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Polaroid Originals OneStep+ Camera! Buying things from Instagram Ads!

Polaroid Originals OneStep+ Camera! Buying things from Instagram Ads!

– Hey guys it’s Justine,
and today we are going to be talking about this. This is the newish Polaroid camera. This is the OneStep Plus. They have two different
versions they came out with. This one has Bluetooth
and it also has a couple other features, but it still is like those vintage Polaroid cameras that you guys have seen in the past. Like this develops film,
like on the back here it says that it will develop
within 10 to 15 minutes. That’s a lot of minutes, but
I’m excited to try this out. But here’s the thing,
Facebook and Instagram have been targeting me, and
they have been targeting me hardcore because every time
I see a freakin’ ad pop up (gasp) it is something that
I’ve either talked about or I’ve wanted or I’ve thought in my mind. Long story short, this was
an ad, and I’m curious. We’re gonna unbox this and
then we’re gonna take it out. I also have some film here that I got. I probably should’ve got
a little bit more because this will only take eight photos. Eight! So now with this guy,
this will also connect to Bluetooth like I said,
but what’s cool about it is you can do different things when you connect it to Bluetooth,
so you can control the camera, you can do remote,
manual mode, self timer, double exposure, light
painting, noise trigger. I’m not sure what that
is but we will find out. So let’s open it up. Mmmmm. ♪ Shake it like a Polaroid picture ♪ It’s got directions, eh. Oh stickers. Wow. Cool, okay. Okay. Oh, jeez! You can’t be doing things like that! (laughing) Oh! I think it’s ready to go,
I’m gonna do a portrait. Neutral, a lighter image, or darker image. So you can adjust exposure here. You’ve got your focus here. You’ve got your on and off here. And this is, I guess for flash. Whoopsies, I just took a picture. That’s gonna be my best work. That was a complete accident. Okay, I’m gonna try and take a selfie. What if I don’t want the flash on? Blinking blue, camera is in pairing mode. Oh, it’s ready to connect to Bluetooth. We are not ready for that yet, or are we? Oh it’s already, it’s already here! That’s my camera! Set timer, double exposure, this is something that I’m excited about. Light painting! (gasp) So I’m gonna take a picture of myself. (click) I thought the flash..
(camera whirring) Was gonna be off, must not. Okay. Alright, well I guess
I’ll let those develop. I’m gonna charge this
up and then we’re gonna take it outside and take some photos. See what we can capture. (upbeat music) So we’re down here in Santa Monica now and I’ve got the camera and
it should be charged up. I charged it for quite a while. And we’re gonna take some pictures, I’m gonna also pair it to the app so that I can do some cool things. So I want to take a double exposure. So I’m gonna take a
picture of myself first. Okay, am I ready? I don’t know. Okay. Now, a little tip that we found out is there’s a button back here, this will force the flash to not fire. So, we will take a picture over here. Oh I gotta look through here! (camera whirring) Here’s my photo. There’s Jenna, a wild Jenna. – Wild Jenna today.
– Show me your shirt. Show me that shirt. Yeah you look good. Oh my god, I can only
take four more pictures. Ready. (camera whirring) I feel like I’m from 1984. I do want to do a test of, kind of showing which each one these exposures
kinda would look like. – Okay. – This is Tyler, Tyler Whoa. So what we’re gonna do
is, we’re gonna do the low exposure, the middle one, and then the high.
– Yes. – And see what the difference is. – Yes. – Okay, here you go. – Okay, so right now we’re on
the darker mode, I believe. Here we go. Three, two one. (camera whirring) Wow, that’s satisfying.
– [Justine] I know. – [Tyler] That’s very satisfying. Okay so now let’s test the neutral exposure setting.
– [Justine] Yeah. I’ll smile, maybe I’ll
give them another little. – Yeah, oh yeah. (camera whirring) – [Justine] Here it is. – [Tyler] Fun. – [Justine] Cool. – [Tyler] And now we’re
doing the bright setting. – Bright and shinning like my
super shinning personality. (camera whirring) I will never make that pose again. – [Jenna] I was wondering
why you were doing that. Oh you look beautiful. Oh, oh you blinked.
– [Tyler] You look so good. – [Justine] Oh, did I? (laughing) – [Tyler] Here you go. – Thank you.
– [Tyler] Oh, I think you need to put more film in there now. – Oh my god, oh my gosh, should I put the rose gold film in? (gasp) Oh! – We’re gonna try the landscape setting, so we’re gonna be a little
further away from our subject, so we’re gonna use that. I’m backing way up here, okay. (camera whirring) That’s gonna be cool. – I blinked. No, I’m just kidding,
I don’t know if I did. Okay, look at this rose gold frame though. Oh shake it, shake. Don’t shake it. – [Tyler] Something like that.
– So you have to use the app to do double exposure so you put the camera where you want it. – Or, how do you do it? – You just push the button. – Can I do it? – Yeah you can do it.
– Okay, cool. Okay, so we’re gonna do a portrait, we’re back on the portrait setting here, as the first photo. Oh god, okay, we can do this. Cool. And, then the second photo, I’m
just gonna shoot straight up at this tree for like a weird texture. (camera whirring)
– Huh. We should try this, the noise trigger. – [Tyler] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. – Okay, so once it’s turned
on, the noise trigger will automatically take a picture when the volume is high enough. I’m gonna click okay. – Yeah, right, yeah right there. – Tur peh tur! (laughing) So you can set the noise trigger so if you want it to be super loud. Okay so I’m gonna try to
do a jump and I’m gonna try have it capture my jump. A tur peh tur! Ha ur ur! (laughing) Okay. A tur peh tur! (laughing) I think it worked. – [Jenna] That man was shaking his head out there on the balcony. – He should. Okay we’ve got some black and white that we’re gonna try now. So the first thing I’m gonna
try with the black and white is do a double exposure. I think the double
exposure is probably one of my favorite features in this thing. It’s so easy to do. Let’s do it. Okay, there’s my first picture. And now, I’m gonna get super close up. (camera whirring) Yeah, that’s my new profile pic. Jenna come here, I wanna
take a picture of you. – Oh I moved. You didn’t
give me a countdown. – There’s no time for that. I’m sure it’ll be just fine. Now I’ll just take a
picture of, I don’t know. I’ll just take some pictures. (camera whirring) These are gonna be going in the museum. Let me get a picture of all of our feet. Let’s all get our feet in here. Okay, okay, this is cool. This is gonna be in the museum. (camera whirring) Okay, I’m gonna get a selfie. (camera whirring) Two pictures left. Okay Tyler, look super cool. (camera whirring) That’s nice, that’s nice. That’s very nice. How about, I’ll just take
another one of these. (camera whirring) That’s nice. These seem to start developing
faster than the color. Okay I’ll add these to the collection. We are back from our adventure. Now it’s time to see what we got. These rose gold frames
are really, really pretty. So the focal length of the
selfie is actually really good. This one looks so cool, it’s
like a vintage grilled cheese. This was the one where I was
using the sound activated. It’s not my best face but. Tyler look at that, look at you. (gasp) This is so great. The double exposure, it’s so awesome. What else do we have. Oh my gosh, this was
the noise activated one where I jumped up in the
air and said, “tur peh tur.” I feel like if you’re
trying to decided between which one to get, I would
kind of recommend this one because this will allow
you to connect to the app and you can do all kinds of
things like the double exposure and you can use your phone to control it. It also has this thing that
I saw while we were driving in the car on our way to shoot. It has this little setting where you can actually scan the photos, so you can archive them into your phone, which it’s basically just taking a picture of the Polaroid. So I don’t know if it
does anything special. Let’s try it out. Oh, it just took the picture by itself. – [Tyler] Whoa. – Whoa. Okay I wasn’t even, like
I didn’t even do anything, it just did it by itself. This is a really cool idea. So it does allow you to
sort of save your pictures into the camera roll. Look at that. Thank you guys so much for watching, this was really fun. Let me know if there’s anything else you guys would like me to check out. Also, let me know if
there’s any Instagram ads, take screenshots of
them and send them to me because I’d love to see what
you guys are getting served. And if it’s something
cool, maybe I’ll buy it, check it out and I’ll give you guys credit for sending me in that image. Anyway, that’s it, these are my photos, I’m excited to play with
this a little bit more. Also, go check out Tyler’s Instagram. He’s the one helping me film this video and he took some of these photos and his photos are so good
and they’re incredible. Look he’s got a little smile on his face. – [Tyler] Grrrr.
– Grrr. They’re really cool so go check it out and I will see you guys in my next video. Peace. (upbeat music) A tur peh tur!

100 thoughts on “Polaroid Originals OneStep+ Camera! Buying things from Instagram Ads!

  1. "Shake it like a polaroid picture" I've not heard that in so long. There are probably teenagers who weren't born when the song came out lol

  2. Honestly I want one now, I want to take a picture of my grandparents who are in their Eighties. So surprised they still make these camera's 📷

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  5. Nice Video but i don't like the way you use the camera..like when you thought you'd press the flash and then accidently took your first picture. It's camera with which you should be careful and think before every single shot because the film is very expensive. And the idea behind the new Polaroids is to get back the philosophy of not taking a picture of everything like you can do it with a Smartphone. Just my opinion ..

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  8. I do like that people are getting interested in Polaroids again but please do your research before attempting to start slr photography. It's possible to drain so much money and have unsatisfactory results. You don't need to buy an expensive new Polaroid to start off anyway. Cheap yard sale ones that people kept in their garage for 20 years will 90% of the time still work and will only cost like $1-$10 at best.

  9. I have one that just like that but it’s very old. The camera was made in the 70s and I don’t know how to use it. Lol I don’t know where to find help

  10. Just bought an old Polaroid in perfect working condition that uses the larger film like this camera and I got it for $2 at a thrift store! Check your thrift shop before buying!

  11. Too be fair, the Onestep2 can do double exposure too! Not with the app or anything but you CAN do it.

    I don't have a phone (or technical patience) that can work well with the app so I ended up with the onestep2 and was super disappointed that I wouldn't be able to do DE shots, but I ended up figuring it out if anyone out there gets either camera!

    (You basically take a photo & shut off the camera IMMEDIATELY after the flash goes off. That keeps the pic from coming out. Then turn it back on & take a second pic. Then let the pic come out and you have a double exposure lol)

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  15. You can do double exposure on One step 2 by not releasing the button you press to take the picture and just turning the camera off. Wait for a little bit and turn it back on. You’re welcome 😂 (haven’t tryed it yet myself as i just got my camera last week and haven’t had the time)

  16. Another way to get a double exposure is to put your finger over where the film ejects. Take a pic and block it. Then turn off the camera. Turn it back on, snap another pic and you now have a double exposure!

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