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Print Yahoo Email without Advertisements and Menus

Print Yahoo Email without Advertisements and Menus

If you’re using Yahoo Mail, you may
be trying to print out an email and having kind of a hard time figuring out
how to do it. This is the main page that shows all of your emails. If you
want to print this one out, let’s open it up. If you do what you typically do,
which is to go up and try to print from your browser, I’m gonna use ctrl P
because I hid my toolbar so I could show you everything, it brings up a
screen and it’s going to print it with the menus on it and advertisements. This is probably not what you want. If you want to print the email with just
this message, we have to do it differently. Cancel back out of your
print preview and then just use this little printer icon that’s on every
message when you look at it. If you tap that, it gets the email printer ready. It
takes off all the menus and the advertisements. That shows you
the print preview and then you go up here and you hit print. This is
going to bring up your system print menu. You’ll see I took everything off of
the edges. It’s gonna give you a nicer looking email to print. If you
liked that tutorial and you want to see more like it, you can subscribe to my
channel in the lower right-hand corner. Thanks!

14 thoughts on “Print Yahoo Email without Advertisements and Menus

  1. What if you follow the steps exactly and half of your email doesn't print at all? For example the header comes up, then an entire blank page, and then page two is completely fine.

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