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Primitive Technology: Stone Axe (celt)

Primitive Technology: Stone Axe (celt)

Making a stone axe from scratch Selecting a piece of basalt from the creek bed Breaking smaller pieces off the main stone A large piece flaked off Shaping the cutting edge using a pecking technique Wetting a grind stone and grinding the axe head into shape Finer grade of grind stone Grinding the very edge with a progressively finer grades of stone Charcoal is used last for final finish Making a stone chisel from mudstone Grinding chisel edge Cutting tree with mallet and chisel Carving mortise to haft stone head A hot coal is used to burn out the mortise, fire hardening it in the process (prevents splitting) Tapering the handle Fire hardening the handle to help it dry Scraping the mortise so the head fits well Fitting the head Notice the sides of the head do not touch the sides of the mortise (other wise it would split with use) A few cautious hits to wedge the head in The axe must hit at closer to 90 degrees than a modern steel axe as the blunter blade would otherwise glance off

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  1. primitive technology: breaks the tree with an hand made axe
    also primitive: tree dies and do not float

    me: Wait, that's illegal

  2. What he is doing to the rock when he is hitting it with the other rock is called napping, I may have misspelled that, but anyway. It’s where you hit a rock with another rock to sharpen it or mold it into a different shape… I believe I remembered that correctly.

  3. Jadi orang primitif di indonesia gak akan bisa, jangankan nebang pohon, patahin ranting aja sudah kena pasal 😐

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  5. I watch your videos as educational survival guides in case I am ever stuck in a place away from civilization, but there are some things I still want to see :
    1- make primitive food recipes that are both healthy and delicious.
    2- try different climates , like desert, snow, beach etc…. you can go on vacations and film in new places.
    3- try herbal, first aid, and basic medical procedures that ancient people may have used.
    4- water filtering techniques, and other technologies to clean and preserve food, water, and medical supplies.
    5- basic survival techniques like basic fighting, climbing tips, foraging etc…..

  6. Why do you take 4 minutes just to make stone axe i make it within 2 second and just needing 3 cobblestone and 2 stick and craft it in crafting table

  7. ㅎㅅ며노졎ㅈ허냐애멈픁

  8. All the dislikes are from people trying to ride his coattails. They think if they dislike all of his videos, their own videos will be recommended more.

  9. Бля 3 часа ночи, какого хуя я здесь делаю?

  10. Когда отключили интернет..

  11. Полезное видео, этот навык скоро всем пригодится….

  12. I'm never gonna use an axe, I have never used an axe, I've never thought about using an axe, I have no use for an axe. But now I know how to make an axe.

  13. One week and more, for find the good stone.
    One week for sculpt a perfect symmetical stone.(without failed).if you break bad the stone= restart all.
    One week for make the tool handle without tools.
    One day for Craft the link
    Two week of polishing stone.

    That a primitif tool with only one way of work wood.
    Tree of 2.5 cm 1 min
    Tree of 5. cm 5 min
    Tree of 10 cm 25min
    Tree of 15 cm 2 hr
    Tree of 20. cm. 8hr
    More you burn the base of the tree.

    Equator 12h day/12h night

    Repair house and tool 1h/day
    Find water 1h/day
    Recolt wood s fire 1h/day
    Sanitary, take care yourself and fire 1h/day.
    Find food 8hr/day if you have family( family work you win 4hr/day), 4hr food work if you are single man.
    ok the acteur have rice and can work 8h/day again 4hr/day for a single man.

    When you cut a Big tree, you need too cut again for carry and use (100kg max). Ok with better position of cut therefore more quick.

    For me with his tools and alone he can cut 2-3 parts of wood of 15cm x 3m and carry / days.

    For me 10 cut (2 tree) and your tool handle and string is destroy. You have the stone and you work more quick but you need few days.
    But the stone can break that s not Iron or steel. And restart all, evrey 100 cut of tree.

    That s for show the primitive technologies, not for say you can do that alone.

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