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PPC TV – Google Ads Split Testing

PPC TV – Google Ads Split Testing

– Hello and welcome to PPCTV, another value packed video to help your PPC profits grow. This week, I want to talk
to you about Google Ads, specifically split-testing your text ads. Facebook is a little different. So I’ll cover that one on another video. But with Google ads, they have a few different ways that you can set up text ads. But today, I wanted to
focus on normal day-to-day split-testing. This is where you are fully in control of the tests and optimisations
that happen thereafter. So the whole purpose of split testing is to find an ad variation
that works better than another. They’re often called AB split-testing and getting this right can
have a real significant impact on the profitability
of your Google ad spend. So you have two ads
running at the same time. One slightly different than the other. What you might find is though one has a higher click-through rate potentially showing that it resonates with one audience better than another one. But the most important difference here as always is conversions. Now, I don’t know about you
but I would take less clicks and more conversions all day long because clicks is spending my budget but conversions are paying my bills. And if you’re not spending a
lot on Google ads at the moment I recommend just running
two ads per ads group. This will give you the
data you need faster than if you had three ads
because you have to wait a bit longer for the clicks to
come through and you need them all to be reasonably significant in terms of the amount of clicks you have. So if you have a bigger
account with three ads possibly more it, depends
on how active you are in managing and optimising your account. Now biggie here is to
change just one thing in your ads copy variation. So let’s say you run into two
text ads against each other you would want the ads exactly the same barring that one change. So you might change the headline in one ad or you might change the
call to action let’s say. Whatever the one change
is, it’s absolutely fine. But when you come back to view which ad performed better than the other, now you’re going to know that ad number 2 won the split test because
of the headline, for instance or because of the call
to action specifically. And that’s really key data
because you need to know the change that made the difference. Now what happens if your call to action brought in twice as many conversions than your other ad? Now your account becomes
a lot more profitable without any additional spend. So, here we go! So same spend, more customers. And that’s is what we’re after here. So of all the accounts I
look at on a daily basis, it’s hardly any that can
do this stuff properly and it gives you a real
competitive advantage. And when you’re doing
this, make sure your ads rotation settings are set
to rotate indefinitely and you can do that within
your campaign settings. A lot of accounts also
default into another setting and it’s not optimal for
split testing properly. Rotating indefinitely is the way to go. And that brings me to the
end of this week’s video. If you found it useful,
please like us share us, tag a friend. And I look forward to
seeing you next week. Take care. Bye!

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