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PolyGel: Acrylic Artist’s Review

PolyGel: Acrylic Artist’s Review

Hi, I’m Suzie from Nail Career Education and your votes are in. You guys want to see polygel. Let’s get started. So I have this beautiful box of polygel. Let’s go through it together. Okay. So this is, I understand, the slip. So the idea behind polygel is that they’re putting like a hybrid between gel polish and acrylic. So all the things we like about acrylic and all the things we like about gel are in this one product. Actually you’ve got a really nice…You can see this finish here. Oh There’s something on here. “Additional contents are inside.” More stuff! Okay, so this looks like a cleanser and these are probably your bonders and dehydrators and hopefully top coat. And then this, this is the spatula and the brush. Okay, so it says here there’s something on the inside. So there’s more stuff. I like stuff. Everybody likes stuff. Don’t need that. This is a very holo box. It’s like Christmas. Just rip this stuff out. (Camerman) I think you did it the hard way. (Gasp) I know what it is! When you get near the end, maybe, to squeeze it through maybe, I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy. okay, and this is sticker! And…oh You can just register your salon. So the first thing you want to do is when we’re doing any product is we want to buff the natural nail first. And I’ve got a file here, and that’s what we’re going to do. So I’ve got all these nails buffed, and I just saved one to buff. So I’m just going to lightly buff it. I’ve got all the other nails prepped and ready to go. I want to follow this step-by-step of how they say to do it. Don’t want to miss anything. So I’m just making sure my nail is completely buffed. You can wash your hands first too, to get all the germs off. Okay Now we’ve got our slip here, and we’ve got the brush. Oh, what’s in here? Oh, another little spatula. Okay. Just keep that in case we need it. Now we’ve got four colors here: We’ve got light pink. We’ve got cover pink. We’ve got bright white. And we’ve got natural clear. So what we have here is the ProBond, the pH Bond, and the top coat. So this top coat looks like we’re going to use it near the end. And this one is the dehydrator. So we’re going to use it now. Like any dehydrator, you just want to gently coat each and every nail. And then will be the primer. Now primer, you don’t want to get it on the skin, and be very gentle with it. Don’t over saturate your nail with the primer. Okay Now this is also a nail surface cleanser. So we’ll probably be able to wipe off the dust when we’re finished before we do anything else. So now this is a slip. Now if you work with acrylic, it’s a liquid and powder. So that’s what gives this a feel of having a… it’s not monomer But it’s giving you the feel of working with the, the bead, and then working with a monomer. Feeling like that. But this is not a monomer! This is called slip, and I would suspect that it’s some type of alcohol solution to make it so that the gel doesn’t stick to the brush so you can actually mold it and shape it like an acrylic. So I got a form here. Now this is so different because what I’m really interested in about it is because it just stays there. It doesn’t move which is really great. So let’s start with the clear. This is the first colors. Basic simple color. So let’s just pick one of these nails and do a clear. I’m just going to put a form on it cause I’m going to extend these. I want to be able to see through it. Once I do the clear I can see through it and see how it looks. And I also want to see how it extends out, right? Okay, where was the clear? The clear is here. Okay that’s so different about this stuff. It doesn’t come in a pot like gel does and it doesn’t come in a pot like acrylic does. It comes in a tube! I don’t think anything I’ve ever worked with, ever, has come in a tube. Oh, they’ve got the little sealers. And so this is where your spatula comes involved Look at this. So we’re just going to squeeze it out of the tube (Suzie giggles) Now I’m not sure much I need but I’m just going to pretend It’s like a bead on putting on. And it slips right back down there. It doesn’t come out at all. Just goes to right back down inside. Which is good. Okay so I’m gonna put that guy on there. It ain’t movin. okay So I’m going to clean off the spatula cause I don’t want to get any stickies on it. That’s one thing I do hate about gel is that it can be so sticky. But this is not sticky at all. Oh one thing they didn’t supply was a little dish. But I do have one. I knew I needed one so I thought I’d have one just in case we needed one. So this is just a dish that I’m going to be able to put my slip inside. Okay I’m just popping off this plastic, and I’m just going to pour my slip inside here There we go. I’m gonna put this on here. Because it is an alcohol base, I assume, I will… wrong lid… I think that’s what this is Smells.. actually smells really nice. (Camerman) Are there ingredients on it? (Suzie) Yeah but I don’t read ingredients. Ohh. You know what? That is, if it’s alcohol based or whatever it is it… It actually smells really nice and in this industry I can’t say that about a lot. Because acrylic has a strong smell. some clients just love it I don’t mind it at all. But some people don’t like it. But this smells actually really good. Focus Focus Suzie Okay, look at that. It’s still in the same position as when I did this right? It hasn’t moved! Even if I lean it on the side would it move? It might have moved a little bit. But it just goes right back if I just hold it that way. it’s just with like gravity, right? But (Suzie laughs) It’s not going back. It’s like solid. (Camerman) Well, what happened if you use regular gel? (Suzie) Most gels that I’ve worked with would just roll right off and roll into the cuticle and you couldn’t do that. (Camerman) Hmm. (Suzie)Which is kind of cool. K, you know what I do need a little thing just to rest my lazy arm. Here we go! I’m so excited! okay, so this is a new brush. You know what? It’s probably Yeah. It’s a new brush that just needs to be worked in a little bit. I like the shape of the brush totally. And the reason why, I should explain, the reason why I like the shape of this brush. You see how it’s quite nicely shaped to the shape of the cuticle? See how it just fits right in? Look at that. Just you can almost sit it right inside there and just polish it out. It just, it’s got a nice shape for the actual cuticle. Okay. Here we go! I’m so excited! Okay, so I got some slip on my brush, and I’m just gonna Oh… you’ve gotta press a little harder than I thought… you would yeah Okay, it is like an acrylic in that… When you gather your bead, cause this is, for me… I love acrylic. That’s my thing, right? For me…this is like my bead of acrylic. Except with acrylic I gotta waste no time. I’ve gotta, I’m on the clock… for shaping that before it cures. Where as gel… you have all the time in the world. to shape before it cures. Which is a plus, but it’s sticky and sometimes it runs a little. Now they are coming out with some gel that are actually being a little stiffer. Which is great. But it’s so sticky still. This doesn’t have any stick to it. I imagine… Yeah, okay that’s what I thought…. I imagine the more I play with it the more the alcohol I assume… whatever this stuff is, the slip evaporates a little it gets a little sticky. Not sticky like other gels, but sticky. So once I put the slip back on, it makes it… now I know how to call it slip… makes it very easy to manipulate this beads that I’ve thrown down here, Very easy to manipulate ’em without being sticky. That’s why this is great for acrylic artists like myself. One thing I hate about gel is because it’s so sticky, but this is not! It feel very acrylic-like. It’s actually very cool. And it doesn’t smell. Cameraman do you find there’s any odor? (Camerman sniffs loudly) What… What are you doing? (Camerman) I’m smelling. (Suzie) Well you can smell without… (Camerman) Well…well nope. (Suzie) Well, that’s you don’t smell anything? (Camerman) I don’t smell anything at all actually. Look at that. We’re having a chat here, and that is not moving! And I didn’t even cure it yet. And it’s not like acrylic where I can move it still because… acrylic would be cured a long time ago, right? But, it’s evaporated a little bit off my brush. So I’m going to just get in there, and I’m just going to… Huh? It’s quite fascinating. It’s actually kind of fun. I like it. Okay, so I do think though that I do need to cure this before I add any more, because if I add more at like… Well maybe I should just give it a whirl because… in traditional gels if I was to put more on there, it would kind of disturb what’s already happened in there. I’d have to cure it first and then get another bead of gel before I start manipulating what’s going on there. You don’t want it to effect, but… this might not do it. Let’s just, let’s just try. That’s what this is about. I’m just going to get a little bit though. See that’s just a little bit that I’m getting? Because I just want a little bit to be added to the cuticle area. So I’m just going to now push this into the cuticle area and see how… you know doesn’t seem to be bothered. It’s just laying in there quite nicely, So this still comes down… It’s not going to do everything for you of course. You still comes down to technique and how smooth you’re getting it near the cuticle area. Which is, you want to be very very smooth because when it grows out for the client I mean there’s nothing like telling how good your nail technician is when it grows out about ten days… That’s how you can tell how good they are. Because if it’s a smooth grow out they’ve made it nice and smooth near the cuticle and you can’t see it grow. That’s what you want. That is the tell. That’s what we all strive for right? that grow out. So adding it does not give it an attitude at all. It did not have a problem with that at all. So I just added it, and it just blended beautifully. So I’m able to get… oh that’s just really, that’s really great. This is um… smart umm… idea. And you know it’s actually quite a, kind of simple really. So my suspicion is, and I’m not a chemist, but my suspicion is most of this is a gel based product because we are going to cure it under the light for it to cure I think the only thing that’s really acrylic like about it. I don’t think there’s You know obviously there’s no powder, but the what’s acrylic liked about it is the fact that it is acting like a bead. Like a bead that just molds effortlessly once you get it down, eh? But there’s no dry time on it which is just great advantage.Okay. So I’m going to add another I’m just going to go ahead and build this thing when I think it’s just perfect and then we can nuke it at the end and it’s done. Look how that just laid in there? You see now I can do that with acrylic, but I do have a time frame I’m working on. What makes this so cool if there’s no time frame! As like gel right? No time frame at all. I can just like go for lunch now. Wanna go for lunch Camerman? (Camerman) Uh.. In a minute. (Suzie) I was trying to prove a point. (Camerman) To be frank, we already had lunch. (Suzie Laughs) (Suzie) I was trying to make a point. (Cameramam) Two lunches is just too much. (Suzie) I don’t know, depends on what it is. Now we’ll see how it dries too. I’m not seeing that this is very clear but acrylic can be quite cloudy until it fully dries until you file it, right? To the new person catching on to this, it’s really great for them. But for me, it’s so weird because It’s so acrylic like when I know it’s a gel. It’s cool. It’s a very good idea Wish I’d thought of it. Huh? You can just play until you sculpt it perfect. Which is an advantage because when you’re filing then, it just means you have less filing time because you can sculpt this perfectly and you can just, file and you’re done. So that is one advantage. Although we do that with acrylic as well. At least what we strive for right? Huh? Oop.. little sticky. Get my little slip in there. Okay, I believe it is 60 sec. Maybe I should read some of the instructions, eh? Why don’t I read the instructions while I’m curing? Are these instructions? I should have read them first shouldn’t I? I just got so impatient. So sqeeze and slice, roll and smooth, and cure. Well, we did that right didn’t we? Okay and So when you’re in the light it is 30 seconds in an led. Okay, Okay, I’m gonna do another finger. We’re going to do full cover pink color. Now the reason why these are in black… There’s a reason for that These are gel. So you don’t want any natural sunlight to get to these and don’t leave the near your light because they will cure. and Let’s do the cover pink. And then we’re going to do a french too. I really want to check that out. It’s exciting when you can find something to easily do a french right?
But this one will be… Oh I’m going to take this off – so we can see Okay, let’s get this form on. We’ll do a full nail in this. In the cover pink, so we can see what that color looks like. Okay, so we’re just going to squeeze. You gotta sqeeze hard. That’s what these are for. You can see there’s a hole in it and when you get near the end You can stick it in and it helps you squeeze it out. I’m sure that’s….There’s four of them, four of those. Now this is a full nail so we can do a bit of a bigger bead. We could still call them beads. You gotta press pretty hard. You press way harder than you would if this was acrylic or any other gel. And you got to push it pretty hard. But you’ve got to be careful because it can readjust your form. Trying to predict any questions which could be, “Could you do this over tips?” Yes, you certainly could. I think I’m going to do this almond acutally so ya know what I’m going to do? I need a little bit more near the cuticle. You would never waste it would you?
I’m just going to stick that in the cuticle. I need to get some more down here cause it kind of… because it’s so thick, I was pushing to get it away, and it’s just too far away. So now you can see if this was an actual acrylic, look how thick that is. Way too thick for the cuticle. So that’s where this comes in and it is much easier to blend when it’s thinner. Like a big thick clump like I did, that’s a harder, you gotta push that down harder. But this is really quite thin near the cuticle and it’s actually very easy to blend. That was one of my concerns about this part. I didn’t know if you’d be able to blend it at the cuticle as smooth as what you really really want. And it seems as though you can. That’s great. so I am going to take a little chopped off here. That’s a little too much actually but… And I’m just gonna stick that down here. I just wanted a little bit more down here. So I just wanted to stick a little bunch in there And it’s blending quite nice. Just, the secret is keep that brush nice, and wet with your slip. If you don’t, it, uh, pulls a little. Okay, now I’m going to go in for the shape. And I am going to go a little almondy on this one I think. Like a long almond. Wanna know how it shapes up to a point. Is it strong? I mean acrylic tends to be a bit stronger than a gel product. But a lot of it is due to your structure too. And how long it is and how you built it. It’s a pretty color. I do like the color. Could spend all day doing this. I actually quite like it. It’s very nice to work with. I’m so used to trying to hurry with acrylic that kind of just I don’t want this video to be too long but I could take all day! Hmm got a nice button and arch in it the arch is actually quite nicely staying there Sometimes with gel they can be quite self leveling so they kind of fall in the arch you really have to build it up But this you don’t. It’s just nicely almost like naturally doing it. It’s beautiful So that’s what I advantage that I’m learning you can sort of perspective and perfect it and perfect it until you got it right, then you nuke them You could do them all because they don’t move then you could all at once That could save some time Just making sure that I get enough Poly gel just going to scoop this little I’m going to steal this little bit right here easier said than done I’m just going to put a little bit right there you just I can’t see that side very well because I’m trying to Hold this for the camera, but I think I’m a little Shy there This is a good experiment. I can see how how this blend You want it to look the same you had to oh my goodness It blended in really good. There’s no shattering or nothing look at that That’s amazing It’s really great Got to tell you jealous pretty smart Okay Here we go so like I say I could get crazy and just want to perfect this right down to don’t even filing it all, but let’s not waste any more of your time, okay, so Let’s get on to the French This is what’s so difficult. I mean French isn’t really super popular right now But this is what makes french so difficult making that French line in acrylic before it cures You’re trying to make that french line perfect right and that smile. I just perfect always very difficult to do when it comes to Acrylic because it’s drying before you get a chance, so let’s put the lid on this Right white now there’s a few ways to do this we could lay the white down first and then right on the pink I Mean I should do it. I don’t know and then we want the light pink Just my own personal preference. I don’t really like color pink combined with a French I think it’s just too strong of a color, but I definitely like it on the whole nail That’s something beautiful I Didn’t nuke it let me just nuke it You mind if I just take a second to nuke it Just so we know that it’s carrying that I wanna bump it Throw it out of whack you could probably do a flash tear on it while I’m waiting I do want to tell you this beautiful color. I’m wearing on my other hand Isla chat when I was in Vegas They gave you this perfect match remember I was telling you guys a gel polish mixed with the nail polish the exact same color this colors really cool It just has this see They call it shift effect anyway. I just want to talk about that’s really cool Okay Yeah Let’s just take this form off Wow Neat okay, I can just go on and on. This is simply fun Okay, so let’s get the sheer pink on first you need to go to squeeze it hard pretty color Putting quite a bit of pressure when I do that, which is not problem. It’s not like anything. It’s just different than I’m used to Let’s do an extended mail. The some of them Make sure you just do enough pressure at the cuticle to make it nice and smooth But it looks like it gets really smooth Okay, I want to do these Vs.. Right so you got to leave a little room there for that white to get in there, right? The other thing is because of the Tube if I do have too much product When I take it off, I really can’t shove about hand manner if this is a traditional gel pot You could put it back in the pot You really will learn your amounts of how much you really want to take out of that Tube because you don’t want to waste it Okay, so what I’m checking is making sure I have enough belly on the side for my french to Lay down Now because we’re doing a French We don’t want this to move so this would have to be nuked You definitely want a nuke when you’re doing a traditional French. Oh, it’s a little tiny of a heat spike Not tons, I’ve a thinner nail bed too so maybe I’m just feeling that But when you do do it, you’d want to make sure that you Want to cure this part down first before you put your weight in because when you put your weight on you Don’t want to disturb it and move it It can move a little bit when we’re doing the other stuff, but you don’t want it to disturb this line at all because you really want it to be quite sharp. I’m going to file this a little bit, so I get a nice sharp line, but I do believe That that’s what this is for this is the nail surface cleanse Nails are great tools, so I believe that’s what they want us [to do], to clean it before we file. Okay, so let me just make sure this is nice, and sharp. This is just the technique for a nice French, right? Just making sure that it’s nice and sharp now as long as you make it high just getting it a bit of technique here as long as you make the pink part high you can just slam the white stuff on top and then just start filing it and the whole beautiful French line will appear, but just make that paint by here’s the fun stuff put the white right on top of it I Can’t wait to file it because gel is a little bit softer in filing So when you apply them, so accurately In theory because it’s softer to file. I all should go quick So in theory, you should be able to do them on a bit faster as far as new sector fills, right? Okay, here goes the white I Keep forgetting my brushes on the indus okay, so we just want to lay the white down Bring this white up in here you go to press pretty hard Swing it around and stuff So make sure that foam doesn’t get pushed out Make sure that it’s all happy on the side there that shimmy it I Know it looks like a mass, but when you file it in theory, it’s going to be beautiful Let’s see. I’m just going to check this side yep. It’s in there. Okay. Let’s nuke it 30 seconds, okay I’m just going to go ahead and do the pinky and the thumb, and then we’re going to file and see how nicely they file But got them all on I did them all almond And I should have done that one almond 2 but I’ll show you the way so I’m going to start filing them and the idea With gel sometimes when you’re filing gel you might notice that it’s actually quite a bit softer product So it’s easier to find a lot of times gels kind of like when it just flies up in the air But this dove is filing more like an acrylic. It seems to be kind of Heavier and it’s kind of falling So I did find when I was carrying the light when I took the form off it was a little gummy underneath so all I Did was flips upside down and stick it under the light in here for another 30 seconds? I don’t want to do that. The underside seems to work fine, so I’m just going to shape these guys maybe I’ll just go all stiletto Well, you can do this with a file is what on the e-file at Santa for me? I’m just doing with the hand file because it Is easier to cut it? remember that filing technique I was telling you about When you make the pink nice and high in the body of it By the tummy you file all the white lines should be revealed once you bring down the pink It’ll match up to the white and should be If it’s a new line in theory Here it comes. Here’s the truth to that I’m getting a little bit better at that I Think you can just make them kind of a like a stiletto look a little short Stiletto. I Should think at home and don’t even think you Get things that was my first nail one thing I can say is One thing about the clear. I don’t know if it’s going to be as clear is what I think the most no Texas would want it to be clear? Because if you were using it to capping any designs you want to make sure it’s really clear so you can see right through but I don’t want to say that yet until we Topcoat it because that can change everything So when I pull the form up as I mentioned before it’s still a little bit gumming underneath so when you pull the form off Turn it upside down and then you can nuke the underside, but it left it a bit bumpy you Can’t get that over the file So I’m just going to go underneath with my bit, and I’m just going to smooth it out under this Like I said before you can file this With a drill the whole thing if you want any file, but it is quite soft so it does file quite nicely and because you have so much time to Manipulate it make it so perfect with your application. It’s really quite easy for this final part I Love underneath this but if you use one be really careful because you could hit the first disciple making him under there And you could damage it. You don’t want to do that be very very gentle Try this fit on yourself practice on yourself a bit if you’re a tech before you do it on people Do you really understand where it’s going? The next step is use our cleanser and then we’re going to put the top coat on to make it beautiful initiation We just want to cleanse it get rid of all that dust So I can check my french – and I see see there’s a little bit of shadow in there with the white see that That’s got to go Hey Okay, my messy towel. I have to clean this off. I can’t stand it Ha ha very funny That was a lie. That was a lie Now this should be they top it off it’s cold I’m just amazed my little balance to attend Hey, I’m just going to that beautiful Now if that stuff goes on really nice. I like them Other things quite pretty, so this is clear It’s kind of a frosted. I would say it’s not clear I Mean that’s not clear Let me just put a little gel underneath to see if that helps it, but that sounds a little because there’s text under there Soon as I did have a little bit Okay, so it’s not totally clear. It’s kind of a almost like matte Polish looks like when it goes on So it’s got a bit of a natural look to it okay, let’s give it here nataly a Bit of a soil on it, and I think it’s time for the real picture is whoever excited We haven’t done revealed pictures in a long time Well that was so much fun Thank you for joining me we might call a gel demo and thank you for voting and letting me know what you wanted nice ink What’s the next thing on that boat Lift? I’m going to get the boat oh I remember its mood changing acrylic. That’s what we’re going to do. I can’t wait to see you guys in the next video

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  19. My mom won't allow me to get acrylic nails even if she's not the one paying for them because they're damaging. But we get gel nail polish at least twice a month. Which makes no sense to me by whatever. I want to do this so badly, and I hope she'd let me buy them myself so that I can try it out. I'm not a professional or anything but I've been doing my own nails (I watch a lot of YouTube 😭) since I was about 7, so for about ten years. To the point where people ask me where I get them done when I do them myself. UGGGHHH I WANT TO TRY THESE SOOO BAAADDDD MAN 😤 I hope my mom let's me.

  20. Hello Susie my name is Christine I would like to know how long can gel nails be worn before you have to get fills

  21. Suzie i am not disrespecting you in ANY way, but where do you look when your looking up? it’s not at the camera but it’s more of below the camera if i make sense 😅

  22. I really just sat here and watched Suzie do her nails with a PolyGel kit for 37 minutes at normal speed….wow. First time watcher…subscribed right away.

  23. Camera man sniffing

    Suzie "what are you doing?!"

    I'm addicted to this channel & not even attempted my own nails yet 😂😂

  24. I like how she just casualy trows everything in the background like "ain't nobody got time for that shit"

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