful education so students
get jobs. And I would say unequivocally that our program,
Advertising and Marketing Communications, results in students getting meaningful jobs. Hey, I’m in touch with the industry. And that’s the one thing that I’ve been able
to do, and I think others faculty members have been able to do is to reach out every
year, and not just on, you know, at the end of the year, let’s check on what’s going on
in the industry. Now it’s in real time. I don’t really know of any other college or
university, in this area, particularly, that stays on top of that sort of trend as well
as Johnson & Wales University does, and particularly in the advertising and marketing communication
field. We offer courses in digital media planning,
programmatic buying, search engine optimization. Those course did not exist here. We brought them into the fold, and we’re teaching
them. We have a number of students who have found
meaningful employment on the creative side of advertising as copywriters and art directors. And we offer students the opportunity to specialize
in what we call creative advertising and to build a portfolio while they’re here. We have a course dedicated just to portfolio. So, that entire course is taking all of the
work that they’ve done while they’ve been matriculating as an undergraduate student
and then putting it into an electronic portfolio. That’s the kind of real world experience and
opportunities that we offer students that transcends just the knowledge and the books,
all of which are important, but it also gives them some more tools so that they can be successful
in the workplace.

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