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Political Ideology: Crash Course Government and Politics #35

Political Ideology: Crash Course Government and Politics #35

Hi, I’m Craig, and this is Crash Course Government
and Politics. And today, we’re gonna get personal. Not personal in the sense that I’m gonna tell you
I’m a bed wetter cause I’m not…gonna tell you that. We’re gonna talk about people’s personal political
views and where they come from. This is what political scientists sometimes call Political
Socialization. But before we get into the forces that help
create our political outlooks, we should probably define what political ideologies look like
in America. [Theme Music] In America, there are a number of ways
people characterize themselves politically. Typically, they identify with a political party, although
as we’ll see when we talk more about parties, this has become less likely over time. And although there’s a lot of overlap between
political party and political ideology, there’s not 100% correspondence between the two. But there is 100% overlap between my fist
and this eagle’s beak! Politics. So, now I should probably say what I mean
by political ideology. Basically, I’m talking about whether you identify as liberal or conservative
or libertarian or socialist or anarchist or nihilist or craigist – people who just love
me. I’m one of those. You’re probably familiar with the idea that
liberals are on the left, and conservatives are on the right. And this can be a helpful shorthand,
but what political views do these terms represent? Let’s go to the Clone Zone! What? The Clone
Zone – it’s right here now? I’ll just…I’ll leave then. This way? I’ll go this way. Taking a cue from anti-federalists, American
conservatives believe that a large government poses a threat to individual liberty, and we prefer our national
government to be as small as possible. (Scoffs) We have this in common with libertarians.
There are some basic functions like national defense that government can best take care
of. But especially since the New Deal, our government has taken on too much. What government
we need is best handled by states and localities. For the most part, American conservatives
believe in the free market and that it will provide the greatest economic opportunity
and benefit to the greatest number of people. American conservatives usually support a strong
defense. This is one place where we generally don’t think spending should be cut. Most other programs,
the things that fall under discretionary spending, can and should be left up to the private sector. And
this will allow the government to reduce its spending. Lower spending, in turn, will mean lower taxes.
Ahh, delicious lower taxes. This means that we don’t like flag burning,
and we favor prayer in schools because these reflect traditional religious and patriotic
values. Just like the eagle. I love the eagle. You’re
my friend. (Kisses eagle) Many conservatives, as strong adherents
to religious faiths, are against abortion. But I’d say there’s a greater diversity in conservative
views on social issues than on economic ones. The social sphere is where we differ significantly
from our libertarian friends who don’t see any role for government in people’s personal
lives. This means that libertarians often support things like marijuana legalization that
more traditional conservatives do not support. If there’s one value that American conservatives
privilege above others, it’s liberty. America is a country of freedom, and in most cases, government
is more of a threat to liberty than a protector of it. And I’m out. (Kisses hand and touches eagle’s
head) Not bad conservative clone.
But bad, here’s why. Sometimes liberals in the U.S. are called
New Deal Liberals because the policies that we support grew out of the New Deal. And lately, a number
of us are trying to re-brand ourselves as progressives. Although this is a little tricky given that, historically,
progressives and liberals aren’t the same thing. In general, American liberals believe that
government can help solve problems, and a bigger government, like a glorious soaring
eagle can solve bigger problems and more of them. We support government intervention in the
economy, both in the form of regulations and higher taxes, especially when that intervention
benefits historically marginalized groups like minorities, women, and the poor. We like to the government step in on behalf
of consumers and to protect the environment because in general, we don’t trust that the
free market will be fair to everyone. We know that protection of the environment, aiding
the poor, and expanding civil liberties all cost money, so we usually favor a progressive tax system
with higher taxes on the wealthy and corporations. Although not all American liberals are anti-business,
as a rule we don’t have a lot of faith that big businesses have the average American’s best interest
at heart, and so we prefer to see them regulated. Although we still see national defense as
important, most American liberals feel that the country spends more than enough on the
military and that the defense budget should be cut, leaving more money for necessary social
programs. In the debate over guns or butter, we like
butter. Although we’re also fine with the government telling us not to eat so much of it. If conservatives value liberty, we liberals
cherish equality as their primary political virtue, and we see government as a necessary agent in
promoting equality. (Kisses hand and pats eagle’s head) We’re equals, me and that eagle. Thanks clones. So, for the most part, this
is what most American liberals and conservatives believe, and these are the basic foundations
upon which they build their political opinions. But where do they come from? (Punches eagle
and eagle tumbles to the floor) Political scientists sometimes refer to the
process by which individuals establish their personal political ideologies as political
socialization. And they have identified four main agents that contribute to our political
identities. Let’s go to the Thought Bubble! The first and most important source of our
politics is family. This makes a lot of sense since kids either want to emulate their parents
or reject their ideas. And parents are usually the first people that express political opinions
to kids. As I suggested, family can influence your
political outlook in negative and positive ways. If you respect your parents and admire
them, it’s likely you will adopt their political ideology. On the other hand, adopting an opposing political
view can be a form of rebellion. Still, for the most part, liberal parents
breed liberal children, and conservative parents create new generations of conservatives. The second major influence on political ideology
is social groups, which in this case, refer to one’s race, gender, religion, or ethnicity.
Obviously, these are generalizations, but certain groups tend to fall predictably into
liberal or conservative camps. African Americans and Jewish people are among
the most liberal Americans while white Catholics tend to be conservative. Latinos are an interesting
case because many identify as Catholic, but they tend to be more liberal politically. One of the reasons that many use to explain
why African Americans and Latinos tend to be liberals is that these groups are disproportionately poor
and receive a significant share of government benefits. To this way of thinking, economic self interest
is a prime determiner of where one stands politically, and it also explains why white
conservatives, especially those who are wealthy, favor policies of lower taxes and less government
intervention. One problem with this purely self interested
view of political ideology though is that there is a large number of low income, low
wealth white voters who also do or would gain from more government benefits. But they tend
to be conservative. In other words, be careful when you try to define
a person’s politics by looking at their bank account. Gender also tends to be statistically significant
in terms of political ideology. The gender gap refers to the fact that women tend to be
more liberal overall than men. This is especially true on the issue of national defense where they
tend to favor spending reductions rather than increases. Thanks Thought Bubble. The third agent of
political socialization in the U.S. is education, namely the primary and secondary school system. This is the most formal way that our political
views are shaped since almost all American students take at least one year of American
history, and many states require courses in civics. In these courses, students learn about political
values like liberty and equality and may come to align themselves with a liberal or conservative
view. And maybe you’re watching me in one of these
classes right now… Conservatives tend to think that American
schools and textbooks skew towards a liberal outlook, but this might be because most public
school teachers are members of unions, and teachers’ union membership correlates highly
with a liberal viewpoint. Whether or not most teachers and textbooks
are liberal, it’s a bit of a leap to assume that most students will automatically adopt
the ideology of their teachers. Education does relate to political ideology
in at least one measurable way though. In that the higher the level of education one
attains, the more likely one is to profess liberal views on issues such as women’s rights
or abortion. On the other hand, higher education levels also
correlate with more conservative views on issues like government support of national health insurance or
affirmative action programs to help African Americans. So, as with many things we look at, things
aren’t so clear cut, and it’s important to have some kind of data to back up our generalizations. One final agent of political socialization
are the political conditions one lives through. Example – if you grew up during the Great
Depression and saw FDR’s New Deal programs benefit you and your family, it’s likely that you’d
develop and maintain pro-government, liberal views. If you came of age during the Reagan era,
when popular politicians were singing the praises of self-reliance and calling government
the problem rather than the solution, it’s likely that you’d develop conservative political
views. It remains to be seen whether people who form
their political identities during the Great Recession will be liberal or conservative.
But don’t worry – pollsters are busy trying to figure it out. So there you have a very broad outline of
what the words conservative and liberal mean in American politics and some of the factors
that turn people into liberals or conservatives. More than probably anything I’ve said in this
series, these are generalizations that you need to look at critically. This doesn’t mean
that if you find someone or if you are someone who doesn’t fit either description 100%, that
we’re completely wrong, only that political ideologies are complex and change over time. But we need to understand the outlines of
these generalities because they get used all the time in our discussions of American politics. In fact,
it would be hard to talk about politics without them. Thanks for watching – see you next time. Crash Course Government and Politics is produced
in association with PBS Digital Studios. Support for Crash Course U.S. Government comes from
Voqal. Voqal supports non-profits that use technology
and media to advance social equity. Learn more about their mission and initiatives at
voqal.org. Crash Course was made with the help of all
these political ideologues. Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “Political Ideology: Crash Course Government and Politics #35

  1. I'm from the Netherlands and for me I think in America some conservatives are right and some liberals are right. Why isn't there a party in the middle. Won't that share the most ideas from the people living in America? You can compensate some parts and more people would be happy

  2. I don’t understand how conservatives want the government to stay out of our lives yet they want to enforce their religious beliefs on others. Liberty means everyone gets to do whatever as long as it does no harm to their neighbor. If you do harm, you suffer the consequences. The forcefulness of traditional family values and religion just seems inconsistent with regular conservative ideals. It’s like it’s been grandfathered into their ideology

  3. I am mainly a socialist democrat/social democrat and occasionally a central-left liberal and a central right conservative… i turn full-scale Marxist when it comes to feminism… thank god (/cross fingers) I am NOT from the USA… btw god doesn’t exist 🌚

  4. I seem to have transitioned from liberal to conservative as I've gone through my 20's.

    At 19/20, I discovered marijuana and went full hippie. My father (a 60's flower child) gave me old comics from that era and the live Woodstock album. My car had incense burning in it constantly, my nights were filled with black light posters and White Rabbit playing softly through speakers. I could always be found with a joint in my mouth at parties, stoned out of my mind. I engaged in free love. My GPA was 1.02, and I was going to school for Game Design. Weed and liberal issues were all I talked about, and I was racking up arrests for drug charges.

    Around 25, my life started to shift. I began dating a girl and realized I wanted to clean up my act and be an eventual husband she could be proud of. I stopped smoking weed, went back to school, and gradually the relics of my old self were replaced (also both drug charges were dropped). I graduated with a 3.34 GPA and my degree in Game Design before moving on to a Bachelors in Finance (3.96 and $0 debt!). My dress, speech and attitude went from The Dude to The Wolf of Wall Street (with less swearing). Now, at 31, I look back on that decade and smile. It has been quite the wild ride.

    Now none of this is to say that 'liberal means druggie' or 'conservative means high GPA' or anything else like that. Not at all. Those were just accompanying factors of my life at the time. Heck, cannabis is still a major interest of mine, and I read about it frequently, even if I'm waiting on my first post-college job to light it up again (first time in 6 years!). But my views have shifted as I went through my education and learned more and more, and I'll always carry a little bit of that hippie in me, even if now it's beneath a three-piece suit.

  5. Someone could tell what’s right from wrong with good proof but the wrong side would just right off the bat insult it and not even try to argue and make sense of it to actually hold a good point. I’m not going to comment what side I’m on because I think this video should stay unbiased. I support this video because it perfectly represents everything my side is for and doesn’t complement either side to make one look better from the other. If I were to argue with one the wrong side people, I would show them this video because most of the time, people support a side and basically worship that side even though they barely know a thing about there side and only like because of one thing but when shown the other things there side supports then they realize how wrong there side is.

  6. Another predictor is personality. Some people just naturally lean liberal, resent inequities, and are more care-oriented, while others are more survival- and continuity-oriented in their view of society and will lean more conservative.

  7. If it wasn’t for liberals, women would be house slaves pregnant and voiceless, blacks would be in the fields, and society would only be made for a straight white Christian man. That alone makes me liberal. We need an inclusive society.

  8. Conservatives want a small government, unless you are gay or a women or a prostitute and then they want the biggest government possible.

  9. mine is oceanism/oceanist party

    where people can work for the country and get 50% more money then before and dont waste that much money

  10. So Conservatives favor liberty, and Liberals favor Equality
    Not at all confusing, even in the least bit

  11. I was looking to get a little educated I think I'm getting brainwashed here. I hope you see through the BS here.

  12. As a non-American, this is very interesting. Cause my country's political situation is super different with this

  13. When drs talk about a illness being progressive it means that it’s getting worse, kinda like progressive politics lol 😂

  14. See, anyone to the left of centre, not to mention many right-libertarians, would argue that conservatism is primarily about negative liberty—that is, freedom not to do certain things than freedom to do them—and in more extreme cases, not even about that, but rather about the preservation of a presupposed "natural hierarchy." Conversely, liberalism and progressivism place a very strong emphasis on positive liberty, which is to say enumerated rights. (Both left and right flavours of libertarianism tend to be strongly in favour of both, although which they prioritise cuts along similar lines; neither particularly like cops, bank bailouts or foreign wars, however.)

  15. It's not correct to say "the higher the Level Of Eductation the more likely one is to profess Liberal views"
    Correction: The higher the level of Liberal (Commie) education the more likely one is to profess Liberal views

  16. so im conservative except for the religious stuff and also a little bit of the liberal government stuff for up-keeping of stuff

  17. Conservatives believe in personal liberty. Progressives and leftists believe in absolute tyranny.

    Conservatives believe in being kind and civil to all other people in your community.

    Progressives and leftists believe in attacking anyone and everyone. Results include hospitalization of their victims, and forced censorship.

    I am a conservative. I believe in kindness, freedom, equality under the law. There is no other way.

  18. Regarding conservatives and religion, many conservatives have spiritual views other than Christianity.

    A large number of conservatives actually follow pagan religions, New Age, and Wicca.

    These ancient religions are actually conservative in their views. These ancient religions were also foundations for much of the success of western civilization.

    So if you think that conservatives are all Christians then you would be mistaken. In fact most of the conservatives that I know follow the Europian pagan religions in some form.

  19. I disagree with conservatives valuing liberty above all else. Drug laws and restrictions on marriage, religious freedom (most conservatives are against people practicing religions other than Christianity), drug use, expansions of government surveillance, etc., make us a less free society, yet conservatives largely favor the government taking away rights and liberties when they deviate from a Christian sense of morality.

  20. Well, I sure like guns, low taxes, capitalism, patriotism, God, and NOT having to defend myself over it. I’m sorry I grew up that way, well I’m not sorry, but really it’s not my fault

  21. there seems to be a simpler, personality based explanation of one's political affiliation: if a person is immediately judgmental and is filled with massive degree of hubris, they aren't going to go for a system that sees everyone as equal because, well, they obviously think they are better than many others for one (some) reason(s) or another (i'm not saying this is a wrong opinion, i'm just stating a simple emotional picture and intention in regards to what i've seen as extremely common).
    just to reinforce this perspective, check out the many psychology articles published regarding the altruistic tendencies of different people in relation to their political stances. it's plain to see who is thinking about the real situation in a noble way and who is simply out for personal gain with a far secondary regard for everything else. i've seen people rearrange their entire narratives to cater to core self centered interests.

    i'm nothing. i don't identify with anything completely because i don't feel like i have enough information to make an educated enough decision absolutely. but i have listened to lot of people talk about their views for hours on end (my family are all republicans) while i just questioned into their perspectives. mostly, republicans will jump with anyone who backs their core view of keeping a more exalted personal status in relation to less comfortable peoples' lives. why should they want MORE equality when they currently have it good compared to others? no matter what the other opinions are of two republicans on such things as murder, torture, nuclear bombing of the rest of the earth, etc., the issue of their common comfortable status and their want to keep it that way will bind them in extreme cooperation with each other. it reminds me of the 'one ring to rule them all' kind of scenario… this, "ring," being their proud position in relation to others (that they say is due to one thing or another. usual things i hear are: "i work harder" "i work/am smarter" etc. thus i deserve more than others). they will huddle together under this desire and back up their vote with as much intellectual dishonesty as is needed to obfuscate their true interest (not saying their facts are wrong; just saying that how they show a picture of their plan of how things should be, their ideal outcome picture for society, is muddied with dishonesty. less people would like them if they told the incompassionate truth about their strong views regarding some things). they simply want less government intervention because they are the (currently) self sufficient comfortable people. there are other types of republicans, of course. but i would bet my life that this emotional heart makes up a giant majority part of the constituency. AGAIN, this isn't incorrect or bad or wrong. it's just more savage (or, "realistic").

    the more liberal or even democratic people, though i'm sure there is plenty of corruption in all of it, seem a bit more genuine in wanting to try for hope instead of resigning to, so called, inevitability of failures when trying to fix issues. whatever flakiness their plans may seem to exhibit, it also shows their genuineness and a true spirit of public service. the same can't be said of those who just want to take care of a particular group of fewer people because, "there's not enough to go around," or whatever; no matter how more practical they advocate their approach to be. it seems like everything in life is difficult to do. good people still choose to do these things because they want to do altruistic, great things that transcend animalistic life instead of scraping one's own selfish lot up and running with it to pile it up for yourself at the expense of the less fortunate.

    the most confusing thing to me, is how many republicans constantly argue against basic food for the starving poor while saying they believe in an altruistic, forgiving God and his son (who is a liberal if ever anyone saw one). i've asked many of them, who profess to be Christians, why they would want to kill off the poor people and make them suffer. a few of them answered me by saying, "well, Jesus said that there would always be poor…" i'm thinking to myself, "so you take this to mean that he was advocating to never try to help the poor in their time of extreme need of compassion? interesting interpretation." so i looked it up and found the many things Jesus said regarding the poor that showed extremely contrary views to my, "Christian," family's (not citing because it's easy enough to do a quick search on Google for this along with the articles regarding the connection between altruism and political affiliation).

  22. I’m a conservative but I hate religion and prayer and despise radical religious people and I hate Democrats

  23. Im a conservative but hate radical religion and despise prayer. And I hate Democrats. They’re all pigs

    5%: "this video was unbiased"
    5%: "let's just get along ok"
    90%: "this comment section is a damn WAR!"

  25. Sadly, this only goes through American politics, as there's several distinct and different interpretations of conservatism and liberalism throughout the world, with the German and British welfare state having been created by Conservatives rather than left-wingers. And with the common European understanding of "liberal," being either far-right or center-right to center-left (With social liberals.)

  26. This video is wrong on conservative values, I’m an atheist conservative and I’m entirely against prayer in schools …

  27. Wow color me shocked liberals thinks anything with a liberal bias is bias def in favor of conservatives. I learned more form this comments section the the video.

  28. I'm confused by this … isn't liberal more center … you get right and left libertarians …. or is that something else … you get conservative leaning right and more socialist leaning left and closer to the center more true liberal and common ground … or am I wrong …? (too much human "boxing" I think nowadays). Definitely too polarized today GLOBALLY which is not only scary but distasteful. Come together.

  29. "The best way to control the opposition is the lead it ourselves" -Vladimir Lenin
    The lines between left and right have become so convoluted it is hard to make heads or tails of what is real.
    Decentralisation is most likely better as it leaves less room for total global miss management.
    Ron Paul is correct on foreign policy. A free market is good as long as it does not become a Corptocrisy.
    The problem I see is that it's Capitalism for the rich and socialisim for the poor and the poor end up being funded by the working class.
    Lower white voters just want to survive and fall so called right leaders is because they feel neglected.
    Liberal education systems are making it even harder for whites to survive. Why should they be persocuted for survival instinct even though they have fallen prey to the media?

  30. I actually have no idea whether to call myself a liberal or a conservative, as I agree and DISAGREE with viewpoints on BOTH sides.

  31. How is it when I see this video I think "Hey both sides have valid points and values"
    Then I watch a debate and lose brain cells.

  32. It no longer makes sense to say one is a liberal or conservative. It is better to talk about specific policies and values that form your political beliefs. That way, you find out we have more in common than you might otherwise. The assumption that conservatives are religious just isn't true any more.

  33. the world: liberal vs conservative
    world: liberal vs conservative
    usa: I dont have none of those partys
    world: yes u do
    usa:no I dont I only have the republican and the democratic
    world: thats what Liberal and conservative mean liberal means democratic and conservative means republican

  34. Great video… you should mean USA and not America… america is a composition of over 35 countries.

  35. So basically you said people who want handouts are liberals and people who work hard are conservatives..

  36. The interesting thing is that most minorities are conservatives (based on their beliefs and values) and the only reason they identify as liberal is because of things like government welfare and being told that they should.

  37. I like Guns. I love God. I also think our health care and education systems are jacked up. I think medical marijuana should be legal. Mental health is pretty important.

    What candidate(s) has similar views?

  38. Why are the left called liberals when what they do and want for the state isnt "liberal" at all? (concerning Regulations etc) Im from europe and the Word liberal is not equal to the Word left.

  39. the problem with this is , democrats and liberal candidates are now SOCIALISTS. running under the democratic platform. And because of biased news like CNN, the average uneducated voter doesn't know the difference.

  40. "lower spending will mean lower taxes, this means we don't like flag burning and favor prayer in schools" WHAT!? how are those related at all?

  41. Liberal views on social issues, more conservative fiscally

    You basically just said that libertarians are the smartest people on the planet.

  42. Ok, but what a about communists, socialists, fascists, anarquists, third position-ists , anarcho-communists, national-bolchevists, revisionists(also known as social-democrats), Anarcho- [Transhumanists, Primitivist, Fascists, Capitalists, Monarchists, Pacifists, Queers, Feminists]
    libertarians, neo-Keynessians and whatever Alex Jones' ideology is?.

  43. Unfortunately this video is already outdated. Liberals are now in the center & moving to the right. Progressives (ie socialists & communists) have taken over the left. Democrats no longer believe that freedoms & liberties are the most important aspect of America, like conservatives & classical liberals do. Democrats will sacrifice any freedom to the government. Update your video.

  44. 🌸 just some gathered Ideas that may help in thinking about current Issues 🌸

    1, Money IS Free Speech BUT – Money IS NOT “Free AND Equal” POLITICAL Speech – BECAUSE at early Campaign “Stump Speeches” Abe Lincoln & the others were placed “equally” far enough apart to where voters could move around the Park & “Freely Hear All Views Equally” – So EVIL “Citizens United” Must be “KILLED” with The “Supremely” Legal Argument of “Freedom AND Equality in Political Speech”, and We Must also Demand that all Campaign Spending is “Equalized” so we can also Freely Hear All “Mass Media Stump Speech” Views Equally!

    2. Instead of “Executing” each Corrupt Politician or “Bankrupting” each Billionaire’s Law, We Must “Richly Execute” a Popular and Direct Move to a "Direct Democracy" – where WE Directly Propose, Enact AND Enforce All Laws and All Proposals are Fully and Fairly Tested for Merit and are Small, Specific & have all the "Legal Standards" for Simple and Direct Enforcement within them & after “Unimpeachable” Experts Fully Optimize it for All and after everyone knows about it, NO “Moscow Mitch Senate Rule” can Stop it or Slow it Down & we’ll be doing “Good Climate Change” when we Directly Rain on Big Moneys Parade!

    3. ECONOMICS is “Saving” (by Progressively Taxing Just Excess Greedy Wealth) in “Good Times” & “Spending” (by Conservatively Prioritizing Social Program Funding from Just that Taxed amount) in “Bad Times” to obtain a Balanced & Stable Society. – STABLE Societies absolutely "Create" ALL Wealth & so the Excess Part is “Morally OWED Back” to Society, to KEEP it Stable – Max Weber’s “Protestant Ethic & SPIRIT of Capitalism” similarly said that, Wealth WAS a Limited Moral Pursuit just to achieve a “State of Grace” & then everyone Stopped & let others also achieve their own “Monetary Salvation” – These Basic Morally Social Ideas seem to have been completely Lost or Ignored now …

    4. ALL Races, Ethnicity's & even “White Supremacists” around the World, when randomly tested & shown average faces of each separate Race, Ethnicity etc, they mostly Pick an also included Computerized Composite “Melting Pot” type Face, of ALL Races & Ethnicity's “Mixed Together”- as being the Most "Supremely" Attractive Face! – The United States, as a Richly Diverse “Melting Pot” Society, has the most Nobel Prize Winners by far & since 2000, a full 39% of winners have been Immigrants!

    5  Unlimited, Clean & Highly Constant TIDAL & GEOTHERMAL Energies would, IF we Adopted them, “Overpower” less Constant Wind & Solar – Plus, if Electric Cars & Long Range Battery Quik Charge / Swap Out Grids, Mag-Lev Trains, Net-Zero Modular Homes, etc were added, We Would “Save The World” – after Directly “Overpowering” Fossil Fuel Interests! – Going Green is NOT too Costly, because the “Price” of Not Going Green is far more “Costly” than any one time Monetary Costs of Conversion!

  45. Close, but there is more to Conservatives. Conservatives are classic liberals or more accurate Locke liberals. The father of Liberalism and Republicanism. They believe in individualism. They started in the 30s as opposition to FDR'S New Deal and Alphabet soup seeing it as Marxism. Marx was a student of Rousseau and Hegel the rivals of Locke and Smith.

    The abortion is not simply due to religion. Conservatives trace their ideology from Thomas Paine (student of Locke), John Locke and Adam Smith. For the most part Conservatives believe in securing the blessings of liberty.

    Thomas Paine gave Americans the goal of no government as progressive. The day society would no longer need government. When FDR called him a filthy little Athiest (Paine's policies were getting popular again since the Revolution), Conservatives rallied behind it. This is why they are also big on Americanism and why 90% of the military is or becomes conservative when they are veterans.

    Paine gives the Conservatives the idea of a small government and strong defense (he rallied the colonies). This is why the conservatives aim to slash or reduce spending and love the military and veterans. It is Also a key reason why they are for state and individual sovereignty.

    John Locke wrote the 2 treatises of government and the laws of Natural Rights that gives us the role of government and the best way to recognize what is a right:

    Life: All have the right to live; only murderers forfeit their right.
    Liberty: All have the right to expression uncoerced; as long as it doesn't violate the first.
    Estate: All have the rights of property from the fruits of thier own labors, by gift or mutual trade, uncoerced; as long as it doesn't violate the first two.

    He is also the father of modern Republicanism. This alone is why Conservatives are against abortion as it is life and wrong to take using scientific evidence to life to protect the unborn under Article 1 section 8, clause 8 to enact laws to protect them. After Roe v Wade, Christians and other religious groups rallied to Conservatives and is why McGovern lost (His former running mate claimed he was for "Acid [drugs], Amnesty[draft dodger pardons], and Abortions"). But it would be Raegan that made the south Republican. They also believe that the right of expression is paramount and that morality has a purpose. This is often misleading for being for Theocracy. They also believe in the concept "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it, as long as you don't violate the rights of others. This is often why they are mistaken for racists. They fear the concept of dictated speech. Its tricky here because there are times when the ultrareligious conservatives do tend to blur the line when it comes to violence and vulgarity restrictions. They are concerned with the possibility of it being a call to violence.

    Adam Smith is the Father of Capitalism and free markets. Smith taught a poor man can dream and make something of himself under a free market. Voluntary Charity, not altruism, is the proper way to fight poverty. Charity is a investment in the life of someone who is trying to better themselves and should be helped. Not all will do so.

    Here Smith gives the value of hard work Conservatives believe in. They see taxes as an investment and payment for services only the government can do. It makes them seem cruel to the poor and favor the rich. It was Conservatives who gave tax breaks for giving to charity (401c). They believe that the market should be free to run itself and also with Locke's philosophy, believe this is the best way to fight environmental problems. It makes them seem like climate deniers when in reality with the principles of the other two the do not believe that the government is effective at it and a poor investment.

    Conservatives used to see Liberals as friends with a different view. They were similar and craved a chance to debate and strengthen their beliefs. Conservatives however do not like Progressives seeing them as Authoritarian or worse Totalitarians. As Liberals grew more towards Progressive, the Conservatives began to lose compassion for them.

    I'm a Comanche and a Libertarian Conservative. Mainly because I'm a veteran but also because of the fact government didn't help my tribe and when I left the reservation I was able to get out of poverty and am now a business owner. Not because of my parents. Overall though not bad.

  46. Current status of politics in America: we argue on ways to fix an issues , we disagree on issues, we yell at each other on a issue to the point that the issues get worse or we just get distracted from others issues while not fixing the original issue that started it

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