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Predictive Behavioral Ads Take Away Our Uniqueness | EP#176

Predictive Behavioral Ads Take Away Our Uniqueness | EP#176

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka
@scottcbusiness today I want to talk to you guys about something interesting
predictive behavioral ads and how they they really take away our uniqueness or
at least the way that we perceive ourselves is being unique and I’ll
explain why have you ever been talking with a friend maybe your phone is on
maybe you’re beside a Google home or an Alexa and ten minutes later you see an
ad about what you were just talking about and you say there’s no way it had
to have been listening it had to know what’s actually happening is predictive
behavioral models that are so advanced and has such amazing algorithms that
they actually can assume that that’s what you would be talking about at that
given moment naturally you would want to see an ad on that thing the reason that
this is so concerning to so many people when they find this out or or that they
deny it and they say no I don’t believe it had to have been listening is because
if an algorithm can predict what you were talking about at any given time are
you truly unique and that’s why people are so concerned I mean aside obviously
from assuming that Google is listening to them all the time which I I won’t
necessarily say they’re not but it’s much more likely that their behavioral a
gorilla’s are just predicting what you’re going to be talking about and the
reason that people get so upset is because it basically confirms that you
are predictable in a sense and people hate that because if you are predictable
then how are you a unique individual you know different from the next person and
the next person if if some machine knows what you think about what you’re gonna
say what makes you different from a machine
and that’s what people get really concerned about because it’s like it’s
almost making you question your humanity what makes me unique and what makes me
different if everything I can everything I do could be predetermined which also
begs the question it’s like do you have free will at that point really really
interesting really deep serious stuff to think about
but that’s why people get so like triggered by this and and it’s
reasonable because it’s like an attack on your identity and and how you
perceive yourself as a unique individual and I don’t really have any any advice
to get around this really the point in this video is being aware that that is
the case and not getting upset by by realizing this and and I’d like to also
open the discussion and ask the question is there a way to regain your uniqueness
or you know make yourself less predictable in a way that regains your
that feeling of uniqueness or rather you know how do we cope with the loss of our
of our individual identities that we assumed were only truly known by us
internally and not by some algorithm some machine what do you guys think
about this because I think this is really really interesting and most
people don’t know this or they reject it because of what I previously said and
you know it’s something simple it’s just an ad who cares right but it’s the
underlying concept that your behavior and the things that you do are not
unique and they can be predicted how else in the future could this affect
what you do in the way that you live and that you wouldn’t get manipulated in
some way because in the future what if this was so accurate so in-depth that it
would like know the exact route you’re gonna take to work and it would give you
ads based on that and you know maybe it becomes something different than ads
maybe it’s something differ in the future that is much more
concerning and much more invasive because what people feel like is that
their privacy their privacy is completely eliminated if whether or not
they’re actually listening 24/7 if they already know what you’re gonna say is
what’s the point of privacy if they can predict what you are going to say and
think you’re either not unique or you have no privacy or both
regardless it’s not a good situation to be in let me know what you guys think
about this how can we combat this how do we regain our uniqueness do we just give
up and go along with the system what could be the future repercussions of
this let me know in the comments below I would love to have a discussion on this
and then based on some of the comments and discussion that has had below I will
maybe make a follow-up video and we’ll kind of keep this going because I think
this is a really interesting subject that is really relevant right now and a
lot of people might not really have thought about it from from this side of
things so let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to comment like
and subscribe and comment hashtag #1ham if you made it to the end of the
video so that I know that you watch the whole thing thank you so much I’m Scott
Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness signing off, Cheers

2 thoughts on “Predictive Behavioral Ads Take Away Our Uniqueness | EP#176

  1. Are we okay with this? Will this change? How will this go on to affect more than just the ads we see? Could this set a precedent for predeterminism and later used to predict criminal activity?

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