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PPCTV – How Much Should I Spend On Google & Facebook Ads?

PPCTV – How Much Should I Spend On Google & Facebook Ads?

– Hello and welcome to PPC TV, another value-packed video
to help PPC profits grow. This week I want to speak
to you about how much you should be spending on
Google and Facebook ads. It’s a question I get asked a lot and there’s basically
two different answers depending on where you are,
in your paid traffic journey, so, if you’re first getting started, please just make sure you
choose the right platform first, because for your business
there’s likely gonna be one platform that’s gonna
perform out the gate way better than other platforms. And that is where you first need to focus your attention and your budget. Of course once that’s
working nice and predictably, you go other platforms and that’s fine. In terms of your spend, you
want to make it significant enough that you can learn lessons fast, you want to fail fast really
and understand the elements of your account that work well and get you enquiries, conversions and sales, and the elements of
your account that don’t, and the spending budget and not giving you anything back in return, because it’s when you understand that, that’s when you can focus
and allocate your budget to the area’s that work, and of course you can get your scale. But until you know that, you
don’t want to go too crazy on your spend cause’ it’s
just gonna amplify wastage. So make it significant enough
that you’re gonna learn your lessons quickly but
not an amount that’s gonna keep you up at night. In terms of a more established account, if you know you’re getting
a return on your spend it’s a healthy return, then, just keep scaling up, you know why would you limit yourself? If I took you down to high street and showed you a machine
where you put £1 in and get you £3 back, you
know you wouldn’t just stop it at a tenner & you just put
as much money as you could in. The caveat to that of
course is the fulfillment, you need to make sure
that you’ve got enough staff there to deliver your service, or you’ve got enough product
there to deliver your product. So, of course you need
to potentially taper how you sort of increment your spend, and scale it up. But those are my answers,
really guys, you know. Just go all-in when it’s working, and then as your, sort of,
returns start, you know, tailing off, you’re not gonna
get that three to one forever, there’ll become a point where
it becomes less efficient, that’s when you start
looking at other platforms. So hopefully that helps, if you liked it, please Like us, tag a friend, share us, etc. And I’ll be back next
week with another PPC TV. All right, take care, bye.

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